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    New Grandmasters

    In my art (San Soo), the highest black belt is 8th degree, and generally occurs, if at all, towards their 11th year. Those who reach it are awarded their "Master" certificate. A master who has promoted a student to master is a "Grandmaster".
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    Short film (Martial arts)

    I don't think this is a good use of this forum.
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    age and the martial arts

    I started Kung Fu San Soo in the 1990s and due to a combination of public and private classes eventually rose to 8th degree black (our terminal belt, referred to as "Master") in 2005. I am now in my (very) late 70s and can offer testimony on San Soo and aging. Techniques that require a young...
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    Death of Guro Felix Valencia

    To students and former students of Guro Felix Valencia . . . Twenty years ago I was a student of Guro Felix for several years. I've just learned (internet) of his death. It brought great sadness. Does anybody know what the cause of his death was? Thank you in advance, Fedora
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    Why do Ip Man's sons do Chum Kiu different?

    Both my teacher and my teacher's teacher (each is now retired) outweighed me by 70+ pounds. They have both incorporated their greater mass into their Art in a way most favorable to them. No fault, no blame. I am much lighter than either of my Masters. Where they trended towards blows, I...
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    Is there a martial art I can learn despite having balance issues due to injuries?

    It's nice to see a man who strives to overcome his limitations. Good on you! Even if you can't fight standing, you could still specialize in groundwork. You might consider BJJ, particularly their Combatives program. If I remember correctly, it's the 36 techniques that are most used in...
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    What martial art is best for a beginner, petite female working in a risky industry?

    Basically, I don't think what you're looking for exists. That's why they make knives and guns. If, however, you wished to learn how a small woman, given a little effort and commitment, might defend herself, I'd recommend you look towards martial arts indigenous to smaller adults. Indonesian...
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    If you picked 4 exercises what would they be?

    Upper body push, upper body pull. Something for the legs. Add some cardio. Examples: Pushes: Overhead press / bench press / dips. Pulls: Chins / rows / deadlift Legs: Squat / lunge / carries Cardio: KB swing / KB snatch / skip rope