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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey

    First of all it's not a religion and I never stated as such, my orginal post is just a survey. Others have turned into a religious debate not me. I am not fraud busting I am merely defending my practice. I am sorry if I caused any harm.
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey

    Show me some proof that Christianity was a cult. Didn't the bible have Jesus who healed many people and where he walked on water. In the bible it it states clearly that man shall not have sex with a man. How do you know it's an illusion? I want to see some proof. Sorry I don't know what...
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey So Buddhism is a cult also?
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey

    Christians believes homosexuality is a sin also. So they a cult also?
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    Raw v.s. Cooked Protein ?

    There's certain flesh proteins you can not eat raw. Pork and chicken is the ones I know. You can eat fish and beef raw and some seafood. If you want to eat raw beef make sure it's organic beef. Cooking foods will kill the enzymes, enzymes helps you digest the foods this is why one of the...
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey
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    Norton Users Worried By PIFTS.exe, Stonewalling By Symantec

    I agree, Norton used to be a real pain to unistall also. Now they have a small utility to get rid of the crap. Avast is useless it misses many virsues. Paid versions are much better. Nod32 and Kaspersky is highly recommended. Better yet use linux you'll have lesson worries.
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    Sandboxie ... is it safe, worth it?

    Nope you don't need to run CCcleaner to get rid of all that junk. All you have to do is delete the sandbox. You have to run your browser within the sandox for it to protect you. As long I ran my browser in my sandbox I never got infected with spyware, virsues, etc. When you install a program...
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    I know this is uncool for me to say but...

    I don't drink I don't need to drink to have a good time. It's bloody expensive in Canada. I've seen alcohol done more harm than good especially drinking and driving, many people do it often. One of my old friend actually drinks a beer from a can while he's driving. Just nuts.
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    Thank you Andy!!!!!!!!

    You don't have to be a people person to help someone. You always know who your real friends are, when you really need help the real ones will stick around.
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    Canada? What the heck do they know?

    Nomad people have been turned away when arriving by ambulance even if a person is having an heart attack. Quite a few people died this way. I don't know about the present though. I haven't been in a hosptial for a long time nor do I...
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    At Last, the Truth About Doing Cardio

    Yes I already knew that but the thing surprised me was the health aspect of it.
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey

    Oh now you change it. Especially if I were Chinese? How do you know if I am not Chinese? How do you know if I'm not even Asian? I don't ask people to sign up. In fact people are freely to practice Falun Gong in their homes privately. In China you can not practice even in your own home...
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    Canada? What the heck do they know?

    From what I hear they make more money in walkin clinic than as a GP. I even argued with one. He wouldn't do any test I required or any follow up. This other doctor did prescribe me antibiotics which he isn't suppose to do in a walkin clinic. I know they get paid by paid per visit. so the...
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    Canada? What the heck do they know?

    I want to be exposed as a comedian! I want to be the next Jim Carey! Ok never mind I don't want to be the next Jim Carey!
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey

    source: Wow a history of propaganda![email protected]/3223912286/
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    Falun Gong Health Effect Survey

    Listed as a member? They don't even have my name, I never gave out my name, my legal name not my english name I use. They don't have either so that there you are wrong. I don't train Falun Gong I practice it. It is not a sport or some kind of physical exercise. Never been to...
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    Dimmak origins

    Here just click on the link
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    I have to disagree, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee cross trained. Each martial art has strengthens and weaknesses. Most school will allow you have a few free classes. Never sign a contract go monthly if you're not happy with that school go to another one. If I were you I would watch them train...
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    Man charged $81,400,836,908 for gas

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god I don't drive ! hehe
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    Facebook Worm Warning!

    Ha ha thanks! I didn't know what that was for. Have a nice day!
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    I want some opinions...

    Bill Mattocks you are right he is at fault. And he should have reported the insurance company. But I wouldn't pay without getting other estimates. The job could have been done cheaper for same quality.
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    flu Vaccine? Think again!

    Full article here:
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    Canada? What the heck do they know?

    I live in Canada and I give up on the health care system. I do not go to the doctor, I don't need them any more. I fought with a doctor because he refuse to have tests done on me. He told me if I didn't like the care with him I should go the USA! People with heart attacks in Toronto can wait...
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    I think true compassion takes a life time to achieve. I highly doubt you can achieve it in a few years. Can you be compassionate in all situations and with everyone? Probably not, only time will tell when you run into problems. I know I am not truly compassionate yet but i am trying to be...
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    Witchcraft Growing Faster Than Religion's Big Three

    Actually in Buddhism they believe in heaven. They even talk about levels of heaven. So you can't see heaven then you don't believe in Buddhism? source:
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    I want some opinions...

    I don't think he can do much other than take you to small claims court. Too bad you didn't have any witnesses. Best thing to do is have witnesses when things like that happens. It was on private property so the police can't do much. I don't think he could win the case. If you have proof...