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  1. Sandalphon

    Moving And Switching Schools

    A few months ago, my whole family and I moved into a new apartment near downtown Texas. Of course, I needed moving services, and I had heard from acquaintances of mine more than once about [commercial link removed] . Honestly, from the experience I gained, they are a team of professionals, very...
  2. Sandalphon

    Concrete Nouns, Abstract Nouns, and Verbs

    I am having a similar story actually.
  3. Sandalphon

    Show me the money!

    5000$ per hour? Who's gonna pay so much money, that's like the average income of a person in US per month, but you ask it for one hour. This is too much in my opinion, I don't know what exactly you are going to teach, but this is not worth it for sure. Only if you pawn your Rolex in London, and...
  4. Sandalphon

    So is Soccer the Best non-Martial Arts way of learning fighting kicking techniques?

    That is a really interesting idea actually, and I have never thought about it. I mean, I have never seen football as a sport that teaches you how to kick. Well yeah, you are hitting the ball, but it has nothing to do with the Martial Arts way of kicking. Actually, I like football really much...
  5. Sandalphon

    The Best Way to Supplement Martial Arts Training to Achieve Fitness Goals?

    Given the fact that you are an athlete, it will be easy for you to tighten your figure. You should make a meal plan.
  6. Sandalphon

    New Blog Post

    In martial arts, the main thing is the technique and power of the blow. On the training, the guys are taught to read the movement of the attacker to have time to dodge. In many sources there is no information about this, and so I keep my blog for novice fighters. I just want as many people as...
  7. Sandalphon

    Advertising my website and emails newsletter

    If you want as many people as possible to know about your website, then mail is not the best choice. Your message can go into spam, and recently, people don't check their mail.