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  1. Cougar

    Use of the term Oss / Osu?

    Our Byakuren Sensei would stand inside the entrance to the dojo and give a standing bow and say, "Osu", as we entered. It was met with a returned bow and a repeated, "Osu". His explanation was that it was a warrior greeting and sign of respect.
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    Hope the OP has been to a reputable podiatrist to confirm PF. My initial visit was suspected PF, then further examination revealed perneal tendon tears and finally disruption requiring surgery. Big mess.
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    Weird lower shin kicks.

    Sounds like the kicking techniques we use in Byakuren Karate.
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    When life intrudes

    Don't know about you, but I am 62 and a beat up GI. It is tough enough to teach and work with the teens and 20-somethings, but sparring and rolling with these guys is tough. Training cycles, and life, sometimes keep the really lively sparring sessions limited to once a month and are a little...
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    Completely agree with Balrog. So many out there today want to win at all costs and very often the cost includes honor and integrity.
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    Tiger Claw products

    I have bought uniforms from TigerClaw in the past and liked the quality. However, with regards to what they promote as club logos screen printing and custom artwork, be very careful. Be sure to emphasize that you want actually screen printing as opposed to transfer decals. After getting hosed...
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    This guy was a jerk!

    Sorry to come in late to the discussion. As what BlackDragon said rang a bell, I felt like chiming in. yes, I have witnessed this sort of behavior a time or two. In my current school, I deal with it directly and control the situation. Some instructors allow the student to handle it because they...
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    "Nice to meet you! Please don't hurt me ...."

    My experience with that sort of thing usually comes from an individual that has zero experience with martial arts and has no clue to what is really involved. Rather, their experience is limited to what they have seen in the movies and on television. Accordingly, they seem to feel like most...
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    How do I quit... The other side.

    Have to commiserate with Geezer on this topic. Have been working with people and attempting to share techniques for years and have never really gotten into the commercial thing as much as trying to help people. Payment was just a way to pay the rent for the space and to replace worn out...
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    studying in the 60's and early 70's

    Picked up techniques from two different exchange students in Louisville, KY in mid-60s. First formal training started in Fall 1970 in Richmond, KY. Been going at it since then.
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    "There is no such thing as an unlawful order".

    This is an issue that has come to light more often than not, recently. The initial comment from the trooper was ill advised. While the position, and the attitude, of most street officers is that they must seize control of the situation and then attempt to sort it all out prevailing today, it is...
  12. Cougar

    Who "Owns" the Material?

    Just got back here and read the responses. Excellent feedback that causes me to add more comments. First of all, I was trying to provoke thought and reasonable discussion of an area that I have experienced over the last 45-47 years of martial arts study. Many feel very strongly about this and...
  13. Cougar

    Who "Owns" the Material?

    Came across a rather acrimonious discussion recently regarding martial arts material (forms, kata, etc). So, let me give you a little background. Let's say I have studied with a venerable old school master that has shared some secret family routines and forms with me. I take it and practice it...
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    I dont know how to word this... Disabilities while doing MA?

    Interesting responses. Being retired military, I have some permanent medical issues from my service. These issues range from blood sugar imbalance from Diabetes to impaired range of motion due to Arthritis and injury. After several surgeries to wrists, shoulders, knees and feet to repair damage...
  15. Cougar

    When a student leaves your school...

    Never really tried to make a lot of money with teaching martial arts. Goal has always been development. If a student had to leave for whatever reason, they have been told they were welcome back at any time, whether to visit or continue training. There are personality conflicts at times and some...
  16. Cougar

    Training The Military

    Completely agree, GaryR. Have been in similar situations several times with various units. With Modern Army Combatives, a lot of the instructors are pulled from local community MA that respond to position announcements and complete the certification process. Chuckled at your FUBAR comment, but...
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    The Older Martial Artist

    Just to throw another two cents into the pot, I am currently 61 and continue to roll every week. The Type II Diabetes, Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Hypertension and getting a little thicker in the middle due to meds and age has altered the way I do some techniques, but has not stopped...
  18. Cougar

    Must not visit other schools without permission?

    As previously stated, some instructors/organizations have a hard rule against cross-training and visiting other schools. The organization I formerly associated with was that way. Whether it is for maintaining control of a student to prevent confusion, injury or defection, it is mostly lost in...
  19. Cougar

    DOD to Ban TAPOUT clothing on Military persons when offduty.

    Sooooooo, if a less than stellar individual wears insert garment type here, then that will forever be deemed as insensitive, duchey or otherwise less than favored by those individuals that are self-proclaimed fashion police? Seriously, the Tapout brand has some nice products, reasonable quality...
  20. Cougar

    Getting Better at Martial Arts = More Enjoyment?

    Good question. For me, having practiced multiple arts, I have to say the enjoyment comes from the development. Sure, the learning new material is interesting and challenging. The conditioning pushes you to achieve higher levels and competition can sharpen your edges (if it is realistic). All of...
  21. Cougar

    When does rank become meaningless?

    Naturally everyone has an opinion and every once in a while there is a consensus. For me personally, rank lost significance after I had been a serious practicioner for about four years. (That was about 42 years ago). Rank is a tool to help students set a goal, but is not the end of the journey...
  22. Cougar

    Need advice on how to be more aggressive when sparring

    Many good ideas and observations. We have several different things at work here. Confidence is an issue. Skill set may be an issue. Experience with fighting and various scenarios. In our clubs, basics are drilled continuously. Routine is broken up with empty hand, pad and bag work...
  23. Cougar

    Unequal Enforcement?

    The vast majority of the time I pull over vehicles is because they broke the traffic pattern and gained my attention to their doing something wrong or unsafe, not because I looked for a driver that was in one of the minority socio-economic groups. Heck, I am Native American, myself, and I do not...
  24. Cougar

    two 11 year old girls fight, one dies, coroner rules it homicide.

    Have instructed my students for years regarding the legal ramifications of defending themselves, use of force, force continuim and so on. Regardless of circumstances, whether charges are brought or not, it all comes down to whether or not it gets adjudicated in a court of law.
  25. Cougar

    Leaving a group and drama

    Definitely have experienced this one. Have studied several arts over the years (I am 60) and have seen the "cult" behavior when I left what was my primary art. I chose to leave because there was an awful lot of drama and politics, plus a promise from my primary instructor had been broken and I...
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    Board Breaking

    We use board breaking for various reasons from time to time in our classes. Over the years we have gotten away from using real boards and went with the rebrakeable boards. The ones we use have handles built in and save on busted finger tips. You can find them at Asian World of Martial Arts.
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    cross training

    Having engaged in this myself, I can only present my reasoning for training in multiple systems or cross-training. From the military or law enforcement perspective, you need as many tools in the toolbox as you can in order to handle as many different scenarios as you can. As great as many of us...
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    hey whats up :p

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    Greetings from the Bluegrass State

    Thank you for the welcome, everyone. While I am not actively training under anyone at this time, I am teaching and sharing material I have learned over the years. I enjoy working with people from various walks of life and especially with the local law enforcement community for empty hand, as...