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    Typhoon Haiyan Relief Seminar - Raleigh, NC

    orry for the short notice, but for these types of tragedies, its best to act quickly and while it is fresh in everyone's mind. This Saturday, November 23, 2013 - Foundations Seminar to Benefit Victims of Typhoon Haiyan Location: Triangle Kung Fu Arnis Academy 3601 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC...
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    Teeth in Mortal Combat

    speechless.....(and not because I'm busy biting something/someone)
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    The Passing of Bob Quinn

    I only met him once, at the camp in Brevard. However I was most impressed with how "real" he was. He would talk and discuss Modern Arnis with anyone, regardless of rank, and was truly genuine about it. Whenever I have heard his name since I have been reminded of the content of his character...
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    The difference between the Villasin style and Teovels Balintawak

    Jan, I tried to watch these videos, but could not make out what your translator was saying. Can you give us a narrative of what was said?
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    Balintawak Grouping Systems

    How about some specifics there Jan? How many years have you been learning Villasin Balintawak? How many months/years did it take for you to be able to tell the difference? a year, 5 years, 10 years? Other than these small differences in the grouping system, how is Villasin Balintawak you are...
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    anyone heard of this style?

    Like he said, there isn't a time limit on finding and stating the truth and clearing up lies and misconceptions. I say kudos to you. I learned from one of Church's students over 15 years ago. I came across this thread several years ago and read it in horror, and can say that the claims...
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    Qualities of your best teacher(s)

    Several qualities that I have been so fortunate to enjoy from my teachers have already been listed. However, I have learned just as much (maybe more) from bad teachers. Seeing how to NOT DO things is just as powerful an influence on us. Thinking back to grade school - which teachers do we...
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    A Uniquely Early 21st Century Crime - What Would You Do?

    screw that - my first shot would be in the air. Whoever is still in my house after that is fair game. I am a firm believer in the castle doctrine.
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    If You Had to Pick.........

    Politics and shameless self-promotion.
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    Anybody crossfit?

    I did it for about a year, following the daily workouts on the website. There are some great concepts, exercises, videos and routines in there. But, I also had several minor injuries related to their workouts, which would put me on the bench for a week or so. Met Pukie a couple of times also...
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    what's the best weapon for you?

    I've just got to say it....whichever one opportunity has provided me the chance to have in my hand at the time! Anything beats nothing! Best weapon for me, in all seriousness - stick or knife because that's what I train with the most. Can you tell I'm an FMA person?
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    GM Bobby Taboada in a professional clip!

    Where is GM Taboada residing now? I used to see him alot in the Carolinas, and got my first training in the FMA's from him and his students. Would really like to see him again.
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    If my arms/hands were bound or trapped, and I've got nothing left, hell yeah I'd bite someone. I will do anything necessary to go home to my kids that night. As for the AIDS scare.... I think people are focusing on the possibility rather than the probability of contracting AIDS by biting. It...
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    So why do you feel that the FMA's are great?

    I think what makes it so great is the adaptability - to move in and out of ranges, to flow from empty hand to weapon and back with ease, you name it. It is the most "flexible" martial art that I have been able to observe and/or experience.
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    What to do about workplace threat....

    I agree. Tell your boss. I am "the boss" in a large distribution center - I've had this happen before. Depending on the situation, your boss may give the person a warning or may just terminate their employment if it is harassment and can be documented. companies don't want to be sued, and...
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    How to knock a person out ??

    I would suggest the much guarded "silent but deadly" technique. It knocks me out every time.
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    FCS-Kali (Southeastern Region) Rank Achievements!!!

    Thank you for your compliments. It WAS hard work, but I can honestly say I ENJOYED ever single minute of it! :) Also, Harold had NO small part in making this happen! He is very dedicated to teaching. Many thanks for the training opportunities Harold!
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    Dillema...Contract or no contract?

    Its a tough call... Contracts give MA a "commercial" feel - which none of us really want. But they can help keep a school organized and running without the instructor/owner having to engage in "bill collecting". I have used contracts to some degree, but I think they should be used with a...
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    Former Marine Shoots Robbers

    It those ultra-liberal cry babies that question things like "why did he have to shoot and kill them?" I say, why didn't he finish off the other robber? (kidding of course) I guess those same people would have still been waiting for the robbers to see the light as the were being executed in...
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    Bringing it

    The knowledge that I am not better than anyone else. I am a little fish in a big pond. Keeping my humility is what helps me in training.
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    garlic knife myth?

    No doubt in my mind that its done with premeditation. Some of the folks around here have been known to purposely get into bar fights and use blades, but they cover up most of the blade so that they leave shallow cuts all over the person. We have our share of worthless pieces of excrement...
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    garlic knife myth?

    A guy at work, who has seen more than his share of trouble with the law, talked about a knife tactic that was "passed down" from his grandfather. He said that if you rub onion/garlic juice over your knife blade before a fight, that it would make it very difficult for you opponent to heal...
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    Pondering Tapi-Tapi

    Care to elaborate on that one? Do you think Tapi Tapi is a spoon feeding drill? or that we are all spoon feeding each other by having this discussion?
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    Pit-Bull dilemma??

    Sorry Paul, but I have to disagree with you... 1) Yes pit bulls can make great pets, but neglect and abuse alone don't make a mean pit bull. These great pets have "snapped" and attacked their owners, with no reason. They are unpredictable. 2) Yes, dogs can sense fear, but as in my case...
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    Hughes/gracie....It ends in the first round

    It was ugly.... I was rather disappointed in Royce. Matt Hughes dominated him on his own turf - grappling. I still can't understand how Royce's elbow didn't dislocate. I expected Matt to win, I just didn't think he would do it so quickly and easily. sigh.....
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    Pit-Bull dilemma??

    I was attacked by one several years ago - it all happened very fast. I would have been toast if the owner didn't come out and pull him off of me. The dog just kept leaping up for my throat/face area. I kept feeding him elbows, and so I just had chunks taken out of my arms instead of neck. I...
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    Human Stun Gun

    Man.... I felt embarassed for him- he just got punked out on a rather large TV station. The Power of Suggestion is very powerful indeed.
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    Eye jabs - an evil move?

    Hmmm.........first thing I have to ask is why is a martial artist (or anyone for that matter) getting into an "ego fight" in the first place? Sounds like insecurity to me. I take the moral high ground by walking away and avoiding a physical confrontation when possible. Beyond that...
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    So you are a black belt, that must mean you can beat me up right?

    Man, I hate when people say/ask things like that. It makes you feel bashful about something you would normally feel proud of. when I was younger, I had "friends" that would try to get me into fights just so they could see what I could do. Nowadays, I don't have too many instances of that...