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    Two Muay Thai Questions

    I got this video on muay thai where there's a narrator translating the instructor, and the guy saids that Muay Thai is in fact a science, and an understanding of fighting from broken down prospectives.
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    Muay Thai Wirst Wrap

    Interesting, well I'd like to go bare knuckle so you can you guys lead me to any good places that sell some?
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    Ladies in the clinch...

    Well I don't really see how this is that great. I guess it's a bit of an inside, and we get to see girls.
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    Muay Thai Wirst Wrap

    I believe I read that authentic muay thai fighters use 130'' wrist wrap, and I'd like to know if that's true. Well even though it probably doesn't matter - wrist wrap is wrist wrap, but seeing I like the way a good old fashion wrap looks if it's true I would also like to know if there's such a...