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  1. ArtPhsyc

    hello form Pakistan

    Just wanted to say welcome and ask if you have looked for a series called "Fight Science"? It was a series put on the Discovery Channel where they looked at force and momentum applied by different techniques from the different arts. Check it out if you haven't already.
  2. ArtPhsyc

    n00b from DC

    welcome to our big crazy family of philosophers and fighters!
  3. ArtPhsyc

    Newbie to the site!

    you have a great story and history there...I have no doubt you will be a great addition the way, nice avatar image :)
  4. ArtPhsyc


    welcome aboard, and have fun...there are so many people to talk to here, and from what I can tell, most of 'em like to get messages if you're curious about something they posted. don't forget to be nice :)
  5. ArtPhsyc


    So, I hit up the FAQ section on how to add pics, as well as the FAQ on the new page where the galleries are. I guess I'm just not being logged in as an Admin. like it says I'm supposed to be, so what do I do? -John
  6. ArtPhsyc

    Toshindo and Rape Defense

    Well, I've noticed that the first few levels (for belt ranking that would be belts 1-3) of To-Shin Do are focused on self-protection and awareness that could be applied to a rape situation. We've never been told as being attacked that this is a rape scenario, but a lot of the attacks we learn...
  7. ArtPhsyc

    New from Chapel Hill Quest Center...

    Thank you all for the warm reception.
  8. ArtPhsyc

    To-Shin Do/Bujinkan

    As a fairly new student of To-Shin-Do and having no previous knowledge of the ties to Bunjinkan, this thread is really intriguing. Scott above me, I have trained with. I can attest for the slightly higher stance but I don't know about ya'll, but how many times has each of us had our instructor...
  9. ArtPhsyc

    New from Chapel Hill Quest Center...

    Really glad I found this place. I'm a student of To-Shin-Do in Chapel Hill. I am really thankful for my teachers and fellow students there. I am currently in Boone, NC and always looking for new training partners so I don't get to rusty on technique and also to get some new experiences in. I...