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  1. Dronak

    World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2008

    I was going to say something similar. "Impressive" is a matter of opinion. While some people may be more impressed by the sight of 1000 people performing one form in unison, others may be more impressed by seeing the variety of forms and styles of tai chi. Everyone's different. Personally, I...
  2. Dronak

    World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2008

    No, I don't plan on doing anything special for it. I've known about it for a few years, but haven't ever joined in on any of the events. Maybe someday I will. I don't know. pete, if the Wikipedia article is accurate, the idea of the even is "to promote the related disciplines of T'ai Chi...
  3. Dronak

    need help!

    I've bought books from a few places. I like the books by YMAA ( and have a few of them. I've also ordered from Wing Lam Kung Fu ( and Wayfarer Publications ( I don't remember exactly what I...
  4. Dronak

    Top 10 Kung Fu weapons in China

    Thanks for the links to the videos. They were interesting to watch. I basically agree with Steel Tiger. I was a bit surprised that the number 1 spot went to a weapon that's basically only rumored to exist, while the straight sword and broadsword (saber) are at 10 and the spear and staff at 7...
  5. Dronak

    EUREKA!!! I found it

    I've found a few different taichi forms on the web before, but I don't think I've come across this one before. It should be interesting to look at and compare to what I've learned. Thanks for the info and link.
  6. Dronak

    Tai Chi lecture

    Thanks for the links. I have some of Yang Jwing-Ming's books on taiji, and I think he explains some of the same concepts there. I think this lecture had some additional information that I hadn't seen explicitly before, so it was interesting. In particular, I don't remember his books having...
  7. Dronak

    Reputation System Reset Pending...Dec 07

    I don't, but my post was supposed to be basically "rats, but oh well" -- not a big deal, just a little disappointment and acceptance of the change. After seeing all of the stuff that followed it, I'm kind of sorry I posted it though. I didn't think my post would lead to all of that.
  8. Dronak

    Reputation System Reset Pending...Dec 07

    I apologize for bringing up the topic 2 weeks after the change was already made. I didn't mean to complain (and wasn't trying to) or cause any problems. I had missed the real discussion because of my low activity here, and since the topic wasa still high on the page and not that old, I thought...
  9. Dronak

    Reputation System Reset Pending...Dec 07

    Since I'm not in here a lot anymore, it looks like I'm pretty late in hearing about this. I was looking for info on the casino cash feature, and saw this one along the way. And it looks like the reset has already been made. However, I did want to agree with this post: Because the teacher I...
  10. Dronak

    Fun to watch... but not taijiquan

    That was a fun video to watch, but I have to agree with the others that it's not tai chi, or at least not only tai chi. AFAIK, you don't normally see jumps with one-leg landings in most tai chi forms, for example. My impression is that some of another style (wushu?) was mixed in to what I...
  11. Dronak

    Chinese Names of Postures

    The books I mentioned above both contain Chinese characters for the posture names, but I don't know if they're simplified or not. That would cover the 24 posture form. I don't have anything on the 42 posture form, and I'm not really familiar with 13 or 32 posture forms. I can't type up the...
  12. Dronak

    Thoughts on Dr. Lam and Jessie Tsao

    I have this book, too, but haven't learned the routines in it. I thought it might be a good alternative to the Yang style long form I learned in school because it was designed to take up less space. However, I found that with some relatively minor adjustments, I could do the long form in a...
  13. Dronak

    Titles : Master , Grand Master

    When I was taking classes, our teacher was "master" and his teacher was "grandmaster". It was being used in a generational sense, like parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, etc.
  14. Dronak

    First thing you wanted to learn

    I don't think there was anything specific I wanted to learn. I was just interested in learning tai chi.
  15. Dronak

    What is your qi gong practice?

    When I learned taichi, I wasn't taught qi gong exercises or a routine to do. So I never really did any qi gong. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  16. Dronak

    UFC 70 videos & results

    When the announcers first remarked that his leg might have been damaged, too, I wasn't sure why they were saying that. I had to pay attention to his legs on the replay to see what they were talking about. Since he was knocked out, his body just kind of collapsed, and in the process, his leg...
  17. Dronak


    Me, three. :) I thought he was trying to block a body kick, and didn't expect the high kick, so it went right over his hands. That was one heck of a shot. It looked to me like he was knocked out instantly, especially with the way his body just collapsed under him as he fell.
  18. Dronak

    Anybody Else Watch World Combat League?

    I was thinking of posting about the WCL show, but decided to search first, and found this thread (among others). I was just skimming some TV listings, and saw this program on the Versus channel. I wondered what World Combat League was, so I looked it up. From the quick read I did, it looks...
  19. Dronak

    KungFu Ranking

    I only took classes with a college club some years ago. As I recall, our teacher said that traditionally there was no belt/sash ranking system. I think he meant this in general for CMA, not just the art we were studying. That would coincide with what I've heard elsewhere. Since belt color...
  20. Dronak

    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Easy, I didn't put my birthday on my profile. I don't think I knew that was an option on this particular board. I added it now, so it should show up in the future. Thanks all for the birthday wishes.
  21. Dronak

    Birthdays Go Here~!

    I know I'm not much of a regular around here anymore, but I had a birthday recently. :)
  22. Dronak

    Taiji Videos

    Wow, good find. That user does have a lot of videos. There are too many for me to look at now, but I'll bookmark it for when I want to go back and see what's there. If others are interested, the user's page is -- you can get to all the videos from...
  23. Dronak

    Review of Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan

    I'm fairly certain they do share a teacher in long fist kung fu. My teacher's older brother in long fist has a web site, and I contacted him for a little help (Chinese names of forms and such). I asked about Yang Jwing Ming because he has a book on long fist that looked similar to what we...
  24. Dronak

    Review of Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan

    Which lineage is Yang Jwing Ming teaching, the Chengfu one or the older one that's closer to the original Yang style? It's been a few years since our teacher left the country, and I don't remember him talking that much about his lineage. I believe that Yang Jwing Ming and our teacher share a...
  25. Dronak

    That made me feel better...

    After poking around a bit, I saw that has pictures of five different people doing the Snake Creeps Down posture. Comparison photos can be interesting, especially when you've got one of the old masters. One thing I noticed with these five pictures is that as...
  26. Dronak

    Review of Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan

    I've never heard of this style before. If I read this correctly, it's basically supposed to be the real, original form of Yang style tai chi? As you mentioned, Earl Montaigue has said something similar, that what's commonly taught now isn't the true, original style. If that's the case, maybe...
  27. Dronak

    List of Tai Chi Chuan forms

    That's a lot of forms. :) I made a web page with the list of postures in the tai chi forms from books I own. I included a bit of background on them from the books, too. I'm not sure how helpful it would be to people here, but if you want to take a look, it's at...
  28. Dronak

    Stop the booing!!!

    Yes, it does seem like most viewers are more interested in seeing knockouts than submissions. That's probably why SpikeTV had Ultimate Knockouts 1-4 a week or so ago, but no Ultimate Submissions (does that exist?). I may not always be able to follow them because of my limited experience, but I...
  29. Dronak

    DF: Impressive (lady prefoming tai chi)

    It might be nice to link to the site that video came from -- The video's watermarked with that URL. You can find a lot of other videos of tai chi forms there, too. I think I saved most of them to my computer for potential future reference/reminders.
  30. Dronak

    The AFC - No rules Tournament Clip

    Yes, I realize that the ref will stop the fight as soon as possible under the rules. A TKO is called if a figher is obviously out of the fight, unable to continue the match, right? Then not allowing TKOs means that a fighter who's obviously out of it has to actually be pummeled into...