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  1. camilyon

    Testing Cost

    I didn't find this in other places, but forgive me if I am mistaken. How much does it cost to test to Black Belt in To-Shin Do? There was one mention of $40, but I think that is for the first test and there were no indications that other tests were the same.
  2. camilyon

    To-Shin Do Weapons Training

    Hello all. I am interested in To-Shin Do's program. I am inquiring specifically about weapons. Does to program cover a walking cane or tessen fan? Thanks in advance all
  3. camilyon

    Kenpo Differences

    I hope all is going well with you Doc . Is the implication here that Chuck Sullivan's IKCA Kenpo is his interpretation of the 50s stuff, virtually untouched by the Chinese kenpo era?
  4. camilyon

    Can Kenpoists achieve "Mushin" aka the state of "mind of no mind"?

    Hey!!! Where's Doc? I wanna know what Doc thinks too!!
  5. camilyon

    To Doc

  6. camilyon

    Kicks of SL4

    What kicks are in the SL4 curriculum?
  7. camilyon


    Does SL4 Kenpo Use the Mind to sense and control nerves, muscles and organs? If so what kind of method is used to achieve this?
  8. camilyon


    Salute, Does SL4 contain standing meditation like in the internal Chinese Arts? :asian:
  9. camilyon

    To Doc about MSU

    Thanks for the history lesson, Doc. Much needed. So do students study more than one martial science perspective (style) at MSU?
  10. camilyon

    To Doc about MSU

    How do people study and MSU? Do they learn more than one science/art there?
  11. camilyon

    kenpo and the internal arts

    What do you think about this Doc? And during practice does SL-4 concern it self with the internal muscles and organs? (Don't remember whether or not I asked this question before, please be patient) :asian:
  12. camilyon

    To Doc about MSU

    Salute Doc, Many believe my last thread (about your Ph.D) was malicious. I apologize if that is the way it came out to you. You possess great knowledge and I desire to learn from everywhere I can. I just wanted to ask the source instead of being moved by speculators. Anyway, my question is what...
  13. camilyon

    To Doc

    Thanks KenpoDave :asian:Camilyon
  14. camilyon

    To Doc

    Doc, It is always a pleasure to correspond with and learn from a noted master. I was wondering, from what institution did you recieve your Ph.D in Anatomical Physics? Salute, Camilyon
  15. camilyon

    To doc about Kenpo and Wing Chun

    I understand that the SL-4 relation to Taijiquan "debate" has been beaten with a stick but I just need to understand a few things. Does SL-4 curriculum teach any qigong/standing meditation etc? Are there health benefits like those of Chinese internal arts (does it stretch/strengthen internal...
  16. camilyon

    To doc about Kenpo and Wing Chun

    Thank's doc that helped much.:asian:
  17. camilyon

    Doc: What do you think about...

    Doc, Salute. :asian: I am a college student. I've learned a very little bit of Xingyiquan and hope to study SL4AK when I transfer to UCLA fall 2006. I have a two-part question for you: What do you think about AKKI's rhythmic timing patterns and Zach Whitman's Kenpo Counterpoint?
  18. camilyon

    Does anyone no anything about Pan Nam Wing Chun?

    Does anyone no anything about Pan Nam Wing Chun? Camilyon :asian:
  19. camilyon

    To doc about Kenpo and Wing Chun

    Doc, camilyon here. What are the differences and comparisons between (non-motion)Kenpo's concepts (specifically SL-4's and Karate Connection's concepts) and the concepts of Wing Chun? Also, what's the difference between SL-4's kenpo and Karate Connection's kenpo? Thanks