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    Beginning Judo

    I'll be joining Judo that takes place every Thursday at my gym. Is there anything I need to know about Judo before I begin? Also any helpful Tips?
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    My dojang has the exact same problem except we do have two slots but the lower belts won't shift over to our less advanced course. We can't teach the stuff we would really like to teach to the red belts because of the massive amounts of yellow stripes or yellow belts.
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    The Sir Sandwich - "Sir, yes Sir!

    My Master is less strict now, but when I joined up he expected to be bowed to and called Sir (Or in the case of a female Ma'am or Madame) However our Grandmaster Chong Lee expects us to respond with master (Ex: Yes Master!) My master is less strict about the Sir thing now but I didn't forget my...
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    TKD High

    I know how you feel, I get the exact same feeling every time I walk in the door it's like all the bad stuff just floats away.
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    Taekwondo is a great first art for MMA/UFC!!!!!!!

    I agree, I spar with some MMA fighters at their open gyms and I do pretty well in a striking match, however grappling beats me every time. WTF Taekwondo by the way. The speed of Taekwondo does help in situations in MMA when you need to be in and back out very quickly.
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    WTF is this

    Their sparring is... odd? It looks like they were just trading kicks really. Their patterns are very quick and strangely un-unified for what appears to be a demonstration.
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    Dojang Discipline Problem and Safety Concerns

    If the master does nothing then I would have my daughter refuse to fight him any more, no need to stoop to his level. Call the parents maybe? If the master can not handle the problem that is.
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    Dojang Discipline Problem and Safety Concerns

    In my opinion there should be no junior instructor teaching a sparring course especially with children, in my Dojang you have to a fifth degree or above to be able to teach a sparring class as our head instructor doesn't allow anyone but those who he knows and trusts completely. I would be...
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    old tiger vs young tiger

    I'm fifteen years old and I know that my older black belt friends (much older then me) kick my butt every single time. Although you may lose your stamina over time you will never lose those techniques you learned over years of hard work and dedication.
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    Little Kids and Hitting

    I would advise you to tell your Master, A black belt simply cannot act like that in class. He needs to be taught a good lesson about manners and respect.
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    I am an idiot!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!
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    A larger opponent.

    Hello everyone, I have a slight problem in sparring for tournaments. I am a black belt but I have a very odd weight class, I am fourteen, five foot eleven and 137 pounds. My only competition in tournaments is a gentleman who is two years older then myself, a second dan and has 70 pounds on me...
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    New to the boards.

    Hello my name is Eliteguardian I'm from Newfoundland, Canada. I've participated in the MA of Taekwondo for about five years now and I hold and junior black belt in the art ( World Taekwondo federation recognized). I also actively assist in teaching classes and participating in volunteering...