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  1. Joe1957

    A Little Thor (parody)

    Heck, it suprised me,,, looking forward to the movie. Thanks
  2. Joe1957

    Unusual dog walk

    Very nice, Thanks
  3. Joe1957

    Most peaceful U.S. state,

    Maine, Life in the slow lane....
  4. Joe1957

    Billionaire Builds Deep Sea Sub

    So, when diving in a sub, do you feel the presure when deep diving or does the sub handle all the presure? I know in a plane they presureize the cabin right?
  5. Joe1957

    MACaver, something to dive into!

    I dive but, I need to know there is NOTHING above me, no cave walls or ice. I think if I was "enclosed" the would be a panic situation.
  6. Joe1957

    Favorite chain saw

    Husky for me.... Had one for 3 yrs now and other than just general maint. no problems.
  7. Joe1957

    Cute Sunbathers in Japan

    Streatching out in the sun.... all I can say,,why didn't someone help that last turtle and give him a boost.... LOL
  8. Joe1957

    Giant Ant Hill Excavated

    first thing I think of is such determination.
  9. Joe1957

    Utah Outdoors in 360 Degree Panorama

    beautiful...... Never been West of.... heck, never been off the east Coast... Hopefully someday.
  10. Joe1957

    Billionaire Builds Deep Sea Sub

    Heck, I have been diving for a few years now and must be a wimp, I know I'm not in a metal container but, I go as deep as 40' and presure is enough for me.
  11. Joe1957

    Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death

    and the married man who raped her was charged with...... Very sad to hear...
  12. Joe1957

    Sariah Joins The Dark Side Of The Force!

    LOL.... fantastic
  13. Joe1957

    Rushed to the Hospital

    Oh No,,,,, Quick butt sweet
  14. Joe1957

    a couple is going out.....

    Fantastic.... LOL
  15. Joe1957

    Computer salesman and Bill gates

    I Like it. LOL
  16. Joe1957

    Going to Heaven....Can we see some ID?

    Rolling with LOL, Very Good.
  17. Joe1957

    Court case in Houston

    Love it, LOL
  18. Joe1957

    Survival Myths -- fact or fiction?

    now you can just pick up your survival tech from, man vrs wild. Afther watching that show or even the other one which, name slips my mind, not sure I could do all they do to survive. I have never been a bug eater.
  19. Joe1957

    How cold is your location?

    WHAT!!! lol. I gave up the shovel for a snowblower. Spring is finally making its way around to use although, I hear snow for tomorrow.
  20. Joe1957

    Rum Apology and Apology Apology

    LOL, fantastic....
  21. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Thanks Chris, Interest is still very there but, now I question the distance, the time I can train and so on. I am reverting right back to "the pick up a book and teach yourself" syndrome. I guess at times I am an impatient person.
  22. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Checked out the link you sent and thanks. Joe
  23. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Thanks, Iaido, and closer WOULD be nicer..
  24. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Well, been awhile since I posted but, have been reading... My trip to Beantown, Sorry Boston, is back on and the interest is still sparked. Unfortunally its not until Mid April, 16th, but, I am learning to be a paitient man. As for now, I am working with a local gent (at a wingchun dojo) on...
  25. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Getting to the point I wonder the same thing......
  26. Joe1957

    No, I thank you and everyone who has given advice to me.

    No, I thank you and everyone who has given advice to me.
  27. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Gonna try for the seminar. although I guess now you need a different kind of drivers license to cross the border. As for weight loss, its been a ;long tome coming. Dropped from 228 down to 207 last time weighed.
  28. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Thanks Folks, and Carol, that's one of the good things that is coming out of this. Been dropping the pounds and working the heart. At least I am starting to feel better and am attributing it to my interest in the art.
  29. Joe1957

    Disappointment sets in

    Thanks Chris. Lucky for me, boy I shouldn't say that, the older I am, time flies. (hmmm, thats not a good thing.) Well, for the next month, I can dig more into the art, by these forms and the good ole internet.