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    Wong Shun Leung students are impressive!

    They pay much attention to Chi Sao because it is the method in which you can develop most tools of Wing Chun: This is also a WSL lineage teacher. (My) (Cross-learned from 3 sublineages):
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    Deficiencies in WSL teachings

    Well... Very interesting question. Replying on behalf of my teacher who has studied the WSL system under 3 sublineages: "It is more a matter of the way you are taught. Since Wing Chun develops mentality and tools, one can use them in different ways. I had been studying the system under one...
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    Is Wing Chun being used the wrong way in fighting?

    Of course it is used in a wrong way! First of all, the 90% thinks that they can use punches like in training.. Or that the punch in Wing Chun must be straight))) Have a look at this analysis. It explains why they are beaten up... The wrong punches, the myhtical chain punches that are nothing at...
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    Branches of Wing Chun question

    Siu Lim Tao lineage: Wong Shun Leung - deep analysis (2 and 1). You will find deferenses everywhere. In my opinion, provided that one is knowing what he wants to develop, it is good. Watch this:
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    As a wing chun - boxing / punching thread... I am posting it: Since many stated lately that throwing non-straight punche makes you a heretic Wing Chunner. And actually you are not doing Wing Chun but Jeet Kune Do or boxing. Finaly it seems it is pure Wing Chun - and not only Bruce Lee was doing...
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    Wing Chun Punches

    Since there is a big discussion in other forums, i am posting it... Some claim that the no-straight punches are JKD (just because Bruce Lee was using them). But finally it seems that it is pure Wing Chun... Which means that people are stuck to training principles (useful but short minded)...
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    You miss my point. I never said that you must be a slave of the system and that you must not move your spine at all or that you don't have to adjust. I speak about MENTALITY. And the mentality of Wing Chun is to keep a solid structure. Perhaps you train in another system so you cannot understand...
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    Siu Lim Tau Comparison

    What you say is definitely very useful and thank you. In the video it is not me, but one who teached me for quite long. I have heard some of what you say, also from him. His lineages were Nino Bernardo, Gary Lam (you are correct) and Ph. Beyer. About the wrist, yes i heard the same from him...
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    What you say is completely different from what i said. I said that Wing Chun and Boxing should not be combined because they have different mentality and one is opposite from the other. In case i didn't explain well, i say again: They have opposite principles: For example the straight spine that...
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    Siu Lim Tau Comparison

    Exactly: 3 lineages of WSL crosschecked, so as to end up in what WSL was teaching.
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    This video is a great answer: Exactly! These are extended punches in chain mode. And not the short range chain punches that are only for training! great evidence that one should always extend the shoulders. Exactly what i was saying earlier
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    Wing Chun Boxing

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    Wing Chun Boxing

    Why not? Knowing him so well - also been in the school for a long time. I don't think it is bad By the way, in Greece it is the most common name)
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    think that you just want to insist on this opinion that you have. So ok... About this guy , i know because myself i have benn there, i know him very well (also in school there were x- boxers). About others, yes there are existing wing chun fighters that they are good and it doesn't matter...
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    Well, you are right there are guys who spent a whole life learning fake things. Of course there are. So what? This doesn't prove that Wing Chun doesn't work. Also this guy in the video, is quite well known for his fighting ability (i think he didn't need to advertise this in the video - though...
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    Yes exactly. It is not proper Wing Chun. In the video the guy is executing the correct extended chain punches and he is so fast that it is impossible for the opponent to retract. And when he does the "training chain punches" he cannot reach his opponent - no way.This is the difference between...
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    Well i disagree. The purpose of training is to develop muscle memory as correctly said in the video. And it is explained that: while in the form you are static and launch the punch at a low distance so as to develop the "Noarming" principle, in the real fight you will go with extended punches +...
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    For example: Boxing needs to mainly keep a distance. Wing Chun needs to close the distance so as to be able to apply it's principles (such as structure etch...). Thats is why they also use completely different way of body-movement. In boxing they lean back and forth and change height etch...
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    WC Punch

    I disagree. It depends on your purpose - so the punch of Wing Chun can use different concepts. There are many different kind of punches in Wing Chun, but all follow specific concepts. This is a perfect explanation of how to PUNCH, instead of using silly chain punches. (As also why Wing Chun...
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    Is Wing Chun being used the wrong way in fighting?

    Of course. You are totally correct. Most people are stuck in the very basic principles and they cannot even punch. Watch in the video how people are trapped in the basic tools, ignore the concepts of Wing Chun and how they should PUNCH, instead of doing stupid chain punches.
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    Siu Lim Tau Comparison

    It depends on whether you know what you try to develop. In no one can say that everyone else is mistaken - as soon as they follow the Wing Chun principles and know what they are doing. Siu lim tao DOES NOT teach applications, but concepts! This is a deep explanation of Siu Lim Tao - proving that...
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    You should not combine Wing Chun with Boxing. They have totally different mentality though they have some common principles. The problem is that most people confuse Wing Chun in training with Wing Chun in actual combat and they get totally ineffective. A serious example is the punch: Most Wing...
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    Sil Lim Tao and Tensho?

    The biggest mistake is that people make is to believe that forms are based on applications. They are not! They just teach principles very useful for the actual fight. This is about all traditional martial arts. And of course Wing Chun. This is the best analysis of Wing Chun's form in Youtube...
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    False teaching and secret knowledge

    I totally agree about false teaching based on things that would never work. And i definitely agree that teaching "Active defenses" is the key to reveal the false teaching. As very clearly explained in this video:
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    Wing Chun Video Library

    Best explanation about Wing Chun Punch???
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    a weak woman

    For sure don;t trust any kind of self defense system. Watch the evidence:
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    New Student: when will you quit?

    Regarding the possibility of the bad teacher as mentioned... I think that this will help you check whether a teacher is good or not. So as not to waste your time. I totally agree that whoever teaches Active Defenses will waste your time. And this is why people believe that traditional martial...
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    Mirroring Techniques

    About excersises and muscle memory, as well as the free expression of wing chun, (as Bruce Lee was doing), there is a great analysis here: Check the video of the page:
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    Is it possible to be good at wing chun...

    Guys, speaking about Wing chun and because we mentioned Bruce Lee who definitely knew wing chun, here is a very good analysis about wing chun's expression. So watch the video in this page: CLICK HERE to support Bruce Lee - The Wing Chun Analysis, Episode 2