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    What Religion??

    Back Slidden Southern Baptist.
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    Judo Gene Lebell

    Besides the Saturday night invitation only workouts at his cabin, I know he's usually at Gokor's dojo on Monday nights. Truthfully, I don't know of anyone who is in his league but he makes a point to train with the best he can find, Oleg Taktarov, Gokor, John Donahue and the Machados to name a few.
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    Judo Gene Lebell

    I've had the pleasure to train with Gene several times in the past 16 years. He's a walking encyclopedia of grappling and can stretch you more ways than you ever thought possible. Without a doubt, the Saturday night workouts at his cabin are my favorite martial arts memories.
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    He's Gay, Jim!

    I'm just shocked that no one has made a "go where no man has gone before" reference yet.......
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    Shameless self promotion

    JUJUTSU: LEGACY OF THE SAMURAI is now available at and
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    Kel-Tech 380

    TonyU, No need to apologize. Differences of opinion are what the 'net is all about. If we agreed on everything, there wouldn't be a need for a discussion site. Bottom line, go with what works for you and what you're comfortable with carrying.
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    Kel-Tech 380

    I carry one and you're right about how easy it is to conceal and use. As for accuracy, since most encounters will be in the 2 to 8 ft area, I'm comfortable with my ability at that range.
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    Can this be real???

    I wish I had the time and energy to put together spoofs like that.
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    What about biting,pinching and eye qouging?

    Remember when biting to go for soft tissue such as ears, noses, muscles but always bite with the back teeth. Clamping down with your front teeth is a great way to earn that hockey player smile when your opponent jerks away from you. When head butting, always use the crown of your skull. You...
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    What would you do?

    If he pays tuition and doesn't cause a disruption, let him continue to take up space and help pay the rent. If he can't demonstrate the techniques required for the upcoming rank don't promote him. If his attitude is adversely affecting the Dojo, show him the door. My sensei told me that the...
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    I had it done about 10 years ago. Went by the Dr.s office in the morning, went to work afterwards, was back on the mat the following night. I'll admit that I didn't take any falls the first night back but other than minor pain for a couple of days, it was no big deal. It was a bit...
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    Let me know If I did the right thing as a MA.

    A few months ago I was standing in line at the cashier of a local buffet. When it was my turn to pay I reached to get my wallet and my elbow popped a young girl standing behind me in the nose. She feel down holding her nose crying and her father came at me swinging. I deflected his punches and...
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    Movie Star Martial Artist, what Style and Rank are they?

    O.K., I'm showing my age here but James Cagney and Charles Bronson both studied Judo and, if memory serves, both earned brown belts. Cagney demonstrated his technique in a movie called BLOOD ON THE SUN and Bronson and his son once walked in on a someone burglarizing their home and Bronson...
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    Money money money and martial arts - time for me to quit MA?

    [I have heard the same thing but to play devils advocate why do you think they are looked down upon? I would rather train 3-5 people out of my garage who really wanted to be there than to train 20-24 who did not want to be there. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with training out of someones...
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    Money money money and martial arts - time for me to quit MA?

    I know there are a handful of instructors who have made big bucks off martial arts but the vast majority of us are lucky to cover expenses. Rent, utilities, insurance and continuing education doesn't come cheap. Most instructors who teach out of their garage or a chuch basement to avoid costs...
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    Rocky Mountain Oysters

    Finish out this buffet with brains and eggs followed by chitlins. Growing up in the rural South, I've eaten mountain oysters, brains, chitlins, tripe, gizzards, livers, possum, squirrel and worse. Surprisingly, I'd still rather eat "country" than typical fast food. If anyone wonders what...
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    Favorite martial arts movie or movies

    While it may not be considered a martial arts movie, Jimmy Cagney's BLOOD ON THE SUN has some great footage of prewar Kodokan and one of the best Jujutsu fights ever filmed. Cagney was a real life Judo/Jujutsu student and did many of his own stunts.
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    How do you spell bravery?

    I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast, about an hour north of Destin. A few years ago, my barber and his friend were training for a triathalon and during a swim in the Gulf, the friend was attacked by a shark. My barber saw his friend flailing about in the water and when he realized what was...
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    Multiple Rankings

    I've earned Black Belts in Jujutsu, Judo and Aikido and trained under different sensei at the same time but all three arts have so much overlap of theory and application, I viewed it as same church, different pew. I don't think I could have been successful studying TKD or Karate while training...
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    MartialTalk "Meet & Greets"

    This is not an attempt to highjack an excellent idea but Robert Carver of Budoseek and I are hosting a meet&greet/Seminar in New Orleans this coming January. It's certainly not limited to budoseek folks and with the line-up of instructors, everyone should find something worthwhile. Ellis Amdur...
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    who have you met?

    Gene LeBell, I've been fortunate enough to train with him several times over the last 16 years. Toshishiro Obato, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bill Wallace, Oleg Taktarov, Gokar, Hugo Duarte, a couple of the Gracies & Machados (I can't keep their names straight), Wally Jay, Tetsuro...
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    What is it with you people and "formal instruction"?

    When all is said and done, the kid is gonna do what he wants to do. Age and experience don't matter to him at this point in his life and nothing we say or do will change that. I've had several kids come in my dojo and think that rasslin' in the backyard with their buddies after watching UFC...
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    What is it with you people and "formal instruction"?

    As the odds of sword combat these days is pretty slim, Id say this topic is academic anyways.Today 02:58 PM That's true but the odds of a 15 yr old either cutting himself our one of his buddies while "training" is pretty high.
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    What is it with you people and "formal instruction"?

    If this post comes across as overly harsh, I apologize beforehand. The concept of self training is a particular sore spot for me so be forewarned. No offense intended but your age does much to explain your view of formal training and apparent lack of respect for those with more experience. As...
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    What is it with you people and "formal instruction"?

    Swordsoulsteve, If I missed it in an earlier post, I apologize but how old are you? Mark Barlow
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    Instructor Only Board

    Invitation only? Start with members with well known and verifiable histories. After that, instructors vouching for other instructors. It's amazing just how much social and professional circles overlap when it comes to martial arts. Mark Barlow
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    George Kirby, Budoshin JuJitsu, Distance Learning

    George Kirby is an extremely nice guy. He have a knack for organization and promoting Budoshin and I think most of his students are competent. I've visited his dojo a couple of times, attended tournaments his people have hosted and trained with some of the instructors who belong to the group. As...