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  1. shinbushi

    Best School Software???

    The BEST martial art software BAR none is Rainmaker. I have been using it for about a year and LOVE it. What is really cool is that you can now test drive it for $1.00 for the next 14 days.... the link to the trial is --- If you do sign up.... Please tell them...
  2. shinbushi

    How to wreck a state...

    What are you talking about it is horrible here.
  3. shinbushi

    practicing ninjutsu

    do judo dirt cheap.
  4. shinbushi

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    For those that are interested... David Avellan is going to be hosting a Q&A Webinar about the Kimura Trap System and is also going to be showing everything that is included in the Kimura Trap System. On the Regristration page is also a really cool new video from him. The webinar will be on...
  5. shinbushi

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    I am really considering buying it. The video that came out today looks a little challenging though. The Kimura Lock Down
  6. shinbushi

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    I have been watching each of the videos and I really want to try this one. The One Arm Choke! I might have to try it in class next week.
  7. shinbushi

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    I saw this pop up on Facebook and was curious if anybody has watched or used this before: Looks interresting.
  8. shinbushi

    How silly are the Olympics...pretty darn silly.

    just remember who the Olympics are dedicated to ... ..... Zeus
  9. shinbushi

    Taxing the rich...yeah, that works...

    That is such CRAP I know Plenty of businessmen (I am in 2 business mastrer mind groups) that came from nothing and now make 7 figures. They are ethical and rich
  10. shinbushi

    A Complete System: Is There Such A Thing?

    I also think what we mean by systems. I know many MMA gums that also include weapons training. Though they teach multiple arts I would say their style or System is pretty complete. Weapons, stand-up, clinch and ground. Some of those use weapons in all ranges as well.
  11. shinbushi

    A Complete System: Is There Such A Thing?

    I have yet to see any striker with no grappling experience be able to stop a grappler from throwing them or taking them down. anti-grappling = grappling.
  12. shinbushi

    The Affordable Car Act 2014

    Did you actually say L.A. and rapid transit in the same sentence? mass transit in L.A. is horrible. also the county with the BEST mass transit is Japan AND all the buses trains and subways are PRIVATELY owned. From what I head from Japanese was when the government ran it was horrible.
  13. shinbushi

    ...time to reconsider some techniques?

    Several good knife defensive systems like Red Zone and Stab use the arm drag. I don't know if DLO does
  14. shinbushi

    Doctors strike in Great Britain...

    As long as there is no strike of the Doctor. that would be just wrong :dalek:
  15. shinbushi

    On Performance Enhancing Drugs.

    more like until the fall of the USSR. with the fall of the soviet block the steroid docs all moved to China. look at their women athletes now.
  16. shinbushi

    Health Nazi's

    not terminator remember the future in Demolition Man is is coming soon
  17. shinbushi

    Would you give your boss your facebook password?

    Yes, it may be intrusive but you can always say no and turn down the job. As an employer, an employee exists for only 2 reasons to my me money or to make my life easier so I can make more money. I want someone who I 'know' I CAN GET 120 OUT OF. NO OCCUPY losers. Don't like it go somewhere else.
  18. shinbushi

    "Traditional Marriage" ??

    There is NO benefit for a man to marry unless he wants kids and kids always do better in a family environment. For a man marriage = here take 1/2 my stuff.
  19. shinbushi

    The Limitations of MMA & Kickboxing in Self-defense Applications

    because they don't wear pajamas.
  20. shinbushi

    Should religous groups be allowed to control the health services they provide?

    ah not for my business. i pay 800/year to state and 5 to local govt. (protection racket). Where they interfere is that I cannot have any advertising in my windows. stupid bureaucratic trolls.
  21. shinbushi

    Rush calls for sex videos.

    no health care should cover condoms. Can't pay for them don't have sex. If i ever provide health care for my employees it will NOT cover stupid crap like this. as is i have mostly 1099s and 1 employee.
  22. shinbushi

    Should religous groups be allowed to control the health services they provide?

    Agree with Big Don. These a Religious hospitals, don't like it go to a secular one. As a business owner No one tells me how I provide my service.
  23. shinbushi

    99 Percenters, Meet the 53 Percenters

    I got one better, I just went to a Lloyd Irving business seminar where the goal is to be a 3%er. Which I would rather be than a 53% Which I already am. Actually looking at Income charts I am a 15.93%er.
  24. shinbushi

    The Evil of Being Wealthy

    Wrong there are statistics on everything! the main research comes from Arthur Brooks, the author of a book on donors to charity, “Who Really Cares,” but there have been others.
  25. shinbushi

    The Evil of Being Wealthy

    When we get our Federal (Actually we really no longer have a Federal Government it has become a National Government) down to within Constitutional parameters then maybe. Now we are paying for a lot that OUR Federal Government was not supposed to have.
  26. shinbushi

    The Evil of Being Wealthy

    Republican contribute far more to charity than Democrats do. But to be fair if you break it down my religious vs non-religious religious democrats give more than non-religious Republicans. It is just that the religious tend to be Republican.
  27. shinbushi

    First they came for Tony the Tiger...

    You post shows otherwise.
  28. shinbushi

    Homosexuality and Christianity, Part 20075

    It did get rid of a lot of excess knights.
  29. shinbushi

    Would you recommend Budo Taijutsu?

    I would also say that the Dog Brothers have a great program called die less often
  30. shinbushi

    yet more from the religion of peace......

    Ehmmm My wife is Greek Do you know what the Turks did to the Greeks under that rule. The atrocities committed toward the Greeks or worse the the Armenian Genocide done by that empire. And Greece is the Foundation of Western Civilization, democracy, medicine, logic etc.