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  1. Judo boi

    Dungeons and Dragons, a return

    Ex D&D nerd here glad to see I am in good company. Haven't played since the early nineties, but I owned and am familiar with rulesets up to 2nd edition. Also a big Warhammer(Fantasy only) and Magic the gathering geek.. well met kindred spirits! D&D was what got me into martial arts in the first...
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    Osu You have already been training and progressing so perhaps already know that most Kyokushin clubs make allowances for age when grading
  3. Judo boi

    Quit training and was injured in a fight. The guy ran called cops jujitsu saved me only i cannot motivate myself to train.

    There's just so much going on in your post title Glad you are ok though
  4. Judo boi

    Hello, I haven't officially started my journey in martial arts, but intend to.

    I would definitely recommend Judo over BJJ (slight bias here) but would just warn you it is rougher on the body than BJJ or even Muay Thai Don't let that deter you though, if you find a good school and combine it with a striking art you will be a well rounded beast. Even Judo by itself is a...
  5. Judo boi

    Too old?

    Oftentimes the quality of the students is also a reflection of the quality of the instructor. If you are not impressed with the abilities of the higher ranked students, maybe you should check out a few more schools in your area before you commit 100 percent. As for flexibility, yoga, other types...
  6. Judo boi

    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    Interesting but no relevance to the topic at hand
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    Arjuken Karate Lineage

    I thought Arjuken had some Kyokushin ties?Before I started training Kyokushin I trained a few sessions in Arjuken and this was what I was told at that dojo( Sozokan in Perth WA)
  8. Judo boi

    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    A story, yeah, I guess we will never know if it's a true story or not But a lot of stories have a basis of fact in them, apparently there were numerous witnesses and it would be a strange thing to lie about Edit- This was in response to Miders last post forgot to quote sozz
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    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    I heard it was not pee lol
  10. Judo boi

    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    Haha yes, he will never live that one down I heard he was also ducking a confrontation with Van Damme back in the day
  11. Judo boi

    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    I would give him more credit if he applied his techniques to a resisting opponent, but sure they look ok on paper