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    Change Username

    Hi MT Admin! I've also been looking high and low for how to change my username? Could you please advise? Where the setting is etc? Thank you!
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    Dry feet cause slipping

    Thanks Buka, I'll give that a try. I have habitually dry skin in general so at this point I hope something works or helps.
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    Dry feet cause slipping

    Have either of you experienced either overly sweaty or dry feet causing slipping? It's easy to say 'balance and strength' if you've never had the problem.
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    Dry feet cause slipping

    Does anyone have any tips to help with super dry feet? I've seen discussions for people who's feet sweat a lot and cause them to slip, but what about having dry feet? I practice on wood floors and I've found I just can not get a grip and it's hurting my practice. I'm not as confident in my...