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    Hard to believe I made this video five-years ago!

    Two of my favorite things... Let Li and Breaking Benjamin. This was a fun afternoon, and my first attempt at video editing and synching to audio. ENJOY!!!

    What a month it's been Martial wise!!!

    Holy Toledo! What a month for martial arts May is turning into! Been doing a fair amount of training... which is AWESOME! Doing a Kenpo demo on Saturday at a new school opeining up down in Vass, NC. First time out with my Instructor as his Student... <crosses himself> This much, in and of...

    SGM Parker's Infinite Insights package deal!!! Hey now, Peeps! Been reasearching this for a few weeks. And, this is, by far, a STEAL of a deal! Basically, you're getting all five books AND the encylopedia for $79.95 (plus S&H). That the price of only five books...

    Welcome to the 13th century, NC!

    Yesterday, voters in NC approved Amendment One. In they process, they not only banned same-sex marriages; but, civil and domestic unions as well. Most are, even still, unaware what the full proposal was... as all they heard was, "Gay people.... blah blah blah... marriage... blah blah... gay...

    What is the correct length for a Hanbo?

    Hello! And, greetings from Raleigh-Durham, NC! :ultracool Looking to get some information confirmed regarding the proper size for a practishioner to make a custom-length Hando cane. Recently, and for the life of me I can't find the link, I read online (yes, I know, consider the source) that...

    What's in a name?

    Thanks for the minor name change, Bob! When I was back in DE, I was working on a gym concept called the Martial Science Training Center of Northern DE... Now that I live down in the Carolinas... I'm resurecting the concept, trying to tie it into my restaraunt concept (I'm a Chef for those...

    Favorite Tabi Boot brand or supplier?

    Hey now, Peeps! Looking to get a new pair of Tabi... currently, I have a pair of size 11, and they're just too tight. They're also the "traditional" loop and tab closure... and I'd like to get some recommendations as to brands from those who may be in the know on such matters... In the past...

    Back in the Martial saddle again!

    Hey there, People! It's been a l-o-n-g time since I was on last... been a lot going on the past few years. Hope all is well with everyone! And that someone remembers me other than Bob! LOL :uhyeah: Currently living in Durham, NC... and I've been blessed to be able to train with some AWESOME...

    BONNAROO Music Festival '07 - Manchester, TN?

    Bonnaroo Music Festival 2007 I was wondering... Are any TN (or out-of-state) MT Members were planning on attending this years 'roo? I'm thinking of swinging through on my way out Left... As long as I can find a place to board my pup... no pets on-property... Best regards. Andrew
  10. MSTCNC

    Neutral Sisters LIVE-N-DIRECT

    For the musically diverse among us... might I suggest Live-N-Direct by artists Neutral Sisters... Check out their MySpace page... it has four full tracks from the CD... a few YouTube clips... and you can even download the entire CD online via SNOCAP. Or, if bandwidth is an issue, you can...
  11. MSTCNC

    Body Cleansing?

    Among the many other things on my to-do list is restoring my health. Over the last 40-years, I haven’t been as kind to my body as it’d probably have liked… and I’d like to make amends. As a part of this, I’d like to find a sound method for detoxifying my body… and removing the poisons that...
  12. MSTCNC

    Well, I've cast a line...

    let's see if I get any nibbles! :ultracool {crossing fingers, eyes, toes}
  13. MSTCNC

    Speed Shooter

    OK... I've seen guys that are quick before... But this guys is just nasty... SICK fast... kill you real good... and faster than a Porshe can accelerate from 0-60! :erg: Listen close to the stats for each of the three shoots... with special attention to the last set with the reload... :wuguns...
  14. MSTCNC

    My favorite fight scene frm "Kiss of the dragon"

    This is a clip of one of my favorite fight scene from KOTD... Who the actor is that plays "dirty dog"... I have no idea... but, WOW! He's freakin' HUGE! Enjoy! WARNING: ONE CUSS WORD AT MID-POINT!!! hlWoEm9uKDw
  15. MSTCNC

    How I spent my christmas gift card

    My parents were kind enough to give me an American Express gift-card for Christmas... and I wanted to use some of it for something other than putting gas in my truck... So, yesterday, I took a little journey over to Best Buy... and did some DVD shopping... Here's my bounty: Once Upon A Time...
  16. MSTCNC

    Another person who's work touched our lives... As any starving college student will tell you... Cup Noodles can be a real lifesaver! When I lived in Philadelphia in the mid-90's... I barely had two pennies to rub together... one of the big things I ate was CN... by the...
  17. MSTCNC

    Anyone interested in an get together on January 21st?

