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  1. BuckerooBonzai

    Time to make everyone mad again...

    Yes, someday these computery-things will make our lives easier, eh??? ;)
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    Time to make everyone mad again...

    Sorry Tez3. Somehow my response appears in your quoted area of text above! Not very tech savvy here!
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    Welcome to the dojo to my niece

    Yes, the Blue Wave (Chungdo Kwon) Dojang is still open and operating in Beverly. Really great place with super nice people who know that they are doing. She will not go wrong if she were to check it out. Just have her tell them that Buck Rogers mentioned it to her. Master Anthony...
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    Welcome to the dojo to my niece

    That's awesome. College can be the best place to train martial arts as well. When I was in undergrad at UVM, I was part of their TKD club and really enjoyed it. I do not know if her school has a martial arts club but I do know that there is (was?--I'll write the head instructor to see if he...
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    What The Heck Happened?

    22 years ago testing for my il Dan at KKW. I'm the skinny white dude with hair (no longer skinny and no longer have hair!). Cannot believe it, truly seems like it could have been last week.
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    Last Person #5

    Yes, he was found on the bathroom floor of his hotel with a cord around his neck. Seems strange as he did not seem depressed on social media or in the concert that night. I wonder if it was a David Carradine sort of thing? (although I really have no idea what happened to him and probably...
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    Last Person #5

    Damn. Chris Cornell died. It has been a rough couple of years lately for my music heroes.
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    Recent issues

    I am still curious as to whether you have spoken to your instructor about this? I think all of this can be solved with some communication between yourself and your instructor. It does not seem like any progress is being made in this thread--it seems like this thread, like so many others, is...
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    You will never run again.... Blog Post

    I used to do a lot of road running (up to 50 mile ultras on pavement) but in the past few years I find that I do almost all of my running on trials. It feels like so much less impact on the joints and it also seems to require more lateral stabilizer muscles/tendons/ligaments and that helps to...
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    Recent issues

    So have you spoken to your instructor about this issue yet?
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    How Much Head Trauma Have You Taken...

    I have been completely "knocked out" three times in full contact tournaments (and I won a few, too--I'm not THAT bad! ;) ), I was beaten unconscious two times while in SERE school and I have been dazed/had my bell rung in a few bicycle (been road racing bikes since 1988) and skiing accidents...
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    Kukkiwon certificate

    Yes, 6 months can be legit but it depends on a lot of factors as stated above. I have found it is best to respectfully ask about the certs after the ascribed waiting time (6 months in your case) b/c sometimes schools are not overly honest about them. But, bottom line, I would not worry until...
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    Keeping in shape over the summer

    I was in the same situation when I was an undergrad (over 20 years ago--yikes!). My college club was ITF TKD and my home town dojang was WTF. I kept training both styles for the final two years while I was in college but it was difficult and my instructor in college finally said that "It is...
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    MMA vs TaiChi

    Absolutely but some organizations that I know only have "inside their own" organization tournaments where everyone pretty much knows everyone else and they do not travel to outside tournies.
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    MMA vs TaiChi

    True enough (but who are we kidding--the news outlets are living their DREAM with all of the crazy politics--hell, they fuel the fire whenever they can to keep the raving masses going crazy about it and giving their websites more and more hits!)
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    MMA vs TaiChi

    This is so important to realize, esp as an instructor. I have seen so many students think that b/c they have a certain belt that they can defend themselves or "fight" and do well in a street fight when nothing could be further from the truth. There seems to be so many levels of this "delusion"...
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    MMA vs TaiChi

    Yup, when I opened up the BBC website this morning, it was there on the front page of the website. That's what brought me to this thread. Crazy how this is making front page news on the BBC and the NYT's.
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    Grace under Pressure

  19. BuckerooBonzai

    Hello from Belgium

    That's not a "Ride Flanders" T shirt that you're wearing in the video, is it??? I rode the 241 km RVV cyclosportif on the first of April and it was amazing!!! So love Belgium! (by the way, great video!)
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    Think lighter...?

    Oh Dear Lord, this thread is worth the price of admission alone.
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    Propaganda flyer from desert storm

    Really interesting! Unfortunately I do not know how to read it but I am interested in what it says as well. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out.
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    Last Person #5

    And who decides that the "game" is over?
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    Grace under Pressure

    DAMN! Game over.
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    When to begin training

    Sorry, something is being lost in keyboard communication here. There is no "loop". It does not loop around. You start on Day 1 and progress as far as you wish (for me, that would now be year 25). The person who starts tonight will start on Day 1 and be taught Day 1 stuff. Each class they...
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    Motivation time :)

    I think that the belts get a lot of people in the door and then a few, through their journey, who were initially only motivated to achieve the next belt, start to gain a deeper understanding and then the belts do not matter so much to them anymore. BUT, and this is the important part, they...
  26. BuckerooBonzai

    Is WTF TKD the Worst Sport for Changing Rules?

    I'm not sure that I agree. You said that the IOC is only interested in selling tickets (which I agree with) but that the WTF is changing the rules to try to increase sales, not to please the IOC. While the end point is similar, I do not think that the WTF really thinks that it has a huge money...
  27. BuckerooBonzai

    When to begin training

    Everywhere that I have ever trained it has always been a rolling curriculum that never stops or "restarts", it is always going on. The gym is continually training the basics to the new students while teaching the advanced students their new techniques. So if a student came to their first class...
  28. BuckerooBonzai

    Getting back after broken ankle

    My M.D. orthopod friends say that it is false. They say bones that are broken do NOT heal stronger than they were prior to the break. I had always heard that they heal stronger but, at least in my small sample polling, 4 or 5 orthos say that it is a myth.
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    When to begin training

    Most Martial Arts classes/schools that I know do not have a time specific set of exercises/curriculum that resets every year/3 years/etc. It just continually builds and grows over the years/decades and never "resets". So, if that is in fact the case with your local school, then the sooner...