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  1. TrueJim

    Kukkiwon demo team: the local timber industry is feeling better already

    FYI, Kukkiwon Demo Team will be performing in Virginia on October 27 The 3rd Korean Ambassador's Cup Taekwondo Championship
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    Koryo instruction video

    See also: Koryo
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    USA Taekwondo Collection

    Team USA Shop, USA Winter Olympics Gear, Olympics Apparel, USA Hockey Jerseys
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    What conidtions was TKD made in?

    ...and, as an aside, throughout history, many combat activities eventually becomes a sport. The marathon began with a soldier running to Athens to deliver intel. The javelin (spear) throw was an Olympic event even in ancient Greece. The modern pentathlon mimics a cavalry soldier escaping from...
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    ITF patterns: "E" versions ?

    The student doesn't know. He was hoping somebody on the subreddit had heard of these.
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    ITF patterns: "E" versions ?

    This question is posted to the taekwondo subreddit, but I thought somebody here might know the answer. A student is being told that his school will be practicing the "E" versions of the ITF patterns. So for example, instead of practicing Chon-Ji, they will be practicing Chon-Ji-E. For...
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    The Koryo leg break

    I wrote the software myself sir. It's not trivial to use, but it's not impossible to learn either. I released previous versions as Open Source, but the most recent version I have so-far kept as Closed Source. (I have a good reason that I can't get into here.) There are a few people that I have...
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    Practical Application of the Double-Knife-Hand Block

    I think the most practical application of the Double Knifehand Block is to fight Bruce Lee in the Roman Coliseum.
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    The Koryo leg break

    Thank you sir! That video was shot in the school I attend (Majest Martial Arts in Sterling Virginia). The performer is Dong-Jin Kim, a former university poomsae champion in Korea -- I'm trying to recall, I think he competed for Kyung-Min University? He now teaches in Leesburg, Virginia. The...
  10. TrueJim

    Two blocks at once

    Aside: The stone sculpture known as the Kumgang Yoksa depicts two figures, each about 2 meters tall, flanking either side of a doorway in a Buddhist temple in ancient Silla. The sculpture appears to depict two men in unarmed combat. The sculpture has been dated to the 8th Century.
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    Augmented/Supported Blocks

    I think I see. So you're not referring to T7 specifically, but really all the Kukkiwon forms? I.e., Kukkiwon textbook doesn't explain how the stances pertain to the upper body movements.
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    Augmented/Supported Blocks

    How do you mean? The lack of reference to the stance? Your point about it being something other than a block intrigues me, and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter. You're thinking maybe it's a strike with the palmheel? That's an interesting thought. Maybe you're pulling your villainous...
  13. TrueJim

    Augmented/Supported Blocks

    Also, you would think that at least some schools would teach a "grabbing" motion with the supporting hand as part of the chamber for the block (like the way some schools teach a "grabbing motion" for knifehand_block+punch combinations), but I've never seen anybody do it that way. AND, in Sports...
  14. TrueJim

    Augmented/Supported Blocks

    Sadface. I was hoping to see more activity on this thread, because I have the same question. What's the idea behind "supported" blocks and strikes (rather than "augmented" blocks and strikes) -- i.e., the blocking or strike arm is resting on a supporting arm. For the supported spearhand like in...
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    So what exactly IS a Taeguek anyway?

    Actually all these Pinned threads are pretty ancient. One would imagine they're due for an update.
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    Training Advice

    Schools have the option of registering themselves with the Kukkiwon, even if they don't necessarily teach a Kukkiwon-style. The closest thing to a list would be: On the map, you have to click on the NAME of a country (not just the outline of the...
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    One small step closer...

    I don't think this phenomenon ever goes away entirely. Our 7th dan kwanjangnim has been doing taekwondo for 40+ years, and even he will have a momentary brain fart once in a while. It can happen because the person next to you distracts you, or sometimes when you're teaching you get so focused...
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    New WT Sparring Rules

    The ones I've used have two buttons in the thumb area, and one at the trigger finger. But otherwise they look like that.
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    New WT Sparring Rules

    I can't find a photo of that either. I've used it before. I actually like it. I think that system is called Ringmaster? It's only used in smaller tournaments generally, because it's not a WT-approved system, as I recall. It's older too. I'm not sure if it's still being sold. I like the...
  20. TrueJim

    Maintaining a clean uniform

    Just on the topic of cleaning generally. My understanding (based on a few year of college chemistry) is this: Enzymatic cleaners are often sold in pet stores under brand names such as Simple Solutions and OxiClean Pet Stain Remover to remove pets' pee and poop stains from carpet and upholstery...
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    Some sparring advice?

  22. TrueJim

    New WT Sparring Rules

    Largely true, yes. I'm not positive about this, but I think age of the hogu and sensors plays a role too. A new hogu is stiffer, worn batteries are weaker, etc. In principle you are correct, but in practice you'll see hogus that detect a hit too easily, or detect hard hits not at all. (This is...
  23. TrueJim

    New WT Sparring Rules

    Probably what happened in the previous post is that the transmitter that was supposed to go into the helmet went into the hogu, and vice versa. A love-tap to the hogu would have detected this. Regarding sensitivity, the system gets recalibrated throughout the day depending on the weight-class...
  24. TrueJim

    New WT Sparring Rules

    It's not just the sensors, it's also the transmitters. Each ring will have several sizes of hogus available. If a size 4 fighter enters the ring, you'll take the transmitter out of whatever the last hogu was, and put the transmitter into the size 4 hogu. The transmitters fit into little pouches...
  25. TrueJim

    New WT Sparring Rules

    I believe they're usually called Judge's Boxes (even when they're not actual boxes). Whether you have electronic hogu or not, the judges still need to have Judge's Boxes: When electronic hogus are used, pressing the buttons on the Judge's Boxes indicates spinning kicks (since automated sensors...
  26. TrueJim

    New WT Sparring Rules

    The ref is supposed to prevent this by having each opponent tap the other in the chest before the match, to confirm that the correct sensor is in the correct hogu.
  27. TrueJim

    From Okinawa to Korea

    Punishment pushups at a tournament?