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    Where is "Heaven" and "Hell"?

    Not to be a downer, but this is a question I have spent some time considering, so for a serious answer, see below. For the rest, keep the jokes coming, I am enjoying those too! As for "heaven and hell:" to be specific, I'll limit my thoughts to the heaven and hell of the Bible. Mostly...
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    "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast"

    Yesterday I was scoping out a future camp site near where I work. It was absolutely gorgeous -- the temperature was perfect, all I could hear was the birds singing, the leaves rustling, and I just took a few minutes to just relax and let the stress of the week just flow away. I guess you could...
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    Suggestions wanted for a lady's semi-auto

    I know the Kahr's have been marketing to women's self defense. I carry a .40, but it packs a punch. I would think a 9mm would be a good fit for that. I've been really impressed with the accuracy and reliability of the Kahr. My favorite part for CCW is that it's a cross between a semi and a DAO...
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    Need help with a typical HS "bully"

    Along with most everybody else -- try not to start the fight, but one thing I would not do is to wait until you're angry. Fighting while you're angry or "have snapped" is going to go down much worse for everyone involved. If you're angry, that's when you have to walk away. If you've got to...
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    This is not a repeat of 1830 or 1980

    That's why my AR-platform buddies, and .300 magnum buddies don't understand why I hang on to my grandpa's old 6.5 x55 Swede. The right tool for the right application. Semi's and Auto's with light bullets for short, intense fights. Heavier bullets for long range -- with a smooth bolt-action...
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    Don't bring a gun to a chairfight

    That's the best example of breaking an OODA loop I've ever seen!
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    Can women really tell?

    But can you tell the difference between different brands of off-the-rack suits, like most of us mere mortals can afford? (Tailored, at least, not bespoke.) As for shirts, certain brands fit me better than others, Alfani, and Van Heusen seen "cut" for me -- the neck, sleeves, and the taper in...
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    Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

    I'd be calling it in on my cell phone while heading to another part of town. If the cops want to know where I am, I'll meet them at the station. Staying around a situation where violence occured once is a good bet to invite more violence.
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    Christian Taekwondo

    My perspective is similar to others here -- if you want to do a martial arts class, so a martial arts class! If you want to do a Bible study, do a Bible Study! I do see the point of calling it a "Christian Martial Art," though, since I've had many conversations with Christians who are...
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    Bags of Water Hung to Keep Flies Away

    I saw this years ago at a restaurant in Mexico. No pennies, just water in plastic baggies hung about 10 feet apart. They had no idea why it worked, but they swore it kept the flies away.
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    For our foreign (non US) friends.

    Catholic Irish that settled in Maryland around 1740's, as near as the stories I've heard, then down to New Orleans and into Texas when it joined the Union. At least, that's where the family name came from. There's also a mix of English, a little bit of Cherokee, and possibly Jewish, though...
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    Superpower Game

    Congratulations, you are now a "Quasi Supernormal Incremental Precipitation Inducer," A.K.A. a "rain god" like Rob McKenna from the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (So long and thanks for all the fish.) Rain loves you so much that it just wants "to be near you, to love you, to cherish you and...
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    Superpower Game

    You now start every paragraph with: "I triple-dog dare you . . ." I wish I could manipulate time.
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    Superpower Game

    No problem -- you're the statistician for CBS news. I wish I was so flexible I could put my feet behing my head.
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    Superpower Game

    You control it by absorbing and storing massive amounts of static electricity -- meaning that you have go find dry carpet to shuffle your feet around on to build up enough energy to manipulate it. Your hair is always standing on end, and everytime you touch someone they get a shock. I wish I...
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    Superpower Game

    While you're up there, you have no traction -- people can push you around like a half-empty helium balloon. And when you come down, you don't come down slowly -- you fall! I wish I could walk on water.
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    In over my head.

    Nevermind . . . I just found the Explorer program I had to dig for it, though, never would have found it if you hadn't suggested it. Thanks!
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    In over my head.

    A good friend of mine recently started in the Police, and Brendan really respects him, too. I'm going to see if I can get his help in setting him up. Some of the Young Marine instructors (commanders?) are also in the sheriff's dept., as well -- I think that's the closest we have to an explorer...
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    In over my head.

    Update for you all It's been sort of a blend of all the advice, and I got a chance to make some headway yesterday. He's agreed to come help me one afternoon a week at the church, especially to help set up a storage area to be used for a youth group area, with TV, pool table, etc. While...
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    Superpower Game

    Uh . . . are you sure?? All of your fingers are now springs. :idunno: I wish I could hypnotize people with my voice.
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    Issues With Avatars

    Or try running Internet Explorer -- mine works just fine.
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    April Fools??

    What avatar? I just changed mine to Yoda the other day -- same picture for me.
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    Superpower Game

    Unfortunately your maths skills necessary to calculate the coriolis force, relative density, speek of the Earth around the sun, local time changes, and trade winds to put you were you want to land drop you off just shy of your mark. As a result, you are stuck with a geeky nerd to calculate it...
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    Superpower Game

    Carol! You did it again! What's your power?
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    Superpower Game

    They call me . . . Tim?
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    Superpower Game

    It's just really touchy -- especially when you're driving down the road at 65 miles an hour, suddenly you find yourself "free" of the car and bouncing down the highway . . . I wish could summon lightening bolts to hit where I point.
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    Superpower Game

    I'll reboot it: I wish I could spin gold out of straw like Rumplestiltskin.
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    Police act swiftly after gun purchases

    I was referring to Pyles -- I had already figured the ODOT, and police had overreacted. And I still do, actually. I mean, sure, take the day off of work, but going to a HOTEL rather than go home? Seriously, I'd feel safer at home. (Of course, I've planned it that way.) I think everybody...
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    Superpower Game

    They don't come out of your hands, but out of your shoulders like spiked shoulderpads. I wish I could be a shape-shifter to look like other poeple, or even objects.
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    Police act swiftly after gun purchases

    More details released from the Police Dept. I'm still trying to find a link to the actual report, if I can. Maybe everyone involved over-reacted.