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  1. Eternal White Belt

    Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Al Gore being given even partial credit is just further proof that the Nobel is less and less relevant. For me it lost all credibility after being awarded to Jimmy Carter and to Yassir Arafat. :barf:
  2. Eternal White Belt

    Formula to Wealth

    Which is why I said - if you MUST acquire debt, pay it off as quickly as possible. It is not unrealistic to pay for an education with cash. All it takes is a little planning and investing. More and more people are paying cash for their purchases these days. Just take a listen to Dave...
  3. Eternal White Belt

    Formula to Wealth

    It's only unrealistic if you are used to thinking about running up huge amounts of debt. I am currently looking for a "new" car, and I intend to pay cash in the amount of $2K. Having done that, I can then save more money (by not enslaving myself to a lending institutuion) and pay cash for an...
  4. Eternal White Belt

    Formula to Wealth

    The main ingredients for building wealth are: 1) No debt. (That means no borrowing from any lending institutions, and absolutely NO CREDIT CARDS!) 2) Invest for the long term. (Get rich quick schemes rarely work. And rich people don't buy lottery tickets.)
  5. Eternal White Belt

    Fight Girls on Oxygen

    Anyone seen the new season? Last summer three female fighters attempted the impossible to beat the best in the world in a battle for the World Championship belt in Muay Thai. They put their dreams and determination in front of everything else in their...
  6. Eternal White Belt

    How Important is Rank to You??

    I was talking about this with a fellow eclectic martial artist the other day. Neither one of us has a high rank in any formal style, although we both have trained in several styles to varying degrees, as well as on our own and with small groups of others interested in martial training. I think...
  7. Eternal White Belt

    Peaceful Warrior

    I've read Peaceful Warrior, Sacred Journey, and the Journeys of Socrates. I'd recommend reading Socrates first, then Peaceful Warrior, as that is the way events occur chronologically in the series. Sacred Journey was a little too metaphysical for me, also. Haven't seen the movie yet.
  8. Eternal White Belt

    The Bystander Effect

    Not to mention the fact that about 95% of the frivolous lawsuits in the world are filed in the United States.
  9. Eternal White Belt

    Captain America

    I remember that one, even though I try not to. The new one, however, is slated for release in 2009, not next year as previously thought. The writer is David Self, who adapted Road to Perdition to the screen, and is also writing Marvel's Deathlok movie, to be released in 2008.
  10. Eternal White Belt

    Principles of military strategy.

    What about deception as a basic principle of warfare?
  11. Eternal White Belt

    Captain America

    This seems to be no more than a publicity stunt for the character. There is a Captain America movie in the works, probably to be released next year. This will, of course, generate more interest in the character. It would not surprise me to see that Marvel has either a new Cap, or will...
  12. Eternal White Belt

    Rev. Kensho Furuya

    This is from Last night after class, Sensei suffered a heart attack. Despite immediate attempts at CPR, and swift medical attention, he could not be saved. I am sure more information will be forthcoming. Everyone's concern is greatly...
  13. Eternal White Belt

    Where do you fall on the political spectrum?

    More conservative than liberal.
  14. Eternal White Belt - Anyone Belong?

    I've had a page for awhile now, and have been blogging recently about That Which Must Not Be Named. My URL My Blog URL
  15. Eternal White Belt

    "Liberal," a bad word?

    Even liberals don't want to be called liberals anymore. They prefer the term "progressive", which is also a misnomer. Personally, I just refer to them as - Demonicrats.
  16. Eternal White Belt

    What martial arts book are you currently reading?

    A Terrible Love of War by James Hillman.
  17. Eternal White Belt

    Who is the most Impressive martial artis that you have personaly seen

    Of those whom I have personally met and trained with - Bud Malmstrom of the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo.
  18. Eternal White Belt

    How many of you are NOT Black Belts?

    What I mean by this is: There are many martial artists who practice independently, who are not part of any formal dojo on a regular basis, and who are not a member of any organization (a backyard martial artist, if you will). Myself, for example. I have studied and practiced martial arts for...
  19. Eternal White Belt

    Funniest Martial Arts Scene in a Movie?

    Anything with JCVD, especially the scene in Timecop where he fights the guy who is holding a knife with his toes. :bs1:
  20. Eternal White Belt

    Isolation Problem

    I live in MS and have had the same problem for years. Mostly I have to travel at least a couple of hours in any direction to train with a group or formal dojo. Check out and They both have dojo listings, probably some in your area. Good luck, and good training.
  21. Eternal White Belt

    Eternal White Belt

    Actually, I'm leaning toward publishing a book. If I can ever get to the point that I'm comfortable with submitting an outline to a publisher. If only there were more time to devote to it.
  22. Eternal White Belt

    Eternal White Belt

    No Ph.D., but I've been researching the history of the various martial arts for about 15 years. P.S. - Love the title. :ultracool
  23. Eternal White Belt

    What Ninjutsu you study?

    I have had the pleasure of studying with the Booj off and on since 1986. I have not studied with anyone from Gen or Jen, as the opportunity has not presented itself as yet.
  24. Eternal White Belt

    Email about possible virus problem with MR

    I got it too (twice today), but didn't open it because I didn't recognize the sender's name. Reported it as spam and went about my business. There is a similar question about this on e-budo. Someone's obviously gotten (bought) a list of addresses and is using it for their own nefarious...
  25. Eternal White Belt

    Parental violence at youth sporting events

    I, for one, will be glad when they start treating attacks on the playing field as actual crimes and press charges against the instigators. This goes for parents at children's games and professional athletes as well. We need to see some follow-up to these melees in the press, who was charged...
  26. Eternal White Belt

    Big win for discussion board owners

    Great news to read on Thanksgiving Day! I, too, am a victim of konigun's frivolous lawsuits, and would like to see this go to the Supreme Court. Posting a message on an internet bulletin board equates to free speech, imho. This should be of interest to people globally, not just in the United...
  27. Eternal White Belt

    Graphic Novels - The Library - Pornography

    Unfortunately, most people still have the notion that "Comics are for kids". They fail to realize that the kids who grew up reading comics did exactly that - they grew up. Some of them are now writing and drawing the comics they grew up reading. They brought with them more mature ideas - they...
  28. Eternal White Belt

    Wesley Snipes running from the law?

    Don't know much inside info, all I know is what the 16th amendment to the Constitution says (posted below). The following link has some annotations on the specifics of the amendment. All I really need to know is, if you don't pay your taxes, the IRS will prosecute and send you to jail...
  29. Eternal White Belt

    Eh??!!! What Ninjutsu Ryu is THIS from?

    My guess is that most people have no idea what ninjutsu really is, so anything that looks strange or unusual, or if someone tells them they are practicing ninjutsu, they accept it without question.
  30. Eternal White Belt

    need a creit card

    No one needs a credit card. Pay cash for everything. If you don't have the cast, you don't buy it. Have an emergency fund in a savings account that you can dip into for . . . emergencies . . . because, hey, life happens. Here's one reason not to have a credit card: (1) First time offense...