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    Folding your dobok

    I was taught to fold my gi in judo but not how to fold my dobak in TKD. As a matter of fact, I wasn't even shown how to tie my belt. I went on the Internet to find that and when I walked in with it the first day the instructor remarked "Hey, he's even got his belt tied right!" Like it was a...
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    WC for the Physically Challenged

    I've got a lot of health issues and doing high/spinning kicks and techniques involving deep stances are difficult if not damaging. I was watching the Fight Quest episode on Wing Chun and it seems as if their is little emphasis on high kicking or other techniques requiring a great deal of...
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    Poomsae applications

    I really wish my instructors would have gone into the applications of the hyungs. To me it doesn't matter whether it's a hyung or a mathematical concept, if I know at least one practical application it's easier for me to retain.
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    working with the heavy bag

    I really wish my school had heavy bags. They had the wave masters and we broke (made them leak) more than a couple. I think after that the owner told the instructors not to let us do drills on them as often or ones that involved full power kicks. At least that was my impression.
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    My dojang had quite a few "helper" blackbelt instructors who were young. One, I was surprised to find out, had his father drive him to/from the dojang. I sought his advice and it was always sound. I was always really surprised at how mature this guy's were for their ages. I often thought that...
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    Increasing adult enrollment

    Sorry to relieve this thread but I just found this article and thought it was interesting.
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    TN AG Allows Gun Ban in Apartments

    While some people rightly thought of the argument that the signs prohibiting firearms would be beacons to criminals, I was thinking about other apartment owners doing just the opposite as a enticement. Think about it. You are almost ensured then that your neighbors are law-abiding and that your...
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    Primer crunch easing?

    I finally was able to buy some small mil-spec primers on-line after months.I'm afraid the decision by Aurnuld to sign the thumb print/ammo log law in Cali is going to cause more stockpiling though.
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    ballet clasess inside dojang??? Ummmm

    What kind of kick uses the wazoo?
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    New to taekwondo/Need advice

    I like resistance training but I think as others have said you would be better served by doing body weight exercises such as push ups, situps, dips, pullups, squats and working in a good stretching routine as part of this.
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    I clearly do not have enough aggressive potential

    I agree that rudeness in the US is the norm any more. I feel like hunting down the parents of kids in stores who are polite and thank them. It's really a shock. I wish people would say "excuse me" where I work, they usually just ride your heels like idiots instead. And this is a place where...
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    ballet clasess inside dojang??? Ummmm

    Pffft, they think they're so tough but let me tell you, some people think TKD's got no ground game but a ballerina... don't get me started.
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    I didn't know Frank Dux had a school, where is that?

    I didn't know Frank Dux had a school, where is that?
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    ballet clasess inside dojang??? Ummmm

    Oh, BTW your sambonim, called, there's a new uniform you'll need. And tights.
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    Gimme all ya' got!

    In media speak, all long guns used in a crime are AK47s. Usually preceded by "high-powered" and usually described as weapon of choice for gangs to shoot police officers and puppies.
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    How to handle the parents

    Nice. Did you explain to them that you were trying to teach their kids respect and that their behavior was a poor example?What was their objection to the blinds being open? If it's that it makes their kid self conscious, I'd ask them to consider that you are trying to teach their kid self...
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    Muscle cramp is normal?

    I was having cramps in both my abdominals and shoulders/pecs during class. I actually had to convince myself during the first incident that I wasn't having a heart attack. I had been sweating quite a bit during workouts and I asked my doctor to check my magnesium and calcium levels. My Magnesium...
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    Primer crunch easing?

    I'm seeing more on-line but I don't see the prices dropping.
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    What to do when you can't sleep?

    I don't know about your country but the US has relatively little oversight of natural medicines. And I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing because the people who oversee prescription medicines having power over natural medicines is something that scares me. In any case, the...
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    What to do when you can't sleep?

    I've never heard of diarrhea as a side effect of valerin. I would give it another try if I were you. Maybe switch brands since some natural medicine sources are not too honest.
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    Discussing A Students Limitations Before Training

    I was wondering what the policy was at people's schools about having an interview or even a questionnaire to ask students if they have any limitations prior to beginning training. I always thought it was strange that I was never asked if I had any medical conditions or injuries before I began...
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    TKD and real self defense

    What my school calls SD is mostly, joint locks, escapes from holds and even some ground work but it is taught on an irregular basis. Sometimes it is done with the caveat that we will be tested on it but I've never seen it tested. As to the kiddies comment, I was thinking about that the other...
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    A Whimsical Question, Warning: Mildly Offensive

    One more thing, instead of "chubby" we prefer to be called "dimensionally challenged".
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    A Whimsical Question, Warning: Mildly Offensive

    +1 or vertical stripes.
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    A little bit of me just died

    I thought from the title this was a thread about necrosis. Anyway, I liked how they took turns, very polite.
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    Amazing what you can purchase on Ebay these days...

    Doh! And here I've been a chump and sweating and getting injured...To bad Billy Mays is dead, they could have an infomercial. On the other hand maybe they could get Vince "The Sham-wow guy"."Hi, it's Vince here for the Sham-Dan blackbelt system.You ever want to be able to impress a woman by...
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    Hand, foot, shin, bone conditioning in Taekwondo?

    I just try routinely hitting things with my knuckles. For instance there are these columns at work I'll punch as I walk by each one.
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    sparring kicks

    I use:Jumping Push KickPush KickSide KickBack KickOccasionally I'll do an ax kick if I want to scare someone. I'll do other kicks only if the instructor is urging people to throw kicks. When I've sparred with the Dans class the instructor doesn't even want us to do jumping kicks.
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    TKD, TKD and more TKD

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    big TKD shoes

    Actually my instructor wears shoes. I asked him about it and he said instructors are allowed to because they spend a great deal of time on the mat and are therefore more at risk for infections. I wanted to wear them just because arthritis made it so one of my feet feels like I'm walking on...