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    Does a double-standard exist on the perception of retaliation by men or women right after an assault?

    Most folks simply think if a man is getting assaulted by a woman in public, they probably deserved it. And most folk simply think if a man is assaulting a woman hes a jerk or worse. Man are stronger physically and have the upper hand most things physical. That is why we dont see trans men...
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    Roberto Duran's in-fighting - technique breakdown

    Leonard, Duran, Hearns, Benitez! Amazing era for boxing!
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    Divided by a common interest

    So funny, for the most part folks these days will say there are no absolutes UNTIL it pertains to them. Silly humans
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    Are you bound by tradition?

    Doesnt sound good to me. I can take Eskrido for a lifetime and never fully get BJJ. If i skip around a bit, I might practice and become proficient in take down defense or defending oneself in a full mount, but to know what it is like to roll for hours and become proficient on the ground takes...
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    Are you bound by tradition?

    Im only a traditionalist when the traditions are what I consider good and profitable. For the most part movement is simply movement. A movement that has some spiritual, philosophical or cultural meaning in one art means nothing in a different culture and is just as effective.
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    Can MMA really be thought of as a martial art?

    That goes back to the philosophical question of another thread as to whether MAs would be better off with or without the philosophies attached. As a Christian, I could absolutely care less about the original philosophy of a particular MA, including my own. My GM, who created the style that Im...
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    Resetting - Looking to Start Over with a New Art

    Im a big FMA fan, so Ill recommend the Arnis school with caveat that they are not all the same. Takes a little longer to get it, but the journey is amazing. The FMAs are deep.
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    Can MMA really be thought of as a martial art?

    There are numerous MMA schools. It has become stylized. So now it is an art to itself. Similar to FMA, although there are many similarities, many of the styles are very distinct from each other. Someone might say I learn eskrima and another might say I learn eskrima and have it be very...
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    What separates a good one-step from a bad one-step?

    Cant remember if we did one steps in TKD, it was a long time ago. How about linking one steps together. Or creating one steps that link together. Or does that already happen?
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    Need help with poor mobility.

    Work in conjunction with you doctor. Our good friend battles this. Warm up with low impact fluid movement (shadow boxing, kata, rhythmic stick twirling, etc.), then move into fluid kinetic stretching. If you practice on bag or pads, make it light. We have a student that only has his left arm...
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    As time goes on...

    Myself included when starting out. Fortunately, had some great instructors that helped me realize the journey. I am now 68 (august) and still growing.
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    I remember doing kata in both TKD and Hapkido. The instructor would correct some aspect or our positioning by fractions an inch. Very cool, except bodies, punches and kicks follow their own path. I would have to say, as far as technique, sparring or combat is concerned, I learned very little...
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    better combo with boxing?

    The purest comment was for a different post altogether!
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    better combo with boxing?

    So you punch, Bob and weave in under the opponents hook/overhand, come up under the arm pit, capture the head/neck, put your leg behind opponents leg and VIOLA! If youre using wrestling for the street it is. If for sport only, you abide by the rules. I always think street. If you wrestle for...
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    better combo with boxing?

    boxing literally compliments all arts.
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    Front foot step in, back foot slide forward footwork

    Slide step, step slide. Forward and back. Left and right, right and left. Hours of these drills. A universal technique for sure.
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    Harry Greb

    Super. Thanks for posting this. Im checking it out now.
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    Mixed Martial Arts and knife work?

    I train in FMA and typically do not carry a knife. By chance, has anyone here ever tried defending themselves from a knife while holding a knife?
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    Mixed Martial Arts and knife work?

    So if by chance of a skilled mma fighter were to take up knife fighting would his mma be a hinderance? Wait, i cant kick another man there, its breaking the rules!!
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    Mixed Martial Arts and knife work?

    He did say or. But with that said, here is a quote from one mma website Does MMA work for self-defense? The simple answer is YES. Learning MMA is one of the best things that you can do to defense yourself, gain confidence, and become a walking weapon. I think that you are putting mma...
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    Mixed Martial Arts and knife work?

    Thats simply a falsehood. Many folk take MMA with a self defense mindset. Adding weapon training is a good compliment.
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    Always listen to your coach, even if they're not talking to you

    When our teacher talks, I almost always stop practice and motion whoever Im coaching to listen up. I never spent time with GM, whereas my teacher spent many years with him to the day he passed. Wealth of knowledge there, not to be taken for granted.
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    Eastern CT CJKD outdoor training opportunities.

    We train open garage and front yard. Surprising how little attention we bring to ourselves. In fact, weve never gained a student from street traffic. Escrido de Alcuizar Buena Park, CA
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    Ultimate self defense championship(battle of youtubers) ep 6 is now up.

    Thanks for posting. Enlightening for sure. No bone breaking or joint hyperextending which is a real part of knife defense but impossible to practice.
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    Aikido and Dan Inosanto < Blog Post

    I think Dan is being very gracious. Dan is a big absorb what is useful MAist. Joshs school is close to me.
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    Should You Clone Your Dog?

    No sometimes Im on the John LOL. For me there is really no need to ponder it more than for entertainment. But I certainly will allow you to wonder about it. Maybe your dog is doing the same And I say that thinking my dog is pretty damn smart for a dog. If I say lets go for a walk, she wont...
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    Should You Clone Your Dog?

    Herding dogs have these attributes. Watching a Great Pyrenees take care of a herd of goats is a very cool thing. They almost instinctively know what to do. Humans bred them well. Good thing it wasnt a jack russel
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    Should You Clone Your Dog?

    Okay, they are more complex than a hamster. Please let me know when you catch your dog staring into the night sky wondering if were alone
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    Should You Clone Your Dog?

    When you buy a puppy you never know the quirks of that particular dog. But you do know the general personality of the breed. You buy the breed for personal reasons. Maybe you just like the looks or maybe you have specific needs that are common to that breed such as hunting, tracking, etc. Dogs...