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    Iron Shirt Qigong Questions

    Maybe you're right, blindsage. I was just thinking that I would ask some other sources, mainly because I have been badgering my instructor with so many questions as of late! But he tells me he doesn't mind so I will pose my questions to him next time I see him. Thank you everyone. And thank you...
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    Iron Shirt Qigong Questions

    Of course, of course. As I said in my post, I do have a qualified instructor who is very knowledgeable and is certified by the World Chinese Martial Arts Association and the Taipei Chinese Kung Fu Association. He really is excellent at kung fu and has taught me alot. I was just planning on...
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    Fajin exercise

    A god exercise I have found consists of lighting a candle and trying to puch out the flame from a few inches away. Start small and the gradually increase. This is done through correct fa jin transfer of energy through the body, as well as only tensing the muscles at the very end of the strike.
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    Iron Shirt Qigong Questions

    Hello everyone. I have a few questions about iron shirt qigong training: 1. Does the iron shirt qigong only harden the torso area? Will it help with my iron palm training as well? If not, does anyone know where I can get more information on qigong for iron palm training? 2. Can someone...
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    How to train yourself to reduce blinking

    As others have said, blinking to clear your eyes is perfectly fine. However, in the martial arts, it is definitely a good idea to try and reduce blinking as a reaction to incoming attacks (or even defenses). This kind of blinking prevents you from seeing an opponent and correctly reacting to...