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    Kung fu in Atlanta, Ga?

    There's this place, , I know nothing about this school but I'm familiar with the style.
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    "Knowing" a Form

    It seems we all agree. I call the first phase knowing the pattern. If I can remember where to put my limbs and roughly when to put them there I have a grasp of the pattern. Obviously at that point I don't "know" the form. In fact I've come to the conclusion that really "knowing" a form is a...
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    Zhou Xuan Yun Taoist Monk... In Boston!!!

    I met him this past weekend and saw him teach a little bit. Spoke with him afterwards (through his wife as translator, his english is limited). He seems like a nice guy and his movements are very smooth. If you're in his neighborhood I'd say it's definatley worth a visit.
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    Kung Fu School Information please?

    Short answer - beats me why it's done. I was just trying to come up with a logical reason and it's not really logical.
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    Kung Fu School Information please?

    Certainly a valid point but if I know you place great value or respect on a specific title (and yes I realize that Sigung, for example, isn't a title but really just word that defines a relationship, but truly, who doesn't hold their Sigung in very high regard) and I want you to place that same...
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    Kung Fu School Information please?

    I'll throw this out as a possibility but know that it's just conjecture. Kajukenbo originated in Hawaii, many of the martial artists in that period were imigrants from China, the Philipines, Japan etc. so even though the origins weren't specifically Chinese, many of the people in the area...
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    Kung Fu School Information please?

    I understand completely and agree 100%. Sifu is my teacher, sigung is my teachers' teacher. Case closed. That's why I said it's odd that they do it the way they do. The Kaju folks aren't dumb, I assume they know the translation, I have no idea why they did it.
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    Kung Fu School Information please?

    Oddly enough some systems actually do specify the use of Sigung, Sifu etc with specific belt ranks. Kajukenbo does it for some reason. I don't know why and it certainly seems to muddy up the waters so to speak.
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    Im not sure Im worthy

    It seems to me that there are a number of ways to look at this. We could probably all agree that after a time, we'll all move slightly differently when doing the same form simply based on our own bodies. I'm not particularly flexible, and getting a bit older so I can't move the same way a 20...
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    The Jian

    Does anyone have any good recommendations as to a decent training gim? I've looked at virtually every shop on the web and most seem to carry the same things. Trouble is there is nowhere near me that I can actually handle one to see how it feels. With my other weapons I prefer slightly heavier...
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    HUH!!! Who is this??? Someone I don't know!!!!

    I don't know of any real shaolin kf in the albany area either but I have so much to learn doing what I'm doing that I just don't get out much other folks might know of something.
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    HUH!!! Who is this??? Someone I don't know!!!!

    My Sifu said he was not from Taiwan. He couldn't recall where he is from originally.
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    HUH!!! Who is this??? Someone I don't know!!!!

    I don't know but I'll ask my sifu tomorrow and get back to you.
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    HUH!!! Who is this??? Someone I don't know!!!!

    I've met Sifu Wong a number of times and he and my sifu are friends. I've not trained with him but I thought he was teaching Choi Li Fut, perhaps he also teaches Shaolin and I just don't know it. He's also worked with my school's lion dance group a little.
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    No Fighting?

    I think that's a very interesting question but ultimately unanswerable. It goes towards the "are forms worth learning" arguement. There is no absolute right or wrong answer. Let me throw in this though, as I was trying to answer your question I came up with this analogy: If you train to be an...
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    butterfly knives

    I just bought this pair from Bok Lei Po and they are very nice. Heavy but nice and the price is incredible. I'd highly suggest you take a look at these. Good Luck in your search Mitch