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    Use of Force Law

    If I may, it would also be helpful for people to understand the following doctrines of Law. If you ever get a chance take Massad Ayoob class on Armed Citizen MAG20. Reasonable man Doctrine Doctrine of Disparity Doctrine of Necessity You also want to understand what an Affirmative Defense is...
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    Choosing a school

    I wrote a pretty detailed article that will cover any style any newbie but to big I think for here.
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    Why did you start? Why did you stop if so? And why did you come back?

    Not just a spine, but one who respects you and your passions. I been there once myself with EX, will not happen again.
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    From my experience I see typically 50% turn over in about that time. I agree that very few stay long enough to achieve "black belt". But if you look at it overall, comparing with other activities (gyms, dance studios, etc. ) it is about right. Roughly, the students who achieve a competent...
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    Self defence courses for women who've dealt with violence

    Leanne, the best advice I can give you, is what we have done here. If you do not know, there are organization's that are for ladies who have suffered violent attacks. I have went to this organizations and taught straight self defense for them, which is little more customized. I would reach...
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    Why did you start? Why did you stop if so? And why did you come back?

    I began my martial art training officially year 1978, in Tae Kwon Do (traditional style, my Instructor leaned more toward Hapkido). I stayed in it all the way until I entered the Marine Corps in 1984 and was a 1st dan black belt. I was honorable discharged in 1993 after severing my Achilles...
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    Though I agree that not all styles have "long form", but each time that a person performs a technique against a "phantom foe" this is actually a form of kata (akin to shadow boxing if you will). That is the biggest benefit of the martial arts the practice of the perfecting the techniques. For...
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    Height to weight ratio

    nope, no disadvantage at all. I have always been a short (5'6") guy, stocky (200). I have never had an issue with any martial art. There are many advantages and some con's. But think of this, the main meat of martial arts come refined from Asia. They have been short people, (like us) yet...
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    How to be fast when you're slow

    Am sure a huge many covered it, what is more important than speed, is quality of technique. The old saying "slow is smooth and smooth is fast" is very true in martial arts. After you grasp the proper technique, timing is the next important hurdle. A person can be as fast as they want, but a...
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    The whole purpose of Kata (poomse), is to provide a structured way to practice the basic steps and master the fundamentals. If you want a more detailed history as to why, I can provide how it came about. Kata, is a major training aid that is over looked today, by many artist and styles. As...
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    Look for Bill "superfoot" Wallace book on stretching, the best I have found. Mr. Wallace is a legend, and his book helped a lot in gaining the ultimate in stretching "work out".
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    Daito-ryu wrist locks

    Okay, allow me to give an example, as again I am not looking for a "how-to" book, because personal instruction is the only true way to learn a martial art. What I am trying to find is a list and description of like say, Kote Gaeshi. The purpose of this is to assist me (possibly others), in...
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    Daito-ryu wrist locks

    Yamibushi ryu
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    Daito-ryu wrist locks

    Let me be clear on this, I am taking the classes and learning proper technique, I am looking for book or online list to learn out of class, don't need the techniques, I need a pic and name, to learn the name of the technique quicker, to master the technique will take years, I know that.
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    Daito-ryu wrist locks

    Hello, I am thinking of taking up Daito-ryu Jujitsu and was wondering if there is a list somewhere of the names of the wrist locks, or quality book, so I can start learning them. I looked online but search not pulling anything in. Thanks
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    Is earning your white belt typical in Tomiki/Shodokan Aikido?

    I have been to Dojo's on both thoughts. Personally, I think that it is better to do it that way. I have seen way to many "school's" bring a person in after one or two classes and then gouge them on uniform and everything (I know terrible but it does happen). This way the person get's the idea...
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    Returning to arts, need Gi help

    Hello all, I have finally got to a place where I can return to martial arts Dojo training. I have practiced Korean arts and few others in past. With my injuries I have decided to start from scratch with Aikido. My issue is that I am confused on finding a Gi that will fit me. First let me say...