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    Multiple Compact Workouts During the Day

    If you had a chin up bar; chin ups are always a great way to increase strengh. Sifu
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    Dual Martial arts advice needed: see body for details

    I would suggest American Kenpo. It's interesting and definitely a street art. It enables you to defend against big guys. They have forms and some of the schools are now also teaching ground fighting. Sifu
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    KenpoTalk seeks your content!

    Interesting. I was taught by Al Tracy himself many, many years ago. He had a solid body back then. We used to freestyle very roughly. I held a board for him to break at a TV studio back in the old days. Sifu
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    The law concering self defense and use of force without guns

    Well, I researched once long ago for my state of Washington. May not remember all, but in essence, some states let's you hold your ground and fight, the house intruder and some states say you have to keep backing up until you're out of your own house, which I don't like. Each state is different...
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    Weight training to aid Muay Thai.

    In my art, Kenpo, over many years I always concentrated on strong back muscles. Still work out arms and legs, but back muscles I have found, stays with you forever. Sifu
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    Weight Lifting & Krav Maga on same days?

    I'm 78 and I still practice my Kenpo and then I'll lift weights. You give yourself recovery days and that's good. My days for big muscles are over, but weights my strength. Can students of Krav Maga earn black belts, or is it just knowledge? Just curious. Sifu
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    Looking for Advice

    I looked for quite a while and then I found Kenpo. The art combines straight lines and circular motion. The one's I took were American Kenpo and Tracy Kenpo karate. They fitted me perfectly for self defense and for exercise. They develop speed, balance, and they keep you limber. You can do...
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    Advice for a 63 year old beginner

    Muay Thai is hard core for a beginning 63 year old. But I say do it and if you don't like it, then stop and try another martial art. Sifu
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    Martial arts journeys, and finding your "own" style...whats next for me?

    You have to find one you really like. There are hard styles, moving in straight lines and then there are ones that move in a circular pattern like kung fu. At age 26 I begin checking them all out. I would go to demos and read about them and just think how I would like it. Here's one thing, I...
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    Journey to a new style...

    When you find the right one, then you may study it and practice it forever! If you can, you might also check out American Kenpo or Tracy Kenpo. Sifu
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    age and the martial arts

    A quick note. I started martial arts with Tracy Kenpo and after earning my black belt, I taught with Tracy. Later, I studied American Kenpo. I also studied a few months of Aikido. Kenpo techniques have kept as flexible as a much younger person. That's saying a lot at age 78. But, I feel if you...
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    Comment by 'AIKIKENJITSU' in 'Happy Birthday Chuck Norris'

    Chuck Norris was causing his mother discomfort before he was born. As the doctor was doing his inspection into her body, he saw the shadow of little Chuck Norris doing pushups. Sifu
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    Journey to a new style...

    I've been studying and teaching for many years and I know of Oyama. It may be for you and it may not. The way I found my art was to check as many dojos as they were in the area. When I stopped looking was when I found my art of Kenpo karate. The principles of Aikido are excellent as a add on to...
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    age and the martial arts

    I'm 78 and still going strong and fast in Kenpo. The type of art will also help determine how you will be in later years. Also watch your weight and don't develop a gut. Sifu
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    Older Martial Artist

    Germany thinks it's infantile? Well, they are wrong! Many men like me are proving it wrong. It's a good way to keep in shape. If you practice speed it will stay with you. If you gain a lot of weight and maybe a large gut, this will slow you down. Simple as that. Take care, Sifu
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    Older Martial Artists

    Just want to mention, cancer runs in our family and I'm being treated for mine. But it looks good and I will be training forever and teaching for a few more years. Sifu
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    Older Martial Artists

    Well I can only speak for me, but I'm still limber and fast at age 78. My techniques are just as fast as when I was younger. So there should be no problems as you get older. The only thing you have less of is stamina. But practicing techniques as you get older, you must try and keep your body...
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    a base martial art

    We're told not to antagonize people and you do it all the time. I hope you enjoy doing it. Sifu
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    a base martial art

    I'm a old black belt, difficult to remember everything. I'm sure you always remember everything, right? I could get my certificate, but it doesn't mean anything to me. The knowledge is my black belt, but I think you don't understand. The truth also is that everything was in my briefcase long...
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    Can you be addicted to Martial Arts?

    I've been in martial arts a long time and I still enjoy practicing and teaching it. I did not go hot and heavy practicing with someone that could hurt me in my past years. later I practiced my full speed and all my techniques on my imaginary partner. He was always six foot in height, in my mind...
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    a base martial art

    I guess I should mention, that I earned my first black belt from Al Tracy, that is, I was mostly taught by him. Later I took American Kenpo and I was tested, I believe, it was for brown, by Ed Parker. Sifu
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    a base martial art

    Because it means "Teacher". I've taught for a long time and many students, a fair percentage of them to black belt. I like when I teach women because very few of them want to learn martial arts. I have one female student though, that has been with me for ten years. Have a good one. Sifu
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    Comment by 'AIKIKENJITSU' in 'The Technique That Will Always Work'

    The technique that will always work is the one you have to use in a micro second and each time it may be different. Practice is the key, making techniques a part of you so you do not have to think when attacked. Sifu Puyallup, WA
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    If you have little strength can you even do some damage?

    Look, I'm 5'2" and small bone. Back in the old days we freestyled hard. I fought a guy 6'2" big boned and I came in to him when I shouldn't have and I ran into the bottom of my foot. It took me off the ground and I flew back and down. His footprint was on my chest; his toe under my throat and...
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    a base martial art

    The guy who does both and loves it! Sifu
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    What makes a Martial Art?????

    Some martial artists get cocky as they get up in rank. I never became that way, I just felt great when working out or when teaching someone. I think it just depends on the person; how he grew up, etc. Sifu Puyallup, Wa
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    What makes a Martial Art?????

    Just learning a martial art should make you a better person. Also you will have the ability to defend yourself and others. Sifu Puyalup, WA
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    Can you be addicted to Martial Arts?

    There's worse things to be addicted to. Being able to defend yourself, learn something interesting, increase your speed and power, and increae your strength, to a point, make friends with people with the same interest is all a good thing. Sifu Puyallup, WA