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    Thank you very much for the honor to be inducted with such great company. It was a great evening.
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    Benny "The Jet" Urquidez seminar for Frank Trejo

    The support for Frank Trejo has been fantastic. January 11th at Mark Arnott's Kenpo Karate will be a great event with Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate "Dream Team" doing a day of seminars. One of my long time friends and students Joaquin Sahagun and his son Philip Sahagun will host a seminar...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    I will be doing this seminar in Boston next weekend and I will be handing out Certificates of Completion after the class. This will be at the IKC's promoted by Doreen DiRienzo August 2nd-4th.
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    Sponsor: Bob Whites new DVD is now available!

    The newest DVD we have is "The Elements of Effective Coaching". Here is a preview More information can be obtained on our website at
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    Kenpo Golfers?

    The tournament was a great success. This was our first year and we raised $10,000 for Royal Family Kids. I am very proud of our school and the new leaders that have developed. Servant Leaders are what we want to have at our school and it's great to see this tradition continue.
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    Kenpo Golfers?

    With our continuing efforts to raise funds for the Royal Family Kids we are hosting our 1st Annual Golf Tournament We are getting tremendous support from our sponsors for annual karate tournament and this will be a very enjoyable day. I hope to see some of our...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    These are a couple of the many positive responses from the DVD. I appreciate you all taking the time to give me your thoughts; Hello Mr White, I received the DVD and International Journey the other day, so thank you for that. After viewing your DVD, I must say that it is one of the...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    The price of the DVD Elements of Effective Coaching will remain $30 until the end of May. At that point the DVD will be the same as out Purpose Driven Journey to Success DVD which sells for $50. This gives people that are serious about improving their coaching skills the opportunity to invest...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    A gentleman wrote last week wanting to get some help in keeping his school open. That is one of the main reasons why I made this DVD. It is not about promotion in getting new students, it is about keeping the ones you have. A sustainable base of students that you build your school on. The...
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    Jeff Speakman Medical Fund Seminars

    Yesterday Antranig Anto Parseghian hosted an event for Jeff Speakman's Medical Fund. Paul Dye, Tommie Chavies, Dan Pribble, Benny Urquidez, Ron Sanchez, and myself had the honor to help raise funds for a kenpo leader and friend. It was a very successful day with much support from around...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    The DVD's are completed and we are shipping out the orders. Thanks to all who have ordered and I hope you find value.
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    I will look at the finished DVD today and I will start shipping out as soon as they are printed. I truly appreciate the many orders I have received and look forward to feedback after viewing.
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    Thanks Chris. I start the editing tomorrow morning. We just received the last clip from Master Ken to use in the DVD. With Dennis Conatser doing the Ed Parker stories, Enter the Dojo, plus the contents of the seminar it should make for a good instructors tool. I believe it has some valuable...
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    Who will impact EPAK the most in the next 10 years?

    I agree with Doc but I also believe it is our responsibility to continue to serve our art. Ultimately the only thing we really control is ourselves but there is no doubt that as an instructor there is a strong influence presented. The responsibility is to try and present something of value.
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    Jeff Speakman Medical Fund Seminar

    On March 30th there will be a special day of seminars for the Jeff Speakman Medical Fund. These seminars will be held in Pasadena, Ca. at the Kenpo 5.0 school owned by Anto Parseghian. There will be 6 seminars throughout the day with all proceeds going to this fund. The instructors will be...
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    September Spectacular Seminar

    At our event January 19th we will display a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle donated by Huntington Beach Hogs and N Neil Hardin Kenpo Karate. We should receive the raffle tickets today [January 3rd]. We will have the drawing at our event March 23rd at the BWI The...
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    Leadership in Kenpo

    I am writing this letter to acknowledge Vishal Shukla. Vishal has been such a major force in developing our event. It has become a successful promotion not by accident but because of consistent and dedicated effort. We have grown for many reasons but a major one is Vishal Shukla. There is not a...
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    The International Journey

    Dana Stamos has put together a great YouTube clip on The International Journey, by Tom Bleecker. :
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    Seminars In Chile

    We are very happy to announce that we will be able to help start an entire Royal Family Camp in Chile. Our team will present a $5,000 check to Familia Real. on our visit in October, then another $3000.00 the following year, and we will finish with $2000.00 in 2014. Barbara and I are happy that...
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    September Spectacular Seminar

    I would like to thank all of the presenters and participants who attended the seminars yesterday. Because of your support we were able to raise over $3,000 for the RFK. This means 6 additional children get to go to a camp that could possibly change their lives. Truly appreciated and thanks for...
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    Seminars In Chile
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    September Spectacular Seminar

    While this day of seminars is a fundraiser for the RFK I want to establish that we would not want anyone to miss this event because of money problems. If you want to attend and things are tight just call and we can work it out. This should be a day to remember Respectfully, Bob White
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    Women In Kenpo

    I am very happy to share with all of you my daughter Andree Scanlon's Black Belt Thesis. We are very proud of this great service to the Women of Kenpo. Respectfully, Bob White
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    Women In Kenpo

    Next Saturday my daughter Andree is testing for her black belt. She has years of preparation for this test and I obviously want her to do well. As some of you know one of the requirements for an American Kenpo Black Belt is a thesis. The idea of the thesis is to give back to the art and for it...
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    September Spectacular Seminar

    On Saturday September 22, 2012 Bob White's Karate Studio will present the "September Spectacular Seminar". The day will consist of 5 seminars taught by some of the top Kenpo instructors in the world. The entry is only a $50 investment and participants can attend as many of the seminars as they...
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    Bottom of the Well

    There are karate organizations and instructors that discourage their students from going to tournaments and seminars outside of their immediate circle. Many times I feel that the reason for this is that they dont want their students to be aware that there could possibly other trains of thought...
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    Mr. Downey Seminar 7/12

    I am glad you enjoyed the seminar Chris. Eddie Downey is one of the very best and one of the few in kenpo that share their knowledge on a full time basis. There is a reason he has over 3,000 students in Europe. Respectfully, Bob White
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    The New Journey Book

    The International Journey was released here in Ireland this last weekend at Eddie Downey's EKKA Camp. It has been very well received. Many of the Honorees were present including the author Tom Bleecker. We leave tomorrow morning for Holland and the book will make it's debut at the International...
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    7th Annual Bob White Invitational

    My wife Barbara, the BWI team, and I would like to express gratitude for all of the support we received this last year. If the people that attended this last weekends events had half of the fun that I did then they had a great weekend. Many old and new friends attended and it was a pleasure to...