    Family plans will be taking me up to West Hartford, CT over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of this month... And, after talking with my friend Carol Kaur, I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in a combined MT/KT/FMAT get-together for brunch on Sunday the 21st of this month...
  18. MSTCNC

    Jet Li NFL Today Intro

    I was really hoping he would end it by saying, "Are you ready for some football?"... but it's still a cool clip! Let Li... and American football... does it get any better? :ultracool 5ZsuPte-rr4
  19. MSTCNC

    Your opinion is requested on the school I'm considering joining

    As stated, I plan on starting CMA training this year... The link that follows is to the school that I'm considering... Shaolin Martial Monks School USA Would those of you with more knowledge of the CMA (that'd be just about everyone) be so kind as to look over the site... and the...
  20. MSTCNC

    Any MT Members in the Chantilly/Fairfax, VA area?

    Evening, Gang! I've taken a few days off... and headed down to see friends in the Chantilly/Fairfax, VA area... If there are any MT Members in the area... POST UP! I'lll be down here until Wednesday or Thursday... and would love to meet up with some of the good folks here for food, fun, or...
  21. MSTCNC

    Remembering Sifu Bruce

    Dear Friends, Today would've been Sifu Bruce's 66th birthday... Please take a moment of your time to reflect on his life... and the legacy that he left to us all... Jeet Kune Do... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIFU BRUCE! You may be gone from this World, Si Jo... but you will NEVER be forgotten...
  22. MSTCNC

    Calling my MartialTalk Brothers & Sisters in the IBEW!

    This coming Wednesday, I have an appointment to go to my local IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Union Hall (Local 313). Although I'm only going to pick up an application to the apprenticeship program... I'm hoping to also get a chance to meet the local NJATC (National...
  23. MSTCNC

    Martial Arts Movie Trailers GALORE!

    Hi, Gang! Here's a GREAT site for watching all (and I do mean ALL) of those great Martial Arts movie trailers you know and love! SHAOLIN CHAMBER Enjoy, Friends! Yours in the arts, Andrew :asian:
  24. MSTCNC

    Kung Fu - From Grasshopper to Caine

    The first video is the opening of the original TV series Kung Fu... the other three are a documentary of the making of the show... T6Yx_tPxisc zj_d7BJnAV8 bm-l7qH59dg SJnObZia268 I hope everyone enjoys the step back in time... Kwai Chang Kaine for President! Yours in the arts, Andrew
  25. MSTCNC

    Checked out my a local Pekiti Tersia school

    My friend Danny from work takes Brazillian JuiJitsu (Gracie) at a MMA school out in Newark, DE. The school also teaches Pekiti Tersia (Tortal Family as taught by Tuhon Leo T. Gaje) and Muay Thai boxing... Danny and I have discussed the FMA's several times while on break at work... so my friend...
  26. MSTCNC

    NG Fight Science - Kali Stick w/ Dan Inosanto

    Found this clip while clicking through other links on YouTube... qH309YwzxsY I hope that I can move that well at 70 years of age! Way to keep it real in the feel, Guro Dan! Yours in the arts, Andy
  27. MSTCNC

    The "Walking Stick" Method of Self Defense

    OK... I didn't really see a proper forum to drop this one into... so, if the Admin sees a better spot than here... please move this thread! Thanks! One of the Members over on FMA Forum posted this LINK to a website that is hosting a PDF file entitled... The "Walking Stick" Method of Self...
  28. MSTCNC

    A section of Martial Abbott Li's lesson plan

    For those whom it may interest... The attached MS Word file contains four-pages from Martial Abbott Shi De Li's lesson textbook... Regards, Andy
  29. MSTCNC

    Roland Dantes in CRITICAL CONDITION!!!

    I just picked this up from FMA Forum: My thoughts and prayers are with the Dantes family and Guro Dantes' students! Respectfully, Andy P.S. The picture above shows Mr. Dantes with Mr. Worden...
  30. MSTCNC

    Asian Pepsi Commercial

    I'm not sure if this is already here on MT or not... but the link below leads to (IMHO) a pretty funny Pepsi ad that evidently ran on TY in the Asian market... :)