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    Kataless Karate Pros & Cons

    You seem knowlegeble in Kata, could you tell us about your background. I see that your involved with a lot of orgaizations and awards.
  3. Akashiro Tamaya

    United Studios of Self Defense (USSD)

    I am actualy curious about Demasco. Who is this guy and who did he get his 1st, 2nd , 3rd ...etc Dan from ???. I understand that his current rank was given to him by the Abbot of Shaolin Temple.
  4. Akashiro Tamaya

    Anyone Know This Instructor?

    Maximus Gladiators ? WTF, Way too much movies not enough training.
  5. Akashiro Tamaya

    christian disrespect!

    All I can say is that I ain't got nothing against Jesus Christ ! Its his fans I can't stand !
  6. Akashiro Tamaya

    My Date

    Very Original, better copyright this joke !!!!
  7. Akashiro Tamaya

    christian disrespect!

    If I come to your house for dinner and everyone in your household does a meal time prayer/ grace. I would participate in doing so to show respect to you and your family. But if you come to my house and start doing that christian stuff at my dinner table, you will be having dinner with my dog...
  8. Akashiro Tamaya

    Young Sociopaths

    Singapore might be a great model for crime and punishment" Here's a chart that would sent you straight to their S&M parlor: Here's what satidfied customers has to say: The whole procedure...
  9. Akashiro Tamaya

    Young Sociopaths

    It amazes me that felons finds "god" while incarcerated or on death row. Why could they not seek "god" while free, no wait ! I know why because they are too busy doing the deeds they thought they could get away with.
  10. Akashiro Tamaya

    Young Sociopaths

    The death Penalty is a great deterrent to heinous crimes. Without it we would have all the John Wayne Gayce, and the Ted Bundys walking amongst us. One of those two punks is underage. Chances are he would be set free. There are countries that would boil these two nutsacks in a heartbeat...
  11. Akashiro Tamaya

    Young Sociopaths

    Depends, is the child a murderer ? Tortured No ! Executed maybe !
  12. Akashiro Tamaya

    Young Sociopaths

    Plain and simple Justice ! Hang em high ! those pychoes that preys on the innocents. You don't need to stinking phycology or "roots" to determine why they kill and prey on the innocents. An eye for an eye !
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    Ed parker 10 degree

    so what was the highest rank Parker obtained from his last teacher ?
  14. Akashiro Tamaya

    Pinan to Pyung Ahn

    John, please don't view this as a flaming response. I was under the impression that the forms or Hyung that the founder of Tang Soo Do taught were lifted out from a book. So technically it never " moved" to korea. General Choi's (I believed studied in Japan and recieved a Nidan grade under...
  15. Akashiro Tamaya

    Pinan to Pyung Ahn

    Which tang soo do hyung resembles Okinawan Kata ? By the way in case you used a Shotokan kata as a referenced point , please note that Shotokan is a Japanese system not Okinawan. Thanks
  16. Akashiro Tamaya

    Most Difficult Belt Rank?

    Jeepers ! How does the test for 2nd dan looks ?
  17. Akashiro Tamaya

    Koryu Karate

    Can you list which Kata(s) you believe is more than a hundred years old ?
  18. Akashiro Tamaya

    Goju Kai

    What made it boring ?
  19. Akashiro Tamaya

    Koryu Karate

    Hi Martin ! Thought I could add a little fun fact. The "Karate" in Shuri was practice in secret. We know this for a fact because Japan, under the penalty of death forbids any Okinawan to armed or practicing any martial arts training. The Okinawan masters may not have built a...
  20. Akashiro Tamaya

    Koryu Karate

    The original name of "Karate" was simply called "te" or Tode It was the masters of Shuri that were at that time calling the art " Te" or "Tode" Sakugawa used this term in honor of his teacher Peichin Takahara. Takahara was a master of the Okinawan version of Chuanfa. "Tode" written in...
  21. Akashiro Tamaya

    Light up, drive, and DIE!!!

    I have a co-worker who is a hard core anti smoker and will not hide her disgust of smokers. yet, she drives a nice antique, air polluting, oil burning , gas guzzling cadillac ! :idunno:
  22. Akashiro Tamaya

    Anyone knows a gay martial artist.

    This link might help ! Good Luck !
  23. Akashiro Tamaya

    Open Letter of Apology - Akashiro Tamaya

    Yes it did seem like it was my intent, for this again I apologized ! No Don ! There are no hidden agenda nor sarcasm behind, I meant to say this in a manner, where I decided not to get myself involved in this again. Then I missed this part, You have my sincere apology in this matter as...
  24. Akashiro Tamaya

    Open Letter of Apology - Akashiro Tamaya

    To Owners. Moderator and esteemed members of MT. The Mayoral post have created a response that many found repulsive and unwarranted attack to his reputation, I humbly apologized to all and those whom I may have offended in such manner. I also deeply apologized toward Mr. Bruce Calkins, Had...
  25. Akashiro Tamaya

    Soke Sandai Mayoral & The Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu

    No offense taken at all, in any I should be the one apologising for my bahaviour !