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    Boxing Gym in LA

    anyone recommend a good boxing gym in LA - best. Don't care about location. I'll go there. Gonna be in LA for a good while it seems. Much appreciated; many hanks!!
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    MMA style throws and takedowns!

    judo (any nagewaza) takes hour and hours and hours of drilling .. then randori. you can't just jump in and fake it. this turns off some people ... plus ukemi scares people but learning that is good too - Guy came into our judo class from the bjj no-gi class (i do bjj too) saying he wanted to...
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    Taoist Defense Against Brazilian Jujitsu style takedowns

    Agree it took guts to go find someone and respond .... earnest at the least.
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    The Most Dangerous Takedown in Judo & BJJ

    pretty sure in judo comp not legal ... not sure bjj
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    strength and stretching

    Really appreciate it if someone would recommend a few stretching/strength tips stretching .... hips, hamstrings, spine .... plus tips re weight training - kettlebells or otherwise .. tailored for grappling judo/bjj. Thanks!!
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    Best BJJ History I've read ...

    Guy's base is Aikido apparently but trained in BJJ and Judo. books about a lot of things ... 300+ pages. 600+ footnotes. Different. Very interesting, very fun read. Surprisingly well written for an MA book. like literature. funny. about training at Aikikai Hombu dojo, living (and fighting)...
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    Aikido Atemi for beginners

    oh, but i do condition my hands for DOING atemi if/when needed .... still i'm more focused on basic footwork and posture and bodywork.
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    Aikido Atemi for beginners

    interesting subject. started aikido not long ago ... not too worried about atemi. the spots/openings are apparent. rely on atemi too much and you miss developing other aspects of your technique. psyched I finished reading a GREAT book about Aikido and MA. Aikido in Japan and The Way Less...
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    My theory about the practicality of Aikido

    well said. "atemi" (fist, back fist, elbow, knee, foot, head) is the EASY part of Aikido .... They teach it. But not every dojo is the same. Amazing the many misconceptions and disinformation about Aikido. I started studying recently and it's great - especially. of course FINDING a...
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    My theory about the practicality of Aikido

    good discussion point but wrong. Study go no sen. sen no sen. sen sen no sen. Aikido, contrary to popular and mistaken belief is not merely a go no sen art. I used to think similarly to you ... then a friend gave me this book. Aikido in Japan and The Way Less Traveled. 300+ pages, 600+...
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    Helio Gracie or Gene Lebell?

    Masahiro Kimura. Like Kastriot “George” Mehdi, who started studying Gracie Jiujitsu with Professor Helio but left Brazil for Japan to study directly with Kimura sensei.
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    Tony Cecchine teaching Catch (16 mins)

    Interesting and thoughtful comments. Thanks!!
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    Best BJJ History I've read ...

    wow. friend gave me a book I scoffed at a bit ... Aikido in Japan and The Way Less Traveled ... but really interesting and funny and best damn early days history of BJJ - J's moving to Brasil in 1908 - I've read so far. thing's got like 600 plus footnotes ... fun read. huh. can't judge a book...
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    Resources for Beginners

    Recommend a helicopter perspective first. Kodo - Ancient Ways Kensho Furuya Zen Way to the Martial Arts My Judo - Masahiko Kimura (google it; it's online) Aikido in Japan and The Way Less Traveled (fun read; will fire you up re training plus the best history on BJJ I've ever read and about...
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    Resources for Beginners

    yes. Find TK Chiba's videos re Aikido and see how he trains kenshusei. Chiba sensei had his nidan in old judo from way back in the day. very useful training methods. that's a start.