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    Systema blogs

    I have just organised an index of our blog index broken down by topic. Paul
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    Free Systema Articles and video lessons

    Guys, I have been producing lots of free instructional Systema material on my website. Things keep changing almost daily and the easiest way to keep up with all the free information is to sign up to our newsletter. I want to give you a free gift if you do sign up to the newsletter. You...
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    Systema blogs

    And don't forget our weekly blog articles and video clips
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    Systema clips showing work on full speed knife defence

    These are two clips of a series I am working on showing a progression of full speed knife defense. Clip 1 - Clip 2 - Also check out our site the weekly articles in our blog contains material of teaching methods and technical information from Systema...
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    New Russian Martial Arts Northwest website now online

    Just a heads up that our new website layout is now online at It contains lots of information about the development of systema and the personalities involved and a blog that addresses a number of issues that effect the way systema is studied and...
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    Intergrating Systema and Sambo?

    I have spent extended trips at Vlad's in 2000 and 2002. On neither of these trips did I see any Sambo classes. Paul Genge
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    Systema Training in Russa?

    I have been to Moscow twice to train with Michael. I hope to be making another trip early next year. Every trip has a different feel, but the one constant is the hospitatily. For an article of my last trip click here. It includes some video footage. Paul Genge
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    Russian Martial art Site

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    After Systema

    It very much depends on the honesty of the student and how prepared they are to relinquish their previous style. The interesting thing is that if they honestly try not to use their previous art the good stuff in it will float to the surfice and become part of their systema. Obviously some...
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    Two new clips.

    Jeff, Glad you enjoyed the DVD. The first session or so were along the same lines as the DVD, with Richard asking questions and bouncing of the floor boards. In fact this is a clip of one of the times he first experienced our punching style. It was good of him to suggest making this film...
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    Two new clips.

    Even with their last breath a person armed with a knife can still take your life away from you. The knife should always be controlled, but this does not mean you should always grab hold of the knife hand. Often it is possible to protect yourself from the blade by the positioning of your...
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    Systema in motion...

    Just an update to let you know my video page has been updated. The clip of Systema the Questions answered is different from the one already posted on this thread. In it Richard Grannon talks about his experience of making the film and his impressions of Systema both before and after the...
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    Two new clips.

    Here is another promo for Systema - The questions answered. It features an interview of Richard Grannon. In it he explains what the purpose for making the film was and his impressions both before and after of Systema. Paul Genge
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    Two new clips.

    Here are two new clips. Systema - Self defence in real environments Systema - The questions answered. This is from a dvd I have been involved in shooting where a MMA fighter and street fight authority tests systema in an attempt at seeing what it is really all about.
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    Systema in motion...

    Two new clips. Systema real self defence in real environments. Systema the questions answered. (Excert from a DVD I have been working on where an MMA fighter and street fighting authority tests out systema to find out what it is all about.) Paul Genge
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    How good is systema groundfighting compared to Jujutsu or Brazilian jujutsu?

    There are three clubs in London that are affiliated to each other. Try them all as they have different flavours. One of the clubs is run by Val who was a KGB combat sambo champion and coach prior to coming to the UK and then finding systema. He also offers training in this art I believe as...
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    Systema Curriculum?

    It is true that two students that start at the same time with different instructors will know different things. This can be down to what they are shown or more importantly their ability to understand and use what they have been shown. If looking for an instructor try to find one who has...
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    Systema Curriculum?

    Each instructor tends to teach with a style that is flavoured by his or her interest and experience. Some classes work more towards self protection and others towards self development. To be truelly rounded has to be an element of both in every class. Firstly exercises are used to link...
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    Systema in motion...

    On the pistol clips it is essential that the body part the barrel is pressed on gets out of the line of the shot. If not things can get messy very quickley. If you simply pull your head away from the weapon it can track your movement. When you move the head into the pistol the part of the...
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    Training Systema in Moscow

    This a link to an article about my recent trip to Moscow to train with Michael Ryabko. I hope it is of interest and inspires someone else to take the trip. It is something you will never regret. Paul Genge Russian Martial Arts Northwest (UK)
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    Swiss Review Of Vadim Starov

    Sorry if I was interested in learning the Kadoshnikov system I would go to the source and visit him in Russia. I will be at the next Vlad seminar in the UK and am visiting Michael in a couple of days for the Moscow seminar if you want to meet up at a seminar. Otherwise our clubs door is...
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    How do I toughen myself up for a strong hit?

    This is an article on the Systema approach to striking. It has several clips on it and the one on the last page is particularly intersting to this thread. On it an experienced BJJ and Muay Thai fighter learns both what strikes can do and how to use movement to dissipate and eventually return...
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    Systema in motion...

    I will try to address your points in order. 1) Though many styles rely on obvious locks or throws to put a person on the floor it is not the only way to acheive this goal. Try a simple experiment. Have as big a training partner stand with a straight spine. Put all your weight on their...
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    Training Against The Blade

    One interesting point that needs to be made is that very few of us will face a knife and even fewer will face a knife attacker who is trained to use the weapon with the skill that some schools teach. Knife disarms are for life and death situations. They are not a matter of choice. Also the...
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    What holds our Systema back?

    I have just finished a short article, 'What holds our Systema back?' Hope it is of interest. Paul Genge Russian Martial Arts Northwest (UK)
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    Training Against The Blade

    This is a link to an article that covers some of systema's drills used to learn about this kind of work. Paul Genge Russian Martial Arts Northwest (UK)
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    How did you begin your study group

    This is a difficult one. If there is not a decent club within travelling distance you need to find people to practice with. What I did was travel to Toronto a few times, then Moscow. I also did seminars in the UK and at home concentrated on the breathing exercises. This is something that...
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    Outdoor training event

    New Year Outdoor Seminar I am planning on running an outdoor seminar on the 7th January 2005. This will be the perfect event to work off some of the excesses from the Christmas and New Year periods. Price £15. Systema has been known as, ‘Know Yourself.” On this unique event we will...
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    Systema in motion...

    Got a good kick in the family Jewells practicing working against kicks from the floor and they say that our training lacks reality..... Paul Genge
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    closing the gap

    Fighting and sparring are two different things. In fights they usually start with threats ect. During this phase it is natural for the antagonists to get literally in each others face. In fact in LEO circles alot of time is spent on recognising and maintaining some distance. In this...