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  1. kwaichang

    Am I just too late?

    remember the old addadge: "a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step". the fact you've realized you need to start is half the battle, keep on the path.
  2. kwaichang

    Martial arts -- HISTORY AND TRADITION

    While you make a case, I must add, those of us who have been around that long DO value our Japanese language rank certificates, etc. and other such "old stuff", so saying they're obsolete isn't quite the case.
  3. kwaichang

    What got you into Martial Arts????

    gee I thought it was "lookinamirrorandfixmyhair":angel:
  4. kwaichang

    Martial arts -- HISTORY AND TRADITION matter what position, IMO, knowing the history of it and a bit about the society it evolved in, helps to ground your knowledge...and have more respect for the chosen art.
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    jukken jutsu/gentle fist

  6. kwaichang

    Martial arts magazines?

    Until a few years ago I had a standing subscription to "Black Belt". I found it gave me information on what was happening in the world of martial arts and a whose who up to date. This was the only magazine that survived my interests as several others had ceased publication fairly quickly.
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    jukken jutsu/gentle fist

    Just quickly, use the "google" search engine and you'll find several topics on this which should help.
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    If you watch "Game of Death" you can see fencing like steps when he fights Kareem. Bruce took something from everything he studied and used them all in a different way.
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    Help...armed robbery right next door...advice???

    Agreed. A dead intruder is less likely to sue you for use of excessive force. :)
  10. kwaichang

    Uniform curiousity

    Good thought When I reached the brown levels my gi was a site to behold, so I went and bought a v-neck as I thought it looked better and it turned out to feel better during workouts also. The school had no policy on crossover or v necks.
  11. kwaichang

    Time Machine Question

    Well I've alwarys felt that going either way you have a problem meeting yourself. With most writings involving time travel this is nearly always avoided at all costs because of the major effects it has on the Space Time Continuum.
  12. kwaichang

    Time Machine Question

    I'd like to see if the Myan Prophecy is true.
  13. kwaichang

    Fear of Falling!

    Indeed. Two yrs. ago I was putting up wire fencing on a deck and overextended my balance and fell off, after seeing the sky above me, I realized I had twisted and fallen exactly as yrs of practice had taught and in the process, saved myself from real harm.
  14. kwaichang

    How Exotic is Your Art

    check out their info at:
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    Steven Seagul movies?

    One of the first four (I forget which) he has a fight in a grocery store=this was the first fight scene he coreographed=and he said it was the best to show what Aikido can do. The last four yrs. or so, he's not done as well, substituting guns for technique.
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    Fear of Falling!

    I too had this fear in the beginning, in the middle and to a degree at the end of learning throws. One thing that helped was a drill with everyone in a long line then beginning with a body drop, reverse roll, shoulder roll, etc. for about 12 different "landings". It helped me to get over the...
  17. kwaichang

    Rank range in class

    ha,ha, well let's not forget: "Everyone's Crazy Except You and Me ... and I'm Not So Sure About You. ... and one of my all time favorites: Westley: You've made your decision, then? Vizzini: Not remotely! Because iocaine comes from Australia, as everyone knows. And Australia is entirely peopled...
  18. kwaichang

    Rank range in class

    another, unrelated quote by "a non o mous" "there are only two people in the world that I trust, you and me, and I'm not so sure about you". :)
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    Rank range in class

    Albert Einstein said; There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and mans stupidity and I'm not to sure about the universe........ GREAT QUOTE thanks for sharing that.
  20. kwaichang

    Rank range in class

    test post
  21. kwaichang

    Chicago Kung Fu Instruction near the Loop

    Don't know if this is near you or if they still teach your art, but check it out. I'm familiar with the owner and his credentials are excellent.
  22. kwaichang

    Rank range in class

    Same here. BB's were "welcome" to come and assist with other classes but advised to stay away from "beginner" classes.
  23. kwaichang

    Uniform curiousity

    Up until "black belt", white uniforms with appropriate colored belt. Black belt, black gi. Association patches were permitted in all but one dojo I studied or taught at.
  24. kwaichang

    What do you know I am old

    Remembering things like: "I will now render the allegro movement from the Duggi Jig Schreckensnack opera of Gilka Kimmel, an opus Pipitone." kind of date me. :(
  25. kwaichang

    DF: Why do teachers post education?

    Charles Kalani served ten years with the US Army and attained the rank of sergeant. He was a former 3 time WWF (now WWE) champion winning tag team championships in 1969, 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1977 with a variety of partners, including Mr. Fuji, Dr. Hiro Ota, Mitsu Arakawa and Assasin #2...
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    Your Gi

    Ugh! C.K.-they were the bad guys in the KK movies. Meanwhile, a Judo gi was and still is the heaviest gi I know of, it even rivals "canvas" type gi's. There are a lot of reasons for wearing one but the most obvious one is .. you're practicing judo. :) And while practicing in normal...
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    Palin's Motherhood in the media

    Thanks so much for that, I had begun to think I was the only one who was thinking that. your icon "Frodo"?
  28. kwaichang

    If you had to defend yourself, what technique would you use?

    gee, if we're not waiting to see what the person does as he approaches, why not a "double tap":jediduel: