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  1. DBZ

    Tae-Kwon-Do America ?

    Not sure, I found there website as well. I was just wondering if anybody on here practiced with them or new anybody that did?
  2. DBZ

    Tae-Kwon-Do America ?

    Anybody heard of Tae-kwon-do America? There is a school in Sunbury Ohio my wife and I thought about looking into. I have never heard of them before. I stopped in to talk to them but a kids class was going so I did not get to talk to them much. There not WTF/Kukkiwon but there not full blown ITF...
  3. DBZ

    Want to know about Kyokushin

    Thankyou, I looked at and found the same school. I told him to check it out. I might to if I can, We both live north of columbus but I am in the army so I travel alot.
  4. DBZ

    Want to know about Kyokushin

    A friend of mine who knows I love martial arts asked me today if I know of any kyokushin schools in ohio. he lives around columbus but is willing to drive if need be. I train in TKD and have spent a few years in other styles but being in the Army have only been able to keep training in TKD. His...
  5. DBZ

    I am ready

    Im sure you will do great
  6. DBZ

    Mixing arts - is this wrong?

    You can put anything in what my instuctor calls your "TOOLBOX" to make you a better MAist but I agree that some things you should not add and call it HKD. I share some things I learn in Kenpo to my TKD class mates and we practice it but we do not call it a TKD tech.
  7. DBZ

    One step sparring

    This is what we do as well.
  8. DBZ

    New Tracy DVDs

    I have the yellow belt dvd and it is very good
  9. DBZ

    A nice tkd day

  10. DBZ

    New To Tracys Kenpo

    Bob Zoldak Godan, He teachs out of Mt vernon Ohio. I like his class very much.
  11. DBZ

    Basic Question *Decisions*

    How did the sit in go? Did you get to try a lesson?
  12. DBZ

    Hello there

    Im sure you will see some interesting conversations on this site
  13. DBZ

    Newbie here

    YO, welcome
  14. DBZ

    Reversing the equasion: add on TKD

    An iteresting thread. Of the three TKD schools were I live, one teachs TKD and HKD, the other teachs TKD and Akido, Then there is my school which is just TKD. I do cross train in Kenpo, But I like are school for the reason that when we learn TKD its just TKD. not a hybrid
  15. DBZ

    overall training for competitive level

    My recomondation is to find a teacher that is good with compatition. I train at my home TKD school for normal training but when I wanted to get better (at sparring) I asked my instuctor if it was ok to train with somebody outside of class and they said sure. So I train with another instuctor on...
  16. DBZ

    Is the Bayonet Obsolete?

    In the current US Army it is a matter of personal opinion if you like the bayonet or not. when I went thru BCT Over a year ago they did not cover the training. we did combatives instead(bjj type stuff) But my wife who went thru BCT at the same time at a diff company did do the training, So it...
  17. DBZ

    Students are wanting staff form

    The only reason is I am going to have to travel a small distance to get to him for instuction. I did invite her to come so she could learn but she cannot make the trip so she is just going to learn from my wife and I after we learn. I have no problem learning something new with a stident. I find...
  18. DBZ

    Basic Question *Decisions*

    A VERY good point! self defense VS competition what are you really looking for
  19. DBZ

    First technique

    My frist tech was sumo then waterwheel, tracys system
  20. DBZ

    Basic Question *Decisions*

    I like Kenpo, just my 2 cents. Good luck with whatever you choose
  21. DBZ

    Students are wanting staff form

    It was an advanced student that has asked me more than once about learning a staff form. Shes a great student so I wanted to try to kinda reward her for doing so well be learning about the staff and teaching it to her. I asked a BB in kenpo I know that teachs staff tech so my wife and I are...
  22. DBZ

    New To Tracys Kenpo

    My instuctor teaches from an older arrangement of the tech. He said it is the 2nd set, He learned them in this order in the early 80s so he said he is going to teach them in that order aswell. Do you teach the tech in the current order or an older arrangement?
  23. DBZ

    A round kick doesnt know its nationality or its federation.

    I Agree, well said
  24. DBZ

    Students are wanting staff form

    Thanks for all the help and links. I think I found an instuctor that will teach some of the BB in are school and we will go from there.
  25. DBZ

    New To Tracys Kenpo

    Agreed, thats why i like it, congrats on shodan by the way
  26. DBZ

    Students are wanting staff form

    I ran a search for the answer to my question in old threads but could not find it so I thought I would just ask in a new thread. Some students have asked about learning to use the staff(bo) in a form, the instuctors above myself do not teach any weapons froms we just learn some defence against...
  27. DBZ

    Your Taekwondo Black Belt

    What makes this belt so nice? It does look sweet but what is the bamboo part? is it made out of bamboo? is the 200$ for the box lol?
  28. DBZ

    Invention of palgwe

    At one point I learned both sets of forms. But now are school just does taeguk
  29. DBZ


    We are a USCDKA school and we do alot of combos with hands involved. alot of ridge hands and such
  30. DBZ

    Is it okay to change schools?

    Any time a master is not willing to talk to a student about a problem that the student has then its not a good place to be