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    Well it's down now!!! sad to say... kind of.. okay yeah sad. There is a lot of great articles and stuff for research and informational use.
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    KKHOF Educational Video Series

    Well it would seem that you have had a bad "Kenpo" experience, or two... So sorry for you and that! Good luck on your journey! Not all Kenpo is the same.
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    KKHOF Educational Video Series

    Don't watch them! regardless of your personal views, there are others that may benefit from these "lessons" and "discussions" on and about Kenpo.
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    KKHOF Educational Video Series

    Hopefully this works out and everyone can benefit from the people's information that have been and will be interviewed in this series. I recommend checking them all out, but here is the Golden Dragon part 1 Enjoy
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    Stick fighting technique - jab to redondo

    I like it, nice little move! Thanks for sharing that.
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    Asa Rainey

    Now that I know which clan you are with I know the source, the challenge comes in the form of questioning the worthiness of his promotion! As for the guy you are talking about I know the situation and story and have NO comment. I am very familiar with Mr. Rainey though and very confident that...
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    Asa Rainey

    or maybe they just "keyboard warrior" their way to the top... seems to be working here. Wasn't a challenge, but an offer to satisfy your own challenge to the individual posted here. He still fights as well as the rest. Done here good luck on your Keyboard warrior Mastery and Grand puba ship...
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    Asa Rainey

    Ok, well I have been on the mat with him in the last few weeks and months and he still is "mixing" it up! and I am sure if you wanted to test his skill he would be happy to oblige you and tame your curiosity. Just say'n. OH, and I would love to watch, we can put it on youtube for all to see.
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    Asa Rainey

    So I have to point out here that TWO of his original Martial Arts Teachers where present and signed off on the promotion. Mr. Hebler has been coming up for years now and participating in events that we have done and seeing the caliber of Martial skill being passed as well as executed. Sadly you...
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    Rich Hales Kenpo Journal or Accumulative Journal

    Rich has put it all on line, you can't get the journal anymore due to the Kam IV debacle... check it out here. Have fun
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    Con-Artist Martial Artists

    And this is the answer!!! Read the article about this and you will understand the position of the people that don't know... Great Post! a friend of mine likes to say, you don't know what you don't know. Oh, and the reason there are so many of these charlatans is because they are allowed to...
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    I know you have headed out on your new adventure, wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you...

    I know you have headed out on your new adventure, wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you all the success in life my friend. Don't hesitate to call or email me from time to time.
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    Yellow/Orange Belt Attacks (Catalysts) This link will explain many things in kenpo :wtf:
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    American Kempo Seattle

    I am in Covington, have never quit teaching for the last 30 years and likely never will Thanks. But I would recommend someone closer to your location. And good luck!!!
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    KT:Cutting Down On The Material

    Yeah, I don't teach the extensions as requirements ever.... I do have other material but I have also re structured (as per the web of knowledge and order they were meant to be taught) the technique curriculum. And while many have done the same I do believe that mine is unique, not that that was...
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    Patch rip of artists ......

    On the other hand Mr. Conatser, some of us are aware. But look at who is doing the talking and don't really pay much attention to it. Because it is as irrelevant as the rank we wear. Something like that.... Good day Sir
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    MCrobertson, there are no "degrees" of leverage only degrees of ________ fill in the blank. They are "classes" or a "class" of lever. This is one of the reasons that I refuse to continue with this post, you have no idea what I am talking about yet you instist on de-valueing the knowledge of such...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    Why do you bother teaching torque, gravitational marriage, or the three phases, or complimentary angles, these are all just silly little adjectives used to describe actions that we could just be doing instead of talking about. Oh, how about counter torque, why bother posting a TOW about counter...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    Thank you all for the negative cp's. I see that some can dish it, but can not take it.... Paralysis of analysis happens on the mat, were not on the mat. If we were I wouldn't be discussing this I would be applying it. Big difference!!! This is the discussion of theory, concept, principle...
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    Fatal Cross

    I personally like to convert the "cross choke" spin around to a neck brake and drop to the ground... hehe :asian:
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    Well, your right there! Billy. you are all entitled to your opinions, and opinions are like A[email protected] everyone has one. Thanks for sharing! Oh, you too Clyde.
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    MJ, It really depends on which mass or part of mass you are trying to move. Let's look at "the grip of death". In the technique where you hook the chin, over the shoulder and pull the opponent backward to expose the next target, the forearm should act as the fulcrum (on the shoulder) the arm...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    Almost, that's what i'm getting at here. They are classified as, class 1 class 2 and class 3. The relationship of the lever, fulcrum, effort and load is what changes this classification. MJ's example is actually using, (if I am right as to where she is at in the technique) a 3rd class lever...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    With a great desire to just end this freak'n thread! I will ignore all of the crap, and move forward. Let's stay on topic though? One of the very points that I was not trying to make is that this information is in fact learned early on in our lives, we do not often times re-visit our past...
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    Teaching Yellow Belt Techs - Input Needed

    Since alternating maces has already been answered many times, I will attempt to offer some suggestion for "The grasp of Death". I am of the opinion and practice that the right hand should only let go of the opponents wrist when proper "manipulation control" is aquired. This is...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    We now have Three of the four elements of leverage. Fulcrum, Lever, and load. There is one more element, anyone? All of the examples are great for using leverage, which is comprised of four basic elements. That was given away in the title of the post. Whoops, in re-reading this post I noticed...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    This is a description(a good one) of how Leverage works or is applied, not the elements of leverage. I thought it was a fairly simple question? What are the elements of leverage? Clyde: Whatever, I was asking for personal interpretations not some article found on the web. allthough, Mr...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    Dark Kenpo ????, If I wanted someone elses interpretation of this I would have asked for links to websites. At the risk of loosing the great priviledge of participating in this forum I will keep the other comments to myself.Thanks for playing. :boing2: I am simply looking for...
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    Four Elements of Leverage

    Ok, I keep reading these posts with people calling this a fulcrum and that a fulcrum in different techniques and self-defense scenarios. I realize that these are not taught as part of the "traditional" AK curriculum. I am really just curious to see what the general concensous is about the...
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    Glancing Salute,

    My point is, that if I wanted to be more precise in my description of terms and or use of them, I would have. Although precision of descriptions of motion and terms does educate people, leaving something for investigation by said people will educate them further hopefully. Additionally, I do not...