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    new to martial arts

    First talk to the doctor!! Afterwards though... Maybe you should do old school work outs (; like: squats push ups pull ups bridges leg raises These should definitely give you a great base to work with and maybe for cardio you could do light jump rope drills or better yet biking!! I wish you the...
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'Modern Arnis Seminar April 21st'

    im jelous, is this eskrima? Im sorry thats the only stick martial art i know, feel free to tell more about it ^^
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'Martial Arts Condition Exercises'

    ive always read about on strength training and conditioning....but i feel like my jumping distance/height hasnt improved that all. Ive been doing duck walks, jump squats, jump rope and frog leaps. What else do i to see results? I also bike normally and ive been doing all this for a long while...
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'Modern Arnis Seminar April 21st'

    THat sounds awesome! Youll have to share what happened!
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'Opening a Dojo'

    I think the best thing to do in your situation is to stick to one place. Even if you are better than the rest. If you are surpassing people thats no reason to leave. Thats the best time to get close to everyone and learn what they know and help them learn what you know. If you stay you learn how...
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    Muay thai newbie

    I have ankle problems too, so i just wear one of those tight cloth guards around it. It really helps! My ankles have always been pretty weak, but ive been doing duck walks to help strengthen my whole entire leg, that and jump rope. I use a weighted rope and man after 10 minutes of that my...
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'yang - yin / zero'

    Interesting read, i feel like i only had the most basic understanding of the meaning...Thanks!
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    Care to talk Krav Maga?

    Helloo, I hope no one gets mad at me, i dont know much about Krav Maga. I was hoping to hear from experts on the sport (: I always felt that Krav Maga should be used only by the soilders, but thinking about seems very useful for women these days to learn that. THough, most the people i...
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    Tips on increasing flexibility?

    If it helps i can tell you waht i do. When i do the straddle split i flex my feet and my whole leg. Then I lean my torso forward (back straight!!) until i cant take it anymore hold for 10 seconds then go up for a break. THen i try again only stretch farther and i keep doing this til i can touch...
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    What drink do you take to training?

    I second the coconut water! I drink that and im ready to go even after an hour, but if you can get a hold of coconut water you could try..tomato juice? It works just as good to replenish your body. I know farmers use it after working in the fields all day and im sure you can imagine how hard of...
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'I cant afford my classes anymore, please help!'

    What i do now is lay in guard and go through it in my head but it only does so much. That or just before i go to bed i think of possible moves i would use to get out of an arm bar or some kind of hold. I love the stuffed animal idea but i have none or else i probably would do that! XD Thanks for...
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'I cant afford my classes anymore, please help!'

    THanks for the advice ill have to shadowbox more! I just never thought of doing that infront of the mirror to check out the angles. I know this is so stupid but should i run? I do jump rope and biking instead cause i have shin problems. I think its because my ankles arent that strong but for the...
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    I cant afford my classes anymore, please help!

    Helloo im new here! I recently had to stop my classes because I dont have the money but ive been keeping up with training except for the parts that require a parnter. I dont really have anyone to sparr with and i feel like ive lost all that ive learned..I moved away from the place i used to...
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    Blog: Tai-chi-kit-cat

    Blog: Tai-chi-kit-cat
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    Helloo I recently had to stop my classes because I dont have the money for it anymore. I would...

    Helloo I recently had to stop my classes because I dont have the money for it anymore. I would love advice on how to keep up my training (:
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    Comment by 'Tai-chi-kit-cat' in 'Martial arts turned my life around.'

    Perhaps you could give my friend some advice ha he still acts like that, but the moment i put him through a little taste of training he gets angry immediately when he cant do it. Im not too sure how to help him with that...I try to teach him techniques but he thinks hes this amazing fighter...