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    Who is your Kung Fu hero? (WT,ETC...)

    Kenneth Chung, very good teacher, very modest. good wing chun second one I have to say chu shong tin,
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    Weight Distribution (50/50???)

    fromt the way I learned it, it's one leg, fighting is one leg.
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    internal contraction

    this is the secret to internal power development and qi gong. Alot of master would keep this a secret. good for those whose really belief and practice it.
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    Mike Marshall Hung Gar Kung Fu (New School) Looking For Students

    sound nice, I use to have training in hung gar, much respect, good luck in new school, unfortunately i'm too far to attend, lol.
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    What style of wing chun do you study?

    my teacher is study under Kenneth Chung, Kenneth Chung is student of Leung Sheung who is student of Yip Man. I would like to see other way of people doing wing chun. it would be interesting.
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    Chi Sau Club

    this is good if u're in buffalo. I would like a club like this in buffalo, NY, heheh
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    An Ip Man Movie

    wow this should be good.
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    hello to all.

    hi, how long have to being training, where you at in the form ??
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    Sillum or Sil lum wing chun

    i think people just made up the the name. branch doesn't matter. who care . according to the myth or origin of wing Chun. The shaolin (Sil Lum= shaolin = little forest) nun Ng Mui is creator of Wing Chun. she knew the weakness of shaolin Kung Fu and work to create new system that would be...
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    Say sump'n good!

    I really agree with you there ?? where are you train ?? are you in US ??
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    SiFu Allan Lee's WC training and method overview

    yea, I saw his video. There are some that I don't agree or do but I think everyone got a good reason for what they're doing.
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    what is hung gar

    do you know Wong Fei Hung, he is the master of the style.
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    1st lesson "How Did You Feel"

    first lesson, the horse feel weird because before I study Hung Gar. right now. loving it.
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    Say sump'n good!

    Wing Chun is effective and it open to interpretation. I think each line have reason for what they doing is should be very proud of their Wing Chun. I study under the line of Yip man - Lung Sheung - Kenneth Chung
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    EUREKA!!! I found it

    very interesting, i will read this, thank you
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    Master Wong

    i don't think it yip man style. to hard and rely on muscle. Yip man is 120 lbs. if he rely on his muscle, must likely he will be death in a fight
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    Xiao Lian Tuo

    hello there, I have a few thoughts on this topic. My personal believe is this form should be done slowly, but you must pay attention to the breathing. If you don't breath correctly there no point of doing it slow but it have no affect in developing internal power. Techniques are really...
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    Tai Chi lecture

    oh yeah, I love his explaination, his interpretation is really good. I watch the whole thing in one shot, I hope there are more. the concept of qi is familiar to me but it's also not. kind of complicated i guess. I will have class next semester so will further more discuss in this topic. :)
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    Tai Chi lecture

    thank you so much for sharing
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    Lee's Wing Chun

    hi guys, another question, did bruce Lee ever learned from William Cheung. I just saw on his website site today that he made several claim that Bruce Lee was his student. He was on the news. Personally I don't like that guy for some reason.
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    The Four Main SPM Systems

    thanks again for the article, I love praying mantis. However, my schedule is to busy to to train. No master in my area(Buffalo, NY). Right now im taking Wing Chun. I hope one day I will get a chance to finish my Chow Gar training
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    Lee's Wing Chun

    if i remember correctly, i read somewhere that said Bruce Lee only learn the Sil Lim Tao
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    The Four Main SPM Systems

    wow thank you very much, reading it now, could take a while, hehehe
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    Southern Style Kung Fu DVD Preview

    what system is this, why he kick too high ??? southern ???
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    The Four Main SPM Systems

    I didn't know, thanks for sharing. If you can find the writing please post it. I'm interest to read about it.
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    The Four Main SPM Systems

    hm... Sam bo gin is the first form that I learned. Probably for different SPM systems learn it at different stage. Anyhow, the guy that I train with and had taught me is not available now. He is busy with his work. Right now I am taking Wing Chun and working on the "little idea form". I...
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    The Four Main SPM Systems

    oh, ic, im from Buffalo, NY. here the clip of the first form of Chow Gar this is the form im on.
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    Wing Chun Video Training

    I also don't think learning from video is a good idea. The video will tell you everything, but it just doesn't work. I try to that and when I do find a teacher, everything have a new meaning or have meaning. The "little idea form" pact alot of concept and idea in it. It look simple but you...
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    The Four Main SPM Systems

    Hi Jade Tigress, I use to have some little training in Chow Gar Mantis. I notice that the movement is different than Jook Lum. The Jook Lum movement is smooth, somehow my movement or at least I thought of it is more like a shock. by the way where you from. Im from Buffalo, NY. If you're...
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    A Question on WC

    most people the internal aspect of it seem so vague. try not to think about it. it there but just do it. You have to trust your sifu teaching. you will be englighten later. good luck practicing guy.