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  1. adamwilliss

    Looking for Wing Chun teaching resources

    You can start online. Just know that at some point you will need hands-on training to get good. Some of the things you can learn online are the sequence of the forms including the empty-hand forms and the dummy. The dummy sequence can be learned and practiced in the air without a dummy if you...
  2. adamwilliss

    Authenticity of Learning Wing Chun via a Screen

    Always happy to help. And yes, training hands-on with a Wing Chun practitioner is different. When you feel what someone really good at Wing Chun can do to you, you will see what I mean. There's nothing quite like it and once you experience it, if you're like me you'll become obsessed with being...
  3. adamwilliss

    Authenticity of Learning Wing Chun via a Screen

    People like to talk $h1t. It makes them feel more worthy in the moment than they really feel day-to-day. But don't let anyone belittle you or what you put your time into. By definition, if you practice Wing Chun, you are a Wing Chun practitioner. If you feel you are learning and getting better...
  4. adamwilliss

    Founder - The Dragon Institute

    Founder - The Dragon Institute