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    Meditation => Martial Fighting Art?

    I wasn't aware you owned this forum, but you know, I hardly come by here these days anyway. I go elsewhere for a rational discussion and not this "you insult my family" ****. You may like to portray it as me trying to be right. I'm just not convinced we have a complete enough story from any...
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    Meditation => Martial Fighting Art?

    That just makes it more fishy. And I couldn't care less how you choose to take it. The people I was talking about weren't your family but from my experiences talking with people from the mainland. Luckily, my family escaped the Communists JUST after the war, so no I can't claim anyone close...
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    Meditation => Martial Fighting Art?

    Some of that sounds fishy to me. I mean that part about the claim that the families saying "we don't want them". That sounds like something that the CCP fabricates. I know it's not related to Falun Gong, but this is the kind of thing the CCP does:
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    Meditation => Martial Fighting Art?

    Well, I'm an atheist and I tend to be very aware of encroaching by spiritual groups. Let's just say that Falun Gong is harmless, if the rumours are to be believed, compared to Scientology. I think that the disproportionate response by the CCP to this matter suggests that its opposition to Falun...
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    Meditation => Martial Fighting Art?

    I don't remember reading about that in that Zhuan Falun book of theirs... (disclaimer: not a practitioner) Do we have any reliability that these criticisms of Falun Gong aren't from the CCP propaganda machine? I don't understand why people distrust the Falun Gong group more than the stuff...
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    Meditation => Martial Fighting Art?

    I wouldn't see the point of it since there are a lot of integrated teachings out there already. Falun Gong is also just a basic style of qigong so you won't actually have that much to work with. That being said, depending on your existing martial arts skill, you could transform any posture...
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    Are there ANY genuine Shaolin monks?

    But can she kick your ****? :)
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    Part of the philosophy of Taijiquan

    Yes, it's more about understanding the culture in which they both come from.
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    Learning in unexpected ways

    I don't know if this counts, but I just [re-]learnt this yesterday. With all the focus on root, fajin, leverage, structure and to a lesser extent, attacks to the eyes, throat or groin or appendage twisting - all this as a result of an evolutionary arms race between and in-between styles...
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    I've a question regarding Liu Ho Pa Fa...

    There are no official styles. There are "localizations", though. As far as I know, there's localizations for Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. The Shanghai localization is what Wu Yi Hui (the earliest historically verifiable teacher) taught in Shanghai. As I understand it, it diverges a lot...
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    Things that make me go hmmm

    I was approaching that as a mental exercise as well. Theoretically, how would you try to get concepts across without some kind of form, is basically what I was asking.
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    Things that make me go hmmm

    Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that in both 7* and LHBF, elbows are down. From what I've seen of Wing Chun on Youtube, that seems to be case for it as well. Contrast that to Taiji where for example, in cloud hands or in some versions of single whip, the elbows are frequently pushed...
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    Things that make me go hmmm

    How will you teach it? Maybe just make your own form.:D I've always liked how I was taught 7* Praying Mantis before LHBF and the combos you could make up. They actually flow to each other quite well, along with the other straight line non-LHBF forms we learn as well. How well does Taiji and...
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    Chinese word for Kiai ?

    I tend to think of Kiai as training wheels to get the person to tuck in their tail bone slightly during the strike. Tucking in the tail bone is independent of breathing and can be done on an in or out breath. It's a substitute for good instruction, basically.
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    OH Man A new low

    It's almost like he's Count Dooku and you're Qui-Gon Jinn.
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    Chinese names for strikes and fists?

    Don't know what other martial art is pronounced Choy Li Fut... :)
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    Is the number 108 important to your style?

    Then there's the application counting method. Is a strike one posture and is a block then strike one or two postures? If one application severely injures three people at once, is that three postures? :D
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    What forms do you know?

    Pardon my ignorance: What are the other two Wang Lang sets? (I only knew of Bung Bo being one of the originals). I learnt Praying Mantis from my LHBF teacher who did learn more forms but only found the four that he still teaches as "memorable". Also, l learnt the Yan Qing Dan Dao form as part...
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    Book Recommendations

    If I may make a recommendation of a translation: Derek Lin's translation is perhaps the most accurate I know JUST edging ahead of John CH Wu's. Both of those translators have intimate knowledge of English as well as Classical Chinese, the latter writes in a...
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    What forms do you know?

    Wow. I feel so inadequate :D 7* Praying Mantis Sup Baat Sau Tsaap Tsui Bung Bo Mui Fa Quan Liu He Ba Fa Jook Gei Coiled Dragon Quan 12 Animals Erle Montaigue Yang Taiji (apparently) Long form Small Sansou Large Sansou (starting on it) Miscellaneous Yan Qing Dan Dao
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    Sparring with A kyouskhosin Karate guy

    I think Kyokushin is different from what you're thinking of.
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    Do you have a root?

    It's very important to remember that: if you're too rooted, you're rooted.
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    Wing Chun vs. Aikido

    I think that kind of discredits your arguments when you bring out that kind of excuse... It's not about offending. It's about saying your stuff in "based on fact" when it clearly isn't. Throwing accusations like video editing and photoshopping. Don't know how that even came up. I am surprised...
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    Wing Chun vs. Aikido

    Those Chen Bing videos and the push hands competition videos that Formosa Neijia posted in the Taiji forum show lots of grappling and throws much like you see in a real fight. You claim not to BS but to use facts, but you certainly don't seem to want to take in new (or in the case of the...
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    Wing Chun vs. Aikido

    Actually, those videos don't show that at all. The Chen Bing videos have a big guy trying to throw a much smaller Chen Bing. They struggle for a 1 or 2 seconds then the big guy is thrown a few metres away. The Taiji forum also shows a push hands competition where guys are, with little...
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    Question about internal schools

    Wasn't your point that Kung Fu economics doesn't seem to follow regular economics? So don't try that "taking you out of context" stuff with me. You were very clearly stating that what IMA instructors do seem to go against economic theory.
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    Question about internal schools

    There's your mistake right there. It's not about what's logical. The simple thing is either the instructors do not have a sense of their perceived worth and have either priced themselves too high or too low and have not responded accordingly, or they have found that the price they're charging...
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    Question about internal schools

    Back when I was an junior assistant instructor, I had one student under me at any one time and I could focus all my attention on them all the time. Students, young or old, do seem to appreciate the very individualized training through that rather than, as you say, as objects to further the...
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    creating a new style is so easy?

    Has there been an attempt to actually classify all "styles" into things that can actually be considered "new" vs those styles that are merely variations on a theme?
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    Hong Kong Visit

    Take him out to a nice restaurant. Fight for the bill if you have to. Pour his tea for him. If someone pours you tea, do the two-knuckles knocking on the table thing as well as saying thank you. :D