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  1. Sukerkin

    The Tomorrow War

    Well I have just watched this for the second time! It's a miracle ... a movie made these days that is actually good and celebrates heroism and self sacrifice and even has a functional family structure with a good dad in the mix :D Can recommend. In the glory days of 80's action movies it...
  2. Sukerkin

    The Last Ship

    Re-watching The Last Ship for the 'severalth' time :D If this one has slipped folk by here I can only recommend it without reservation. A marvellous tale that, unlike most of the garbage Hollywood is feeding us at the moment, shows us the virtues that we should aspire to when things are bad...
  3. Sukerkin

    Not So Friendly Skies!

    We've known in a general sort of way that, one day, we need to get our act together as a species when it comes to dealing with asteroid impact threats ... it seems maybe we should get on with it as we've just been lucky so far! BBC News - Asteroid impact risks 'underappreciated'
  4. Sukerkin

    Sleepy Sun in the Sky?

    A fascinating short report on the declining solar activity and how it might affect local climate in the face of overall increasing global average temperatures:
  5. Sukerkin

    Oh TSA Where are You Going Wrong?

    Luckily, we have someone to tell us :D
  6. Sukerkin

    Fascinating Twist on 'Caravan' Living

    What a wonderful little house! :D
  7. Sukerkin

    I Don't Know if She is Right ...

    ... but she surely makes you think. Be warned there is some (relatively) mild swearing in this:
  8. Sukerkin

    Scare-Mongering or Fact?

    This article caught my eye as just a couple of weeks ago I went to a lecture on immunology and the treatment of infectious diseases. What the doctor giving the talk covered, more or less, debunks this article as taking what is undoubtedly a truism of the development of superbugs and weaving...
  9. Sukerkin

    Analysis of the US Constitution

    I have yet to watch this all the way through (it is a bit of a time investment) but I would be very interested in hearing what the views of my American friends here are on what he has to say:
  10. Sukerkin

    Jingoistic Pride? Yes, certainly :p

    Conversation overheard on VHF Guard 121.5 MHz Argentine Air Defence Site: 'Unknown aircraft you are in Argentine airspace. Identify yourself.' Aircraft: 'This is a British aircraft. I am in Falklands airspace.' Argentine Air Defence Site: 'You are in Argentine airspace. If you do not...
  11. Sukerkin

    A Splendid Cartographical Project

    I find this project quite fascinating - I am quite keen to get my hands on some of the virtualised maps and see for myself the emergent 3D landscape :D
  12. Sukerkin

    Sometimes Presenters Should Just Be Quiet

    When you have an expert on trying to explain something complicated for the Tabloid Masses, let that expert explain properly without constantly interrupting him with your inane questions - you're not helping, you're just breaking the explanation up into less comprehensible fragments...
  13. Sukerkin

    A Body Fit for the Purpose

    This is not really about health or physical training in and of itself but rather is about the results of all that. How what we do moulds our body for the job we ask of it and how that shape is very often other than what the mythology of health and fitness would have us believe...
  14. Sukerkin

    At What Point Do the Wheels Come off?

    As a result of chronic under-investment, largely due to trying to have the private sector run things that they should have no part in, the infrastructure of the country is falling apart. Now they are finally being forced to invest in restoring the 'gift horse' they have been whipping...
  15. Sukerkin

    Excellent Joss Whedon Speech on Gender Equality

    To steal a line from Jeremy Clarkson, I was on the internet today and I found this!
  16. Sukerkin

    Interesting Interview/Documentary About the Acting Profession

    Wincing and smiling at the psychic "Oi! You're mine!" pokes in the ribs from my darling wife ... can I go sit at this table? :angel: :chuckles: Leaving aside the array of beauty involved, this is actually quite a good hour of chat and insights into the acting profession from the point of view...
  17. Sukerkin

    Some Dr Who-ness

    In anticipation of the upcoming 50th anniversary show:
  18. Sukerkin

    Military Training - A Failure in Modern Times?

    I know that this more properly belongs in the War College but, as an unfortunate side-effect of making the Study invisible, I have lost access to that forum, so here will have to do. Whilst browsing Baen books to see if there were any Honor Harrington related works I had missed in my emotional...
  19. Sukerkin

    The Speaker of the House ...

    I have to confess that I have a sneaking regard for Mr. Bercow, the Speaker of the House. He accepts little in the way of attempts to circumvent his authority and is in no way afraid to administer slaps to Ministers who are getting above themselves or out of line :D...
  20. Sukerkin

    A Good Discourse on Immigration

    It is of course focussed on Britain primarily but it is of interest generally nonetheless:
  21. Sukerkin

    Paper Beats ... Electron? I have long held that I can study and investigate things more effectively with real books and sources than I can digitally, despite the unmeasurably huge...
  22. Sukerkin

    Some Great Shots of Aircraft

    I came across this on the BBC during my daily dip into the land of news:
  23. Sukerkin

    A Long Battle That Still Goes On to this Day

    Spare a thought for all those who put themselves in harms way for those that are not of their own kin:
  24. Sukerkin

    More Star Trek TOS!

    I was pointed at this by an old friend of ours on MT, Rich Parsons: Looks good - retained the 60's cheese more or less untainted :D.
  25. Sukerkin

    Calling All Citizen Scientists

    This is, quite literally, an astronomical task :lol:.
  26. Sukerkin

    I'm Sure I've Linked This Before ...

    ... but it bears repeating :D. Whilst I may have some issues with the veracity or scientific rigour of some of the assertions, it's still a relief to blow through the smoke screen of Health-Nut-Mania that has output so much mutually exclusive advice over the years...
  27. Sukerkin

    Wooden Ships and Iron Men

    I don't know if this short BBC narrated slideshow will be visible to those outside the UK - fingers crossed.
  28. Sukerkin

    I Can't Make Up My Mind Whether This is Great or Not :D As one of the image lines says, bags I not serve on the Windows powered one :lol:. And the name of the first Captain ... if it's truly true, fact is indeed stranger than fiction :D.
  29. Sukerkin

    Perhaps Why Politicians are Failing Us?

    A wonderful thought dropped onto the table that crystallizes the whole problem with having lawyers and other professional 'arguers' running the show:
  30. Sukerkin

    Absolutely Amazing

    I came across this via my Facebook friends. Wonderful athleticism and physicality: