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  1. VT_Vectis

    Wong Shun Leung & Tan Sau

    Mate your posts aren't doing wsl lineage any favours. WSL stayed out of politics and let his personal VT speak for its self. I suggest you do the same or risk sounding like the followers of a certain "traditional" student of Ip Man who resides in Australia. Like the man said, there are no...
  2. VT_Vectis

    Applied Wing Chun is almost karate

    I don't agree with relying on Sifu YouTube to make a point, yet you seem to rely on it as evidence so here it goes That's what happens without learning how to get hit , pressure testing, and just "swimming on dry land". He wasn't even trying that hard. Now I've dipped my toes in , I'll leave...
  3. VT_Vectis

    W.C.I, Alan Orr and... Snake Engine?!!!

    So I'm reading The latest issue and I'm pleased to see an article by Alan Orr (got a lot of respect for that bloke, doing good things with VT in an mma setting,) , lo and behold! It's all about the snake engine and six concepts espoused by a recently controversial member... Didn't realise Orr's...
  4. VT_Vectis

    Training Mask

    I'm guessing it stems from the old belief that training in low oxygen environments ie. up mountains, increases your stamina etc. check out the fight quest boxing episode, they're in Mexico and one of them gets sent to train at a centre in high altitude for that exact reason. Would post link but...
  5. VT_Vectis

    Lancashire Wrestling (Catch as catch can)

    Thanks for the info! When I googled it before, all I ever got was pages from a few years back saying it was extinct and that only West Country and West Moreland styles remained. Will check out links, cheers!
  6. VT_Vectis

    Lancashire Wrestling (Catch as catch can)

    Out of curiosity; Is Lancashire wrestling as it was practised and passed down in the UK up until the past 40-50 yrs, still practised? If not, why not? I know that it's derivative Catch wrestling is alive and well in the US, Japan, to some extent Uk and if anything more popular than ever thanks...
  7. VT_Vectis

    wooden dummy

    Hi, I practice Wing Chun, the base MA that Bruce Lee studied, where the Muk Yan Jong in JKD comes from. There is usually only one Dummy form in W.C which is used to practice positioning, offensive/ defensive (simultaneous) techniques. To my knowledge, most JKD practitioners don't even use the...
  8. VT_Vectis

    Effectiveness of Krav Maga

    Hi mate, welcome to MT. I'm sure another, more knowledgeable member will answer your questions presently, but I'll give you what I can. Firstly, if Krav Maga was ineffective the Israeli's wouldn't still be using it, that said there a lot of instructors who've gone to a weekend seminar and then...
  9. VT_Vectis

    I'm sorry, but this whole "Anti-Grappling" thing horrifies me

    Hanzou this is a thread for debate by WC people, about WC, for WC people. How about you leave off commenting on the WC forum and save us all a lot of hassle? Before this thread , like every other thread on the WC forum which you comment on, turns into a "MMA/BJJ is the best and Wing Chun is...
  10. VT_Vectis

    Why did Eastern TMAs lack a hook and uppercut until boxing was introduced to Asia?

    As has been said above; the pre gloved bare knuckle Pugilism didn't have the hook punch (from modern boxing distance, though it did have an close quarters hook from which the modern hook developed)and the actual mechanics of the uppercut were very different. So why should you expect other bare...
  11. VT_Vectis

    Posture & Power

    This right here has made reading this thread worthwhile, for me, at least. "Before and after he's been exposed to your snake..." Ha! Genius. Anyway, I have to say that although I bow to you all in being my seniors and knowing far more than i do about Ving Tsun, this thread is a fine example of...
  12. VT_Vectis

    Wing chun for a beginner

    Hello mate, welcome to the forum. Just done a quick search and it's come up with a Wan Kam Leung lineage school in Reading, more info here; Frontpage - Practical Wing Chun United Kingdom Which I'm very jealous about as they are few and far between in the U.K! His Wing Chun is by all accounts...
  13. VT_Vectis

    What is the best place to study kung fu in London or anywhere near Hertfordshire?

    Hello mate, There's quite a few different wing chun classes available in London and it's outskirts, but, being a practitioner of the Wong Shun Leung lineage myself, I'd recommend A.B.M.V.T London with classes available in several locations. They're affiliated with Ernie Barrios. The website...
  14. VT_Vectis

    Newbie Needs Advice

    Ah well, not to worry. Izzo does a lot of fitness/cardio etc as part of his training See him on his YT channel; the guys a machine! Lol
  15. VT_Vectis

    Newbie Needs Advice

    Hi, welcome to the forum and good luck on your search. Have you looked at wing chun at all, I know Dominic Izzo is in Chicago and I have heard good things about him and his you tube videos are very thought provoking. He's a former Chicago cop with a wrestling background and his gym/school is...
  16. VT_Vectis

    Signpost Wing Chun

  17. VT_Vectis

    Boxing as a Martial Art

    It's not so much where on the skull I'm talking about, as how you position your fist, and what part you impact with. Though not hitting the forehead or top of the skull is a good idea. And hitting the jaw line from ear to chin is a better one. Would you rather hear from me, a chap with a bit...
  18. VT_Vectis

    Boxing as a Martial Art

    Mate, get yourself "Championship Fighting; Explosive Punching and Effective Defense" by Jack Dempsey, a great fighter and a great man. In it he tells you exactly how you should be punching when not using gloves. He also explains why this method works and why the boxers fracture happens when...
  19. VT_Vectis

    Any 1st hand experience with Mok Gar?

    Thanks, mate. Shame it's in Chinese but very interesting none-the-less. Sound.
  20. VT_Vectis

    MMA VS Traditional Martial Arts - article from Fox Baguazhang

    With regards to Kano's "distaste" for newaza; I may be wrong as I'm writing from memory, but I believe Kano himself in "Mind over Muscle", explained that a Judo-Ka who trained more newaza than standup would find himself on the ground more often and having to use it, therefore training stand up...
  21. VT_Vectis

    MMA VS Traditional Martial Arts - article from Fox Baguazhang

    Other than the one concept being for dealing with an attack, both verbal and physical/psychological, making your art work for you while learning to cope with the effects of adrenaline when under pressure. The other being training for a contest with a referee, and an opponent you've studied.
  22. VT_Vectis

    MMA VS Traditional Martial Arts - article from Fox Baguazhang

    I think you have your own little fantasy going on here, mate. I have respect for mma and i think the fighters are formidable, but reality? No, mate. Standing in an arena with a ref and crowd is no nearer to reality than your example of tma. The introduction of things like "Animal Day" by Geoff...
  23. VT_Vectis

    Any 1st hand experience with Mok Gar?

    Just came across a Mok Gar class in my area via FB, and as I've had no experience with The Southern Five Family styles I wondered if you guys could provide info? Shaolin Mok Ka Kung - Fu - Martial Arts Facebook Would it be compatible with wing chun? Both of southern origin. Does it include...
  24. VT_Vectis

    sparring: the secret ingredient to becoming a fighter?

    Oh I'm shocked, alright ha. What's impossible in what I've written? What does Jamie Varner have to do with it? It's fully documented that anyone engaged in contact sports is at risk of brain damage via repeated impacts over time. Tennis players get elbow trouble, so what? Hazard of the game...
  25. VT_Vectis

    sparring: the secret ingredient to becoming a fighter?

    Ok, if you view your training that way it's all good but I think you should look into Geoff Thompson and his reason for changing the way he trained and viewed his Karate, if you've not done so before. However, if you think your training gives you an advantage without preparing you to get...
  26. VT_Vectis

    sparring: the secret ingredient to becoming a fighter?

    I realise this thread is about sparring but I think a little reality check is needed here. I don't mean for this to be a personal attack on anyone or their style, so I hope it doesn't come across that way. Although I respect your love and belief in your art , mate, I think if you go out on a...
  27. VT_Vectis

    The Body's Natural Weapons

    I think he's referring less to outrunning them and more to the endurance factor of running them down, think of wolves hunting as opposed to a cheetah. If you look up the Kalahari bush men you'll see that this is indeed the way they hunt ; using slow acting poisoned arrows o n antelope and then...
  28. VT_Vectis

    Is there a connection between WC and Southern Mantis?

    Really? What did they have against people from Manchester? ;-)
  29. VT_Vectis

    The Atemi Waza of Judo

    From what I've just finished reading in Kano's "Mind Over Muscle", striking was intended to be incorporated with judo, and was trained as such in his life time. Indeed he makes specific mention of the fact that students should remember to train the stance in Randori with a view to real life and...