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  1. ginshun

    Possibly interesting youtube vid -- discuss

    Its better that most bujinkan vids that I have seen, I'll give it that. Trying not to judge anyone else's training I will tell you my impressions. On the plus side, I would say that it does look like the attacks are unscripted, so it is forcing the defender to deal with different...
  2. ginshun

    Parents convicted of murder for using faith-healing on unconscious 11 year old daughter.

    This case has literally almost happened in my back yard. I am glad to see that it has gotten national attention. I personally agree with the verdict. Pray for your kids all you want, but when it is obvious that they are gravely ill, take them to the damn doctor. Another unfortunate...
  3. ginshun

    Don Roley's Recent Blog Post On Resistance Training And Sparring!

    I am picking up what you're layin down Dale. If I understand you correctly, I agree for the most part. I think the crux of the disagreement on this issue many times falls on people having different definitions of "sparring". In reading Don's blog entry, he seems to consider the term...
  4. ginshun

    Don Roley's Recent Blog Post On Resistance Training And Sparring!

    I dont disagree with what you are saying, so let me do the same and see if I can respond without directly contradicting anything you have said. I am not sure that we are talking about exactly the same thing here. In all of the situations that you describe above you are talking about...
  5. ginshun

    Don Roley's Recent Blog Post On Resistance Training And Sparring!

    That's exactly why everybody should be doing at least some training against a resisting opponent / partner. If you have never felt somebody directly resisting what you are trying to do to them, you won't be able to recognize and adapt when it happens in real life.
  6. ginshun

    Prison Overcrowding

    I don't know what the solution is, but there has to be one. We gotta be doing something different than other places, seeing as how we have a higher percentage of our population in prison than anyplace else on earth. Are we just worse people or is there something different about our system? I...
  7. ginshun

    Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied

    Why not just name him "Tease Me Relentlessly Campbell" or maybe "Get The Crap Kicked Out Of Me On A Regular Basis Campbell" or " "My Parents Are Losers Campbell" Poor kids.
  8. ginshun

    We are causing global warming??

    Honestly, I could do with a little global warming right abut now. I don't think it has been above 0 degrees F since Sunday.
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    I can't believe that people actually care enough about this that there are current arguments going on. Didn't all this happen like two years ago?
  10. ginshun

    UFC and ninjitsu

    Its not like I know the guy personally or anything, so I can't say for sure, but there was a story that surfaced not too long ago about him being attached by some punk kids trying to rob him when he was off duty. Talk about your all time...
  11. ginshun

    UFC and ninjitsu

    Ooopps! You are right, I meant to say Ken.
  12. ginshun

    UFC and ninjitsu

    Yes, Jennum was an instructor with Robert Bussey Warrior International prior to (and after) competing in the UFC. Jennum actually replaced Frank Shamrock not Hoyce Gracie. Frank was injured in his match vs. Felix Mitchell. Nobody replaced Hoyce, he forfited his match to Harold Howard due to...
  13. ginshun

    Northern Wisconsin Aikido

    I trained with them for a couple of months when I had outside obligations that interfered with my regular training, (basically they held classes on Tuesdays that I could make when I couldn't make my Wed. classes). It was a little slow paced and "soft" (for lack of a better term) for my...
  14. ginshun

    To Shin Do Video Clip on Youtube!

    I think the line between Toshindo and Bujinkan was blurred for a few years. I have heard that you could be ranked in the Bujinkan and ToShinDo while training at Quest Centers. Whether this is true anymore with the recent (apparent?) split between SKH and the Bujinkan I have no idea. I have...
  15. ginshun

    To Shin Do Video Clip on Youtube!

    I think you guys are reading a little bit much into the hitting after the guy is down. Who teaches that once a guy hits the ground the threat is gone? Nobody that I have ever heard of. Plus nobody here actually knows the context of the situation being trained. I would venture to guess that...
  16. ginshun

    The circle

    I am sorry, but I have no idea what you are asking. There was something in there about what motivates a person to study martial arts. IF that is the question, then there are a multitude of different answers. For self-defense, for fitness, as a way to relax, for compatition, ect ect and also...
  17. ginshun

    Closing in on 1st year of training

    Is it typical of TKD schools to do all that conditioning stuff during class time? Or is that just your own personal routine that you do before your class starts? I have nothing against that stuff but it seems to me like something that you should be doing on your own as opposed to wasting class...
  18. ginshun

    Hello All!

    Welcome. Just mentioning Luke Molitor should pretty much get you universal acceptance and approval around here.
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    Quite honestly, if a guy is kicking you in the nuts hard enough to hurt his foot, he deserves to be hurt IMO. A kick like that with out a cup could seriously injure the person getting kicked. Or you could be like us and train with shoes on, then you don't have to worry about it.
  20. ginshun

    Budo Artwork & Kanji!

    There is a picture of the Godai on there and they are refered to as elements, not a way to count to five. This could spell trouble.
  21. ginshun

    Budo Taijutsu video clip out of Argentina!

    Looks like pretty much the same formula as most other Bujinkan training/demonstartion vids available on the net. For the most part anyway. person 1 throws whole body lunge punch, stopping at the end to hold it out in mid-air for a couple seconds. Person 2 grabs person 1 and takes him down to...
  22. ginshun

    Takamatsu Toshitsugu - Anyone meet him?

    Wasn't he supposedly pretty secret about being a martial arts teacher? Seems to me that I had heard somewhere that even his neighbors had no idea that he was a martial artist until after he died. In any case, '72 is before I was even born.
  23. ginshun

    Mr Hayes' original practices of ninjutsu

    I am sorry, I am not trying to cause any problems. I just think refereing somebody who is looking for information on Steve Hayes to Ben Cole is rediculous. Its about the same as somebody looking for information on President Bush and somebody else telling them to go ask Howard Dean. Sure...
  24. ginshun

    Mr Hayes' original practices of ninjutsu

    Actually that should read: "If you want to hear Stephen Hayes bad mouthed, contact Ben Cole by PM and see if he wants to talk about it"
  25. ginshun

    Mr Hayes' original practices of ninjutsu

    Why not try to be consistant and make sense. In point number one you question whether or not anybody could teach "hard and nasty" techniques to people they don't know well, and then in the next breath you basically claim that nobody even knows whether or not there was any hardcore training in...
  26. ginshun

    TV Show

    I haven't seen it, but my teacher watched it and sent some of us an email review. His comments sounded pretty much the same as yours.
  27. ginshun

    MA training saves the day - no fighting involved

    Good stories. Like I said, I don't know if my training had anything to do with the outcome or if it was mearly a natural instinct to protect my daughter. I'd like to think that all that rolling and what not played at least a small part in us both coming out of it no worse for wear though.
  28. ginshun

    Mr Hayes' original practices of ninjutsu

    So are you confirming / claiming that training with Hatsumi today is virtually the same as the training was in the 70's?
  29. ginshun

    MA training saves the day - no fighting involved

    So this weekend I am at a friends house for a small get together. As I am leaving, I pick up my 4 year old daughter, and start walking down the blacktop driveway. Walking forward and looking to the side to wave goodbye to friends. At the same time, the 4 year old son of one of said friends...
  30. ginshun

    Israel & Lebanon

    Just so I have this straight. Your assertation is that neither the Irealis nor the Palastinians want to fight, but they are fighting because the US wants them to? And Lebanon doesn't want to fight, but they don't want to talk either. What exactly is it that they want again? Also, hasn't...