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    Where to Look

    Most people seem to disagree but I myself generally look towards the eyes too. I feel most comfortable doing so and don't seem to have much problems with anticipation etc. Of course you shouldn't just 'stare' or have your eyes 'fixed' on a particular spot as has already been said. Often my gaze...
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    Throat strikes? much is taught to you?

    Throat strikes are good. Anyways, if you are at all concerned about using what may be a 'lethal move' in the street against someone who wants to hurt you it tells me you dont have a real fighters mentality. I don't understand this consideration being given to a scumbag aggressor. You should try...
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    Picking Your Targets

    Don't mean to sound too raw here but I usually like belting them straight in the mouth and have no problems with this.
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    When Would You Respond?

    As soon as you see or sense someone may need some help, if you feel you can be of assistance you should help them.
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    Dirty Tricks for the street!

    Kick in nuts is nasty. Also If you think you might have a bit of a beast on your hands i.e. you've just belted some guy but you think he might get up and have another crack at you, I don't see any problem with hitting em/kicking em while they're down.
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    I would bite if the situation warranted it
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    Knife Defense and Multiple Attackers

    Multiple attackers? No probs. Hit hard, hit first and hit fast. Now defence against a bladed attack? The real aspect that makes this question interesting is: Can you defend yourself without getting cut? I suggest to you that only perhaps less than 5-10% of you guys who believe this would...
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    Have You Smoked/Used Tobacco?

    I'm 25 and smoked on and off since I was 13. I got accupuncture done about a year ago and stopped smoking without cravings or anything for like 4 or 5 months. It was really weird. Soon as I had the accupuncture done I didn't feel like smoking nor even think about smokes. It was like I never...
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    Wheelchair Blackbelt (ViD)

    Nice... Kinda makes you feel good
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    Best self defence art?

    I honestly think some Martial Arts really are superior and others inferioir for self defence purposes. In my mind you could give some Martial Arts say a 2 or 3 star rating and others a 5. But at the same time I understand it really is more about the indidvidual.
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    I make seven predictions and one educated guess

    I'll go with #7. You did put the effort in to point this out to us all. Realy we dont know the entirte facts and underlying circumstances. Is odd though.
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    Pound for pound muay thai fighter

    Man I've been thinkink about this. You sure you're not trippin on Cung Lee the Chinese San Shou fighter. Coz I don't know.
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    Best self defence art?

    A hurting machine in the making
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    weapon grabbing inKM?

    No dealing with guns is not common in other Martial Arts. KM has a lot of good nasty stuff, but on the quite, I believe it can push the realistic boundry with guns and knives.
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    Pound for pound muay thai fighter

    I'd consider zambo the toughest. Baukaw can put on a top show. But being the smallest out of the three I guess you'd have to give it to Dekkers. He's got some agro in him.
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    Does Muay thai have a specific corporation

    But depending where you come from you should get Muay Thai fights on a sporting channel every now and again. We do.
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    Does Muay thai have a specific corporation

    Aww man that would be so sweet but unfortunatley no. PLEASE someone tell me I'm wrong!
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    combat escrima

    If the books got heaps of rough stuff people will like it. So don't be coy! And yeah cool vid!
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    What would be the best secondary martial art ?

    Considering you're coming from a Korean MA background alaready and Hapkido has what your'e looking for It seems logical to me to go with that. Thats how we kinda do things where I'm from. You know what I mean, you're either a Jap MA guy, Korean Ma guy etc etc Well sorta. If you do go with...
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    Honk if you like MT!!

    This is the most comprehensive forum with down to earth users I've come across. Theres a lot of BS and My daddy is tougher than your daddy going on out there on other sites. Honk Honk!
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    Have you ever used a weapon?

    Upon readig the 'which is your prefered weapon?" thread. I became curious. Have any of you actually been forced to use a weapon before? Surely at least a few of you have but whether you care to share or not is up to you. I can understand why some wouldn't. You don't want to incriminate yourself...
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    Which is your preferred weapon?

    Very true. Realistically you'd just have to be under some sort of extremely serious threat I guess. I guess anything counts in those sort of situations though.
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    Which is your preferred weapon?

    Also yeah, I agree with MaaartenSJS. Stuff like pens, chopsticks, forks etc can be nasty. Ninjitsu like deception and trickery.
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    Which is your preferred weapon?

    Escrima stick all the way. You can be very affective withouth having to be lethal or even overly vicious. Telescopic batons are cool but I'm not a huge fan of the fact you have to actually extend them and make them ready to go. Cuts down your response time. And if your feeling thugish a...
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    These guys are the real deal!

    These guys are the real deal! Devasting techniques to end a confrontation quickly. Check it out. On second thoughts this may have already been submitted but I'm a newbie so please excuse if so....
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    Honk if you like MT!!

    I'll honk to that.... Theres some pretty knowledgable people here. And one thing I think is pretty gnarley about this site is there dosn't seem to be much attitude or people playing 'my daddy's tougher than your daddy', like some of the other forums. Good open discussion on various topics.
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    Lama Kung Fu Clip 1981 Demonstration.

    Haha good ol Master Lo. He's still a lively old chap. My good work mate, Tiran, is one of two of his senior deciples and travels to Hong Kong very often to train with him. Apparently he still is very very capable and really gives it to his students. His way of filtering out the unworthy we...