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  1. wushuguy

    research into balintawak

    Hi, I was trying to do some research about balintawak players, and I realized that most places can give a date of birth for anciong bacon but no exact date of death. haven't found circumstances either, other than the year. Was also interested in your opinions about which DVD/Book can give best...
  2. wushuguy

    Meditation and test cutting

    Just posting vids up, we're still recovering after hurricane sandy. no electricity or work yet, so spending most of my time at coffee shop which happens to have power and electricity. and here's a clip of the day after the hurricane in my area. more devastation, but that time my battery ran out...
  3. wushuguy

    return to training

    Hey guys, it's been quite a while since I posted or been on the forum... been a rough year and relocation. Finally started training again. Anyway, here's a clip done with iMovie, just trying out how to use it and what effects it has and such. The one training with me in the video is a new...
  4. wushuguy

    Can Knife Fighting Be Learnt Alone and At Home?

    There was a person whom I think had great wisdom when he said that "knife fighting is a lie" because in the end there is no fight, when a person uses a knife on you, he means to kill you, not fight with you. That said, you can train some drills on your own like others have said, can train...
  5. wushuguy

    One good thing, one bad thing ABOUT YOU (Lurkers welcome)

    good: I'm brutally sarcastically honest. bad: I'm sincerely polite. And if all else fails... insanity spreads at a ludicrous speed.
  6. wushuguy

    Hello from Troy NY

    Welcome to MT.
  7. wushuguy

    Do you feel that people are losing interest in Martial Arts in general?

    It depends a lot on the environment and culture. Like in the area I live, it's generally safer, and there's tons of kids that do TKD, karate, and kung fu. But in the area next to us, the town there is more, well, dangerous, so you have less kids going to tkd, and more adults looking for...
  8. wushuguy

    Beginner to Wing Chun

    Welcome to MT. about the dummy, you can get some info about building it here: Good luck in finding a school in your area. What lineage of Win Chun is your step-dad from? If your looking for DVDs, it's probably good to keep it within the same lineage so at least it...
  9. wushuguy

    To defend myself, do I need to carry a weapon?

    Right, that's why I feel there's no "catch all" answer to the question, but one must find his own answer by research and training. With training, common sense, and if one has the will to use it or not. As said in other posts as well, if a weapon is brought into play, the dynamics change, the...
  10. wushuguy

    Short video of my students

    Here is a clip of a few of my beginner students. Yakov, one you see that I'm instructing during a stick match, has only been studying Eskrima for 4 months. Oh yeah, also in the video in the beginning I'm testing my qigong, just to see how hard it is to do when the weather is freezing, windy...
  11. wushuguy

    Dealing with many attackers

    there's always more to a video than what we see... but to say that this asian kid was beating up others and this was a revenge attack, i don't see anywhere in the video where this asian kid had any kind of defense or attack skill.... but I think, even if one doesn't want to learn "self-defense"...
  12. wushuguy

    training with smaller women

    I think repetition and increased understanding is the key. Many women and men, looking to take a "self-defense" class, just want "the basics", meaning most look for learning a few simple "moves" that they can be confident with... which they will memorize by doing repetitions. If they are...
  13. wushuguy

    Dragon Gate 2011 movie

    I stumbled on this earlier. It is the full movie, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese subs. Sorry no English. "Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate"
  14. wushuguy

    To defend myself, do I need to carry a weapon?

    Exactly. A lot of people carry some toy or trinket to feel better, others with a bit of training will carry. I used to often carry a pocket knife because I had use of it for work, but also for self-defense. However the more I thought about it, although knowing somewhat how to use it, the...
  15. wushuguy

    To defend myself, do I need to carry a weapon?

    This is an excerpt from a post in my blog: Read the full of the article on my blog. Also, constructive comments to help me improve writing is always appreciated.
  16. wushuguy

    training with smaller women

    Onthechin, Other people's training methods might look different than yours, and also don't know their background. She looks obviously like a beginner, but she's got the right start. It's important for her to train against stronger people, and that her teacher is larger and stronger, will give...
  17. wushuguy

    Pole Form

    Pole training is great for teaching the body to act in unison. It is more obvious if one isn't physically strong, as myself, because to get the movement of the pole and because of the weight, one has to unify the motions of the pole, stance, energy, in order to get the technique right. If...
  18. wushuguy

    NEED HELP...please!

    I would suggest first to talk with your parents about the desire to learn a martial art. And, investigate in your area to find someone that teaches or a school. You might not know, but there really might be a school or teacher within a reasonable distance. Most kids and even adults don't look...
  19. wushuguy

    School Recommendation?

    never heard of it, but here's a youtube video i found. <a href="" target="_blank"> you can see for yourself if that's what you want to do or not.
  20. wushuguy


    YGKYM most definitely trains the stance and lower body strength, but the coordination, rooting, and structural stability is gained by training YGKYM. In the beginning of WC practice, most will not understand how to feel and use YGKYM, they may bend their knees, but legs too stiff, or they lax...
  21. wushuguy

    Greetings everyone.

    Hi, nice to meet you! and welcome to MT!
  22. wushuguy

    Pepper Spray for Self Defense?

    Pepper spray is not "bug spray, for bad guys". Female self-defense students and many others who are "peaceful and would never hurt an ant" think pepper pray is exactly that magic. Using pepper spray is obviously not as simple as people who never used it think. It can be a crutch to...
  23. wushuguy

    Training like this? Really?!

    I think that it isn't the number of forms that is at question here, but perhaps what is being taught at each level. For example, in the TKD school I used to work at, they taught parts of palgwe 1, from white to orange. However, there is little to no explanation of the form, and hardly any...
  24. wushuguy

    Surrogate sex partner inspires story, film

    Alright people, let's not get too hyped up and hysterical about this topic. We don't want to have mass hysteria...
  25. wushuguy

    New Video

    Ok, it's been a while since I posted videos. I closed the previous youtube account, and just opened this one. Let me know what you guys think:
  26. wushuguy

    Beginning at Blogging

    I've been trying blogging on and off, but late last year I made a resolution to stick with it. The articles I've written so far are simple, so if possible, hope you guys can check out a few of the martial arts posts and maybe leave some comments or opinions to help me improve my writing. Thank...
  27. wushuguy

    Hi again, I'm back.

    Welcome back, I'm trying to get back in the swing of things at MT again too. one thing I've noticed different, is that all the posts thanked or thanks given, seem to have been reset to 0. and starting over. not a big deal, but i was surprised to see that when I came back.
  28. wushuguy

    Hello from Colorado

    Great to know! so hope you have time to share your experience on the MT threads :-) And good luck with work.
  29. wushuguy

    My life sucks

    hope things start looking up for you. there's a time when we think it can't get worse, but usually it's cuz we didn't look around and see that some things will get better. I am in a tough spot too, at first i didn't think it will get better, but the more i continue moving forward, the better...
  30. wushuguy

    Martial Arts Magic

    But it's a great button to aim during grappling, ground and pound, on or off the ropes, on or off the mats...