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    Wing Chun- London Ontario , Canada

    Hi Derek, I stopped training with my Sifu Chuck and my Sidai Bran in 2018. After roughly 10 years and two kids, the weekly drive to & from Kitchener got to be a bit much for me. London, Ontario doesn't seem to have the flavour of Wing Chun I'm after. Once this pandemic is over I may try...
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    Are belts the way to go (from a brown belt)?

    Tests or gradings that cannot be failed, or which resulted in no feedback, would be meaningless to me. No one in my Sifu's lineage used belts/sashes. A belt can be meaningless if there is no skill and understanding to back it up. There are many ways to test you skills. My Sifu made Sanda...
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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    No two students are the same. Try a bunch of different schools. Don't get married to the first one you try or you'll always wonder what else is out there. Find a Sifu whose expression of the system and whose teaching methods work for you. Whether you've trained for 5 years or 40 years, keep...
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    One punch and knock your opponent out

    1. You might miss. 2. You might get taken to the ground. 3. You might not WANT to knock someone out. Your drunken mother-in-law tackles you at a funeral? Probably not a good time to knock her out.
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    Wing Chun - Wooden Dummy or Bob Dummy?

    I recommend a (good) Jong, as it provides you with a tool for practising Wing Chun technique. You could also consider getting a wall bag. My family also plays with Bob, but its applications are more limited and focus on striking.
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    Advanced Wing Chun Structure

    Agreed. Accept what comes. With that downward feed on the Tan, use Huen Sau. With that forward feed on the Fook, use Jut Sau. And step off the line. Never sit with Bong Sau; it's a transition tecnnique. Too often these "What if...?" questions are answered with trying to make a single technique...
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    Wing Chun- London Ontario , Canada

    Hi Vince, I trained with Sifu Chuck O'Neill at Revolution Wing Chun in Kitchener from 2007-2017. I'm a level 3 certified instructor and have lived in London since 2008. See Certified Wing Chun Instructors | Revolution Wing Chun Kung Fu I decided to put my training on hold because of family...