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  1. graychuan

    'Voodoo Chile' Kung Fu?

    'I feel guilty when people say Im the greatest guitar player on the scene. What's good or bad doesn't matter to me. What does matter is feeling and not feeling... technicality of notes. You got to know the sound and what goes between the notes.' -Jimi Hendrix
  2. graychuan

    The Bast@&D Son of WING CHUN has returned...

    No lineage, No Sifu....No Problem! Questions, comments or insults are welcome! SLT drills 1 SLT drills 2 SLT drills 3
  3. graychuan

    Jim Kelly- the OG Black Samurai

    Combat song by RZA from AFRO SAMURAI.... Jim Kelly Tribute. :ultracool
  4. graychuan

    Bil Gee- Jabbing fingers through soda cans or something else?

    Im interested in everyones take on "darting fingers' and such. Any references to the Bil Gee form will be appreciated. My take is that Bil Gee is a distraction mechanism for making opponents react to create bridge contact from a distance. Ive always rolled my eyes at the whole 'jab the finger...
  5. graychuan

    Lok Kim Bok

    Sifu Ali Rahim doing Dragon Pole. Woo Fai Ching System
  6. graychuan

    Baat Jaam Dao

    Got this from another forum.....its a nice execution of the form...this is a lineage from Brazil I believe...
  7. graychuan

    SIfu Ali Rahim's Mastering Chi-Sao Seminar- Louisville KY

    Mastering Chi-Sao seminar with Sifu Ali Hamad Rahim of the Silent Warrior Association. This seminar will cover the southern Chinese art of close-range fighting called Wing Chun Kung Fu. Subjects covered will include... Saturday 6.14.08 1:30-5:30pm 1. interdependent structure (stance) 2. don...
  8. graychuan

    Louisville Wing Chun & Boxing Wing Chun will still be available here, and other arts as well... In case you didn’t know…