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  1. Aikikitty

    Word Association

    deserved - earned (I'm shocked my thread is still going ya'll!)
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    Word Association

    professor = nutty (I'm amazed this thread is still going!)
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    Word Association

    Kenpo ---martial art
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    Word Association

    Bruce Willis = Action Hero
  5. Aikikitty

    The Hobbit...

    I went to go see it Thursday night's midnight showing in IMAX 3D. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought the 3D was amazing and I had no trouble with it, but I've never had motion sickness from 3D before. I loved parts that they've kept true to the books, the things that they added to show "the...
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    Where did I miss the boat?

    I have never heard that shortened version either. However, now that I heard it here, I'll probably start noticing it.
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    I used to exercise a LOT and felt great and it helped me in my training. Then I got a job where I'm sitting on my butt a lot, metabolism started slowing down, gained some weight, felt too tired to work out so I didn't. It was depressing when some things that didn't used to be hard in class...
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    Which Belt Gave You the Biggest Sense of Achievement (Except for Black Belt+)

    In my club (and many other Aikido schools), we just have the white belt we start off with and keep it wearing it until we get our black. Not talking about testing (as I didn't get a new belt color), but my favorite was the white belt that came with buying my first gi. I had wanted to do martial...
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    The BEST Recruitment Ad EVER!

    And geeks, video gamers, and role players are inspired everywhere. :)
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    So a paraprosdokian can be a sentence when it doesn't end as it octopus?
  11. Aikikitty

    One good thing, one bad thing ABOUT YOU (Lurkers welcome)

    Good--I'm encouraging to others and have a lot of goals I want to accomplish. Bad--I can be lazy and sometimes put off or give up if something gets to hard.
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    wow, i forgot about this one

    Lol! I haven't heard that song in ages. I still like it...
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    Surprise grading

  14. Aikikitty

    Kung Fu Master Teaches Dance (video)

    LOL!!!! :roflmao:
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    Aikido Books Recommendations Thread

    I really liked Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere. I'm partway through reading "Center: The Power of Aikido" by Hiroshi Ikeda, Ron Meyer, Mark Reeder and so far it's been quite good. :)
  16. Aikikitty

    Falling is the new Coning or Planking or new Stupidity.

    Really stupid...I don't understand "planking" either. Perhaps some of these guys will realize that they enjoy the bumps and bruises and become a stunt double.
  17. Aikikitty

    Tip Jars...

    I used to work at a frozen yogurt shop when I was in college. That job gave me a new look and great appreciation for tips! It's rough to remain smiling and pleasant when you have difficult customers who act as if you're beneath them or stupid just because you're behind a counter. I know from...
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    Other Hobbies

    Thanks Carol! There is just something sexy about a man in a kilt. :)
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    Other Hobbies

    Awesome hobbies everyone. :) I'm learning to play the bagpipes (first instrument for me) right now, so I appreciate the pictures you posted above, Carol. :) I'm only a few months into the practice chanter, but I love, love, love it! :D I waste a lot of time having a blast with a few facebook...
  20. Aikikitty

    Do you ever just sit in at a class and watch?

    I've sat and watched my class a few times and it's always been very eye-opening. It's amazing what you can see from the sidelines that you can't see when you're on the mat. :)
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    New Aikido Shodan

    Wow! Congrats to your father-in-law! I'm sure he really worked hard to get there. :asian:
  22. Aikikitty

    I finally did it !!

    Congrats!!! :ultracool
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    Yep, I changed my user name. I've been tired of the old one for quite awhile now. (^_^)

    Yep, I changed my user name. I've been tired of the old one for quite awhile now. (^_^)
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    your memories

    I used to write all the important things down in a journal. I mainly did it for myself, so I could look back.. I started off writing why I started Aikido, first impression about the dojo, the people, etc. and main events. I included some of the worst moments and my own failings as well as the...
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    Username changes

    I'm glad I saw this thread. I have been tired of my old name "The Opal Dragon" for years. Thanks Bob!!! :asian: Robyn
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    Who has tried P90X?

    I have it and I really like it a lot. I don't use the nutrition guide (Weight Watchers instead) and I like weights better than the resistance band. It really is a good workout and I like how they show modified versions of many of the moves in case you have knee problems or can't do the more...
  27. Aikikitty

    flood waters held back by good planning

    After Hurricane Katrina, a LOT of houses in New Orleans were rebuilt raised and some on stilts. I think some insurances required the people who live in the areas where it flooded the most to rebuild their house raised up. Other people who have 2 story houses have divided up their house so they...
  28. Aikikitty

    flood waters held back by good planning

    I went to an Aikido seminar yesterday and one of the guest instructors was from Vicksburg. I didn't realize that it flooded that bad there otherwise I would have asked him about it. Thanks for the photos.
  29. Aikikitty

    Passing of Tohei Sensei

    . :(
  30. Aikikitty

    Reckless martial artists

    The few times I've seen it, they've either been weeded out either by themselves or sensei asks them to be uke.:ticked: Robyn :angel: