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  1. Kira S

    Resources for Beginners

    Hi, I'm new to martial arts, but one of my friends recommended site I downloaded a free report from this site and its really good. As well as the excellent info on this forum its really helping me find a club. Hope it helps others too Kira x
  2. Kira S

    Choosing a school

    Hi Kacey, This is great information. I am currently looking for a martial art with my daughter, and a friend recomended I download a free report at I found the information really useful on this report as it tells me what to expect from starting to train in a...
  3. Kira S

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the advice everyone :) I'll let you know how I get on Kira x
  4. Kira S

    Hello Everyone

    Hi My Name is Kira and I live in Glasgow with my 6 year old daughter. I'm looking to start a martial art along with my daughter, but need to find the right one for both of us. I've currently been checking out my local area as well as various martial arts forums to help me in my decision. I...