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    Kenpo Weapons Techniques

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    Technique Training VS Attribute Training

    A few years back I was at a Wing Chung seminar at Francis Fongs acadamy here in Atlanta. He and I were talking about the similarities between EPAK & Wing Chung and how they were very different from JKD & Kali. When he said this it blew me away because I have always thought that EPAK and JKD are...
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    Horrible Kenpo Clps

    OK, I know that I am going to get a lot of crap for this one but I want to get the opinions of you all on this. I am so freaking tried of all the bleeping crapy a^* videos/clips/youtube stuff out there showing a EPAK black belts doing techniques on someone who just stands there and lets...
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    How do you spar

    I have been thinking about this topic for some time now and thought I would get some opinions on it. About 3-4 years ago I quit sparring the traditional sport karate way because I truely believe that how your train is how you will fight. Not to mention the whole mess of issues with tournament...
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    Lee Wedlake is Moving!

    I got a e-mail from Mr Wedlake the other day saying that he had sold his studio and was moving out of Ft Myers very soon. Has anyone heard where is will be moving to? His e-mail also said that his next book was due to be released in March 07 and will be on form 4.
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    Counter Point

    I have been training under Zach Whitson coming up on 2 years now and I must say that his ability to take the standard techniques and make them work under sparring conditions is simply incredible. I was very impressed with him from the begining but every time I go to TN to train I come back more...
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    Offensive move in Long 2

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    Where did the "KICK" come from?

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    EPAK Weapons Techniques VS FMA Weapons Techniques.

    I have been cross training in FMA with some of the best instructors out there for about 5 years now (originally Serrada with Al McLuckie then Inosanto blend with Francis Fong and now and forever Pekiti Tirsia Kali & Doce Pares Escrima with Zach Whitson) and the more I study these weapons based...
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    Contrats Mr Wedlake

    I recieved a e mail yesterday stating that Professor Wedlake was being promoted to 9th next month! Mr Wedlake's EPAK knowledge and skill are incredible, not to mention that he is the most published EPAK senior and a all around great guy. This is very well deserved and overdue promotion...
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    Ed Parker Clips???

    I am looking to get some clips of Mr Parker (or any other of the top instructors) in motion. Can anyone help me out?
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    My new EPAK outline

    SO we all agree that there should be a few changes added or deleted to the system. Ok well lets doit then. I for one would like to see some FMA type weapons techniques, ground techniques, offensive techniqes any other ideas. What about mixing some SL4 with HUks ideas or Zach Whitsons...
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    Is EPKA Outdated?

    This is a pretty interesting question that I have been thinking about for some time now and I wanted to see what everyone else thought about it. Is it time to make some changes to EPAK? Personaly I think there is alot of room for improvement on the weapons techniques, ground work, health &...
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    Al McLuckie Seminar In Atlanta GA

    Fot those of you interested Guru Al McLuckie will be coming to Atlanta GA for a two day seminar. Topics will be stick and knive work blended between his FMA experience and Systema. If you have never seen this guy move I tell you he is unlike anyone that I have ever seen or felt for that...
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    Most effective Fighting Systems?

    I recently brought up the question who do you think is the most impressive martial artist that you have personaly seen. After viewing some of the post it got me thinking about styles/systems. What do you think are the most effective fighting Systems/Styles? I am of the thought that...
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    Who is the most Impressive martial artis that you have personaly seen

    I recently asked the question "Of All the 1st generation students out there who moves the most similar to Mr Parker?" An even better question is. Who is the most impressive martial artist that you have ever seen. For those of you out there who have meet Al McLuckie in my opinion he is the...
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    Ed Parker movement VS his senior 1st generation students

    Which of the senior 1st generation top students (Tatum, Planas, Trejo, Wedlake, Doc, Sullivan, Kelly and several others.); do you think moves the most like Ed Parker and why?
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    Family Grouping + Master Keys

    Does anyone know if family grouping are the same as the master key techniques?? It would sure explain the relationships between the family grouping and if you consider the rearrangemet concept you could come up with the variations!! (i.e. where you step + what foot, in, out, up down, and...
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    Tracy Kenpo Better Then EPAKK!

    I would love to hear everyones ideas about this (Yes, even you Doc!) I found it on the Tracy Web Site :jedi1: (* Article removed due to violation of Fair Use and Copy Right issues. *) Please provide a link to the article for the discussion. Thank you Rich Parsons Martial Talk...
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    Does anyone have a good source (i.e. web site) for the ORIGINAL EXTENSIONS. I know that there are many differnets ones out there but I am looking for the ones that were in the IKKA journals. What do you think of them?
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    David German

    I just wanted to see if anyone has seen his video and what they thought of him? Man that poor stunt dummy! It seems like he is doing some interisting things blending stand up kenpo on the ground. Does anyone know who he was refering to when he spoke of the terrible 7 instructors that were...
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    Anyone Know Mark D Wilson ??

    I am trying to track down my 1st EPK instructor. His name is Mark D Wilson and I new him when we were stationed in Ft Polk LA. At the time he was training out os Santa Clair CA (John Sepulveda) lineage Anyone heard of him
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    interesting question about rank/promotions

    There are many extremely qualified kenpo intructors out there who started out in another system and later on chaged to EPAKK. If an instructor is a 5th degree in American Karate and then learns EPAKK but never test for blk or is only promoted to 1st degree in EPAKK. Can they promote you to...
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    Which Of the 1st generation seniors do you think is the best mover

    Of All the 1st generation seniors (Wedlake, Planas, Tatum, Doc ect) who do you think moves the best???
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    What particular area of kenpo is your senior great at

    This is a question that I have thought of many time and I would be interested to see where it goes. We all have our particular lineage of 1st generation EPAK and I think that each of those senior are all great at manny things. However, what is the area that your particular senior is most...
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    Disrespectful Students

    Have any instructors out there had a student cuss you out and challenge you in the middle of class/belt exam? That happened to myself and a fellow instructor in the middle of a belt exam. We told the student that he needed to show us more speed, power and intensity several times and then he...
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    Upper-Cut Attacks

    I have been working on my defense from an upper-cut and I know the 3 techniques that we do in EPAK deal with our version of the upper cut. However, I am curious to see what other's think about defending against a boxing version of the upper-cut. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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    Kenpo Basics

    I am interested to see the answer to this one. I would like to see who all requires/ teaches all of the the EPAK basics at each level. I know that manny school do X number of techs, forms and sets per level but do you also require all of the basics (ie blocks, strikes, parries, foot maneuvers...
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    Short 1 Trivia ?

    In short 1 there are 2 types of torque and they are direct rotation and counter rotation. Everything is direct rotation except the 2nd vertical outward and the 2nd downward. There is supposed to be an example of doing both in the same move. I think that it is in the cover step inward (minor)...
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    Kenpo Freestyle Techniques

    OK, Why is it that the kenpo freestyle techniques are not discussed and taught as much as the 154 + and forms? Are there any new rules, principles or concepts that are in the freestyle techniques that are not seen in the forms and 154+? :asian: