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  1. Simon Curran

    Kimbo Slice!!!

    Check your pm Odin.
  2. Simon Curran

    Kimbo Slice!!!

    I used to live and work in a bar directly opposite the Hippodrome, and that's where I met him. I wouldn't necessarily call him a nice guy, but a very genuine one, what you saw was what you got.
  3. Simon Curran

    Kimbo Slice!!!

    Claim to fame, claim to fame! I met Lenny Mclaine years ago before he died when he was a nightclub bouncer in London. Now he was a scary man...
  4. Simon Curran

    Carrying a weapon for self-defence: is it acceptible?

    I have made my feelings known about general populace carrying weapons before, so I won't go into that again, but, having said that, although it is not permitted to carry a weapon by law here in Denmark, it would be foolish of me to go to certain predominantly Muslim areas carrying a Danish flag...
  5. Simon Curran

    So, I am 39, single (Divorced), no kids, and over weight, ....

    I think this is a very interesting topic, and one pertinent also to me just now, My girlfriend and I have been together for a number of years now (7 to be precise) and obviously neither of us is getting younger. I recently celebrated my 30th birthday, by taking a dream trip to California...
  6. Simon Curran

    Kimbo Slice!!!

    Pretty much what I was thinking too, I'm a pretty big guy, and wouldn't be giving away so much in that respect, but I wouldn't want to play his game by his rules...
  7. Simon Curran

    Weight lifting useless?

    At the end of the day, I think it all comes down to personal preference. For myself, I did (naiive as I was...) buy the Furey book, and I did get a lot out of it, but I don't really follow his regime any more. I still train only bodyweight exercises, I haven't touched weights in years, but...
  8. Simon Curran

    Who is the most Impressive martial artis that you have personaly seen

    I have been fortunate enough to see some pretty impressive Kenpoists up to now, and in no particular order, My instructor Don Gardner, whose background is primarily in Chinese Kung Fu, and his power belies his stature. Claus Pedersen, the head of our national organisation, his understanding...
  9. Simon Curran

    Step Thru vs. Cross

    Personally I don't look at a step through punch as the classical deep stance Karate type punch, I try to think of it more as kind of like the agressive drunk almost stumbling forward as he throws his power shot, that, I think, represents a more common attack
  10. Simon Curran


    I see value in training joint locks for self defence purposes because they are just another tool to have in the tool box, might never need it or even get to use it, but it is there if the necessity arises.
  11. Simon Curran

    Pay off your credit card, be visited by HomeLand Security

    OK, I'm not usually worried about such things, but that's kind of disturbing
  12. Simon Curran

    Do Not Try This At Home

    Duh! I missed that bit I'm glad to here the valuables are still intact...
  13. Simon Curran

    Hartman's Color Code -- which are you?

    The first one has me as a yellow, but the second one is just plain freaky...
  14. Simon Curran

    Do Not Try This At Home

    That post made my day, I'm sitting here at work laughing my butt off By the way I have not, nor do I hope to, see your testicles
  15. Simon Curran

    Time Zones

    Yup, Central European Time all the way... What? that's not the central you meant? but, but....
  16. Simon Curran

    Calling all the Men...Why did you start Martial Arts??

    Initially, I got into it on the recommendation of a teacher, since I used to have a really bad problem controlling my temper. That is going (slightly) better these days, and I continue to train cos I love it.
  17. Simon Curran

    Who here is CPR/First Aid qualified?

    I voted both, but strictly speaking that isn't quite accurate, since my qualifications are out of date, and I missed the most recent course at work. Doesn't mean I'd stand back and watch someone in distress though...
  18. Simon Curran

    Does your art break? Why or Why Not?

    Coming in a bit late on this one, but I answered no, although that would actually be better put as "not to the best of my knowledge" I must admit the idea of breaking did initially confuse me, and I posted a question some time back in the TKD section as to the whys and wherefores. I still don't...
  19. Simon Curran

    Opinions on San Soo VS Kenpo

    Personally I love to watch a good San Soo match, but do not see why any competent Kenpoist would not be able to adapt their Kenpo skills to compete in a San Soo format.
  20. Simon Curran

    Muhammad cartoon

    As someone who lives in Denmark, and saw the sketches when they were originally published way back in September, I do not believe this is an issue of religion, but rather of differences in humour. Stuff like this is printed all the time in Danish newspapers, they are free to do so, and will...
  21. Simon Curran

    Another LOSER Black Belt

    A very similar character to a renowned (read infamous) martial arts instructor here in Denmark, who is head of the organisation our club used to be affiliated with, expected everyone students and none students alike, to address him as Sigung, both in the class, and out. Likewise with the...
  22. Simon Curran

    I could do with a little help

    Are you training under Mr Downey over there? If you are I would definately suggest approaching him (he is a great guy) with any problems you might have, and he could give you so many answers it would make your head spin...
  23. Simon Curran

    What Made You Pick Your Art?

    For me it was fortunate happenstance. I initially joined the club to train in Kung Fu, but my instructor was planning on starting a Kenpo class (I was the first student) and suggested that Kenpo might be more appropriate (I am less like a crane than a blundering klutz....) A few years later, I...
  24. Simon Curran

    Memorable Moments In Your Kenpo Training.

    Now that's a great story, thanks for that Simon
  25. Simon Curran

    Hangover cures?

    Personally I enjoy having a few drinks, and occasioanlly a hang over can be a down side, but for me personally at least, I have found that the good old fashioned fried breakfast works wonders, flushed down with a pint or so of nice cold milk.
  26. Simon Curran


    I must admit, I don't subscribe to the "conspiracy theory" line of thought, I think the law enfocement agencies have a tough enough job to do as it is, and anything that can take a bit of the load off of them is fine by me, plus, if you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear.
  27. Simon Curran

    I have a secret...

    I am possibly the most fussy eater I know, but the stuff I do like I eat in stomach turning proportions (The night before last my girlfriend and I were out eating, and after hearing what I ordered, the waiter was like "Are you sure, that is a lot..." five minutes later the cook came to our table...
  28. Simon Curran

    Every dojo needs a...

    Make that a bunch of them, then we agree
  29. Simon Curran

    Punishment in your Gym?

    Where I train push ups are used for lateness (10 per tardy minute) and are given to the whole class so peer pressure works wonders... As for the kids, if they are really disruptive they will get sent outside for a few minutes, otherwise they are just reminded that it is not just their own time...