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    Haggle on school fees?

    If you feel the fees are reasonable and you can afford them then no need to negotiate. If you aren't able to pay them without a significant burden, then why not try to negotiate an arrangement that will allow you to train with someone you want to? The worse they can say is "no, my prices are...
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    The war on rank

    If rank is so important, then should a person be demoted if they neglect their art and lose skill? Once someone gets a black belt are they always a black belt?
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    My Grandmaster

    I agree for the most part, but even in Kung Fu you're going to have people claim this lineage is better than that lineage, or that lineage does it wrong, blah, blah, blah. Politics is ubiquitous my friend!
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    Haggle on school fees?

    I agree, "haggle" can have a negative connotation. But I still think there is nothing wrong with a bit of reasonable negotiation.
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    Haggle on school fees?

    What's the worse that can happen when you haggle? They say no? I know there are some people out there that may get offended when you try to talk them down, but that's a bit ridiculous and it's their problem. A good student can offer much more to a school than simply fees. Haggle everything...
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    Chinese Traditional Arts

    Welcome! I too am a TCMA practitioner (Hung Gar) and I look forward to reading your posts.
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    Pushups daily?

    Whether or not you do them every day depends on your physical condition and what else you are doing. It's always best to "listen" to your body. If you are feeling run down, having trouble sleeping, etc you may be over-training, which can be really slow down overall progress. Also, mental...
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    A Blasphemy of a remake

    I guess they figure why create when you can just copy. Hollywood is way overboard with re-makes.
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    A Blasphemy of a remake

    I could not agree more!
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    Stomps and Slaps

    Thanks for the example on fa jing, which simply means "explosive strength" and should be a part of all martial arts, not just TCMA. Your intent, or yi, is on the striking hand. The opposite hand is pulled back to chamber or act as a counter-balance; it plays an important role but slapping...
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    Stomps and Slaps

    Are you referring to a pak sao? We use the pak sao in Hung Ga as well. That involves slapping your opponent, not yourself.
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    Stomps and Slaps

    In TCMA, a stomp is sometimes used to rapidly transition the body weight to one leg so that the other is free to sweep, kick, etc. It's a transition move that often gets over used, particularly when people train forms for demonstration (loud noises always get the audiences attention). I have...
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    My Grandmaster

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    My Grandmaster

    I too wasn't part of the original discussion. Does a Grandmaster need to be famous to be good? I've met famous grandmasters, but some seemed to be simply masters of grand self-promotion. I obviously can't comment on yours. I'm sorry to here about the hurricane damage. I truly wish you the...
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    Dogs. I have a dog, do you?

    One pug. Love them, they are small dogs with the behavior of a sweet big dog. They're really robust too, built like a miniature ox!
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    Hi from NY

    Welcome. I look forward to reading your posts.
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    Flying Crane

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    This or That

    I'm too slow. Down. Freshwater or saltwater fishing?
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    A statement has me wondering...

    I go to Korea for work several times a year and I have visited dojangs there. The people are very hospitable and friendly. My art being Hung Ga might have something to do with it, they seem to enjoy seeing something different.
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    This or That

    over-easy. Bacon or sausage?
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    Work is the curse of the Drinking class - Oscar Wilde Screw you guys, I'm going home - Eric Cartman
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    Creationism and Evolution

    Evolution theory simply describes the origin of different species and how species change with time, it says nothing about the origin of life itself. Most scientist accept the big bang theory and this theory describes quite well current observables in the Universe. Big bang theory however does...
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    Hello from Missouri

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    Nov 11

    Thank you
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    Creationism and Evolution

    I fully concur with many in this forum that creationism should be kept out the science class. This is not a judgment about creationism: anything that can not be scrutinized by the scientific method should be kept out of the science class. This is not limited to the origin of life.
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    What is Marriage.

    To me, marriage ideally is an act of lifelong commitment between two people. As long as those two people are consenting adults and know what they are getting themselves into, their gender doesn't matter to me. One argument of late is whether or not two people of the same sex getting married...
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    Is it just me, or would this be cool to do?

    Yeah, that would definitely be cool. I was in Australia a few years ago and those crocs were REALLY impressive! Didn't get that close to them though.
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    Ginger or MaryAnn

    Correction: a Cougar is an older woman that goes for a younger man. But the way I've seen her look at Gilligan, I think you're still right.
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    Testing fees

    Same here.
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    Ginger or MaryAnn

    I see a preference for low maintenance women here. I'm really torn between a hot hour-glass body and coconut cream pie! I'd wanna keep my options open